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Time To Mobilize To Stop NAFTA II

Above: No New NAFTA protest from Green Watch.

At The Beginning of 2019, Congress Will Consider NAFTA II

We Can Stop It and End Corporate Trade

The clock is ticking. On November 30, 2018, leaders from the US, Canada, and Mexico signed the new NAFTA.

Now we must stop it in Congress like we stopped the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Join the next national No New NAFTA call on Tuesday, Dec 18, at 9:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Pacific to learn how we can stop this corporate giveaway and create trade for people and planet.

Trump’s renegotiated NAFTA, which he attempts to rebrand as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), maintains the same failed model as NAFTA and even includes provisions from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Rebranding does not change that it favors big corporations at the expense of people and the planet

Call and email your representatives to demand trade justice now!

To learn more and get involved, register now for the National No New NAFTA callon Tuesday, December 18.

During negotiations, over 1,000 civil society groups outlined negotiation demands for the new NAFTA. Comparing the text to these demands, the agreement falls far short. This agreement should be rejected and replaced with a new model of trade that protects workers, the environment and democracy.

Read our analysis here and visit our website, Trade for People and Planet, to stay updated.

NAFTA-2 has no enforceable labor or environmental protections, maintains NAFTA offshoring of jobs and pollution, encourages dirty energy from fracking and tar sands, and provides new avenues (in the good regulatory chapter) for oil & gas companies to challenge public interest policies that threaten their profits. NAFTA-2 fails to reinforce multilateral environmental agreements included in the last four UStrade deals and fails to even mention climate change.

Like NAFTA, NAFTA-2 is designed for agro-chemical corporations, not small farmers or consumers. In Mexico, over two million farmers left agriculture because of NAFTA, mostly because agricultural export dumping of corn, wheat, and rice from the US at below the cost of production. NAFTA-2 ensures the continuation of this practice, which is one of the main causes of Mexican migration to the US. It also opens new avenues to deregulate GMOs in Mexico.

The proposed agreement threatens consumer health and food safety by limiting food safety inspections and allows food that fails to meet US safety standards to be imported. It does not require Country Of Origin Labeling, dolphin-safe, or GMO labeling.

NAFTA-2 includes new provisions that give pharmaceutical companies ten years of market exclusivity for biologic drugs and protects US-based drug companies from generic competition, driving up the prices of life saving medicines in all three countries.

Register for the National No New NAFTA call here to reject the USMCA and create a new North American Agreement that puts the health of our communities and environment before corporate profits.

We can stop NAFTA-2.

In solidarity,
The Trade for People and Planet Team

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