Time To Reverse The World Bank Land Grab #OURBIZ

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Right now, millions of people are being thrown off their land because large corporations are being given special rights.

The World Bank is driving this destructive trend with its Doing Business rankings, which force countries to compete with each other to do away with things like environmental protections, workers rights and corporation taxes.

Stand with us to tell the World Bank and the land grabbers it’s our land, our business.

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  • It is very important that the value of natural resources and the value of community-created assets (such as roads, schools, water systems, etc.) are shared equitably by the entire community — and not appropriated by a few who are lucky or shrewd enough to gain control over them. Fortunately, there are tools that can help. Among others, they include community land trusts and “value-capture” techniques. When properly designed and implemented, these tools can help foster job creation, more affordable housing, and more compact and sustainable communities.

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  • smith

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  • IBScipio

    If you are able to locate a Globalist entity’s propositioned resources, anything, anywhere that can be used to facilitate or cover up acts of tyranny, and/or the results of a tyrannical action please do the following. ….

    1. Write down the details of the find and a map to the location in the form of a flyer for posting in public places.

    2. Make copies and post it in high traffic areas near the local high school and college.

    3. Search for reports about the, burning of X here, and/or the taking of that there. Whatever would be appropriate for the info you posted.

    4. Repeat until constitutional government is restored.

    °This post is for entertainment purposes only. Don’t try this at home.

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