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Thursday, November 9: Shut It Down For Palestine

Saturday’s 300,000-person march through the streets of Washington, DC was a political earthquake that shook the Biden administration to its core. The National March on Washington was historic — but even that does not go far enough. In a country where support for Palestine was an absolute political taboo not so long ago, it is almost unthinkable that in the midst of wall-to-wall media demonization people from all across the country would demonstration in unprecedented numbers.

The clear majority of people want a ceasefire now. Biden wants to dramatically step up the military aid to Israel with billions of additional taxpayer dollars, but the people say end all aid to Israel now! Biden wants Gaza to be strangled under a state of indefinite blockade, but the people say end the siege now!

The giant crowd that came together on Saturday was the result of tireless work by a broad coalition involving hundreds of organizations representing a wide range of communities united in their opposition to occupation and apartheid. The co-sponsors were: Palestinian Youth Movement, ANSWER Coalition, American Muslim Alliance, The People’s Forum, National Students for Justice in Palestine, Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), Maryland2Palestine, Palestinian Feminist Collective and the Palestinian American Community Center. Hundreds of buses traveled from cities as far as Tampa, Florida and Chicago. Other transportation centers arranged travel from even further distances. People of conscience nationwide understood that this was the time to stand up. And a massive sister action in San Francisco drew 50,000.

The next step in making these demands a reality is to Shut It Down For Palestine this Thursday, Nov. 9. There will be no business as usual as long as the Palestinian people are being subjected to a genocide – a genocide paid for with our tax dollars. We will shut it down for Palestine all over this country and around the world. From walk outs to pickets at Israeli embassies to protests at companies that profiteer from Israeli apartheid — or symbolic actions like wearing kuffiyehs or black armbands — we will keep this people’s movement growing from strength to strength.


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