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Women Go To Trial For Drone Protests At NSA

Above: Ellen Barfield protesting at the NSA over drones

On October 9th, three NSA Protesters Will Represent  Themselves at Trial

Three long-time activist women will stand trial on Thursday 9 October, 2014, in US District Court in Baltimore, MD, for protesting National Security Agency surveillance which provides targeting information for US drone attacks around the world.

Court Interpreter/Translator Manijeh Saba from Somerset, NJ, Headstart Case Manager Marilyn Carlisle from Baltimore, MD, and US Army veteran and full-time peace activist Ellen Barfield from Baltimore, MD, each face 3 charges with assessed fines totalling over $1300 for seeking on 3 May, 2014 to present at the NSA gate at Ft Meade, MD a letter requesting a meeting with National Security Agency Director Vice-Admiral Michael Rogers to discuss NSA drone targeting and citizen abhorrence of that practice.

The women will go pro se, or defend themselves in court, with expert advice from DC Attorney Mark Goldstone. They hope to elicit expert testimony on NSA targeting for murderous US drone attacks from Medea Benjamin, a leader of women’s peace group Code Pink, and Col. (Rtd.) Ann Wright, a former Army officer and diplomat now active  with Veterans For Peace and Code Pink.Supporters are urged to attend the trial at 101 W Lombard St, Baltimore,MD, 21201,  in Courtroom 7-C beginning at 10am

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