We Stopped The TPP, Time To Stop TTIP & TiSA!

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  • DHFabian

    Why am I skeptical that Trump had any concern about the opinions of liberals?

  • Mary Nelson

    Very very naive, I’m afraid. And sorry.

  • Abner Malady

    Go gettum, youse guys!!!

  • disqcret4

    WE stopped? lol Get real. Trump stopped it. But give him credit?

  • kevinzeese

    Trump deserves some credit but there was a five-plus year campaign that created the environment that made TPP toxic. Even Hillary Clinton had to switch sides but so did many others (Republicans and Democrats). We made TPP stand for Toxic Political Poison and politicians all ran away. Trump picked the right side on the TPP.

  • kevinzeese

    I suspect you are just not aware of the campaign that totally changed the political culture and made the TPP impossible for Congress to approve. Even a former US Trade Representative for Bush, Senator Rob Portman, had to come out against it in order to stay in office. TPP was political poison and everyone fled it. Trump picked the right side of the issue.