Timing is Everything: The World Uniting for Transformative Change

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The timing of October event is looking more and more interesting.  A lot is going on in the U.S. and around the world.  Here is the introductory note from today’s LUV News.

IPS News has a piece taking us inside of protest movements that are increasingly becoming global, rather than national.  One march has already begun from Spain to Brussels, the capitol of the European Union, as the Spanish are joined by other Europeans along the way.

The piece centers on the ongoing Spanish protests, in which the “‘Indignant’ People’s March” aims to cover the 1,550 km to Brussels by Oct. 8, one week ahead of the global demonstration planned for Oct. 15 by Democracia Real YA (Real Democracy Now!), and two days after the democracy movement demonstrations begin in Washington at Freedom Plaza, in solidarity.

Adbusters has announced an “Occupy Wall Street” event beginning in September.  IPS reports:

“Adbusters, a counter-cultural Canadian magazine, quoted Professor Raimundo Viejo of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona as saying: “The anti-globalisation movement was the first step. Back then our model was to attack the system like a pack of wolves. There was an alpha male, a wolf leading the pack, and others who followed behind. Now the model has evolved. Today we are one big swarm of people.”

“The Adbusters article calls on U.S. President Barack Obama to set up a presidential commission tasked with “ending the influence money has over (the country’s) representatives in Washington.”

“It also proposes “dismantling half the 1,000 military bases (the United States) has around the world,” among other pro-democracy measures.”

We need to get the details of their demands.  Margaret Flowers has been in touch with Adbusters. We may want to coordinate our demands with them, although I find an Obama commission to be a joke – the first billion dollar candidate taking money out of politics.  Well, I guess Nixon went to China!

  • D. H. Bogucki

    I have been busy with the October 15th stuff on FB. I visit the event often, and post stuff to remind people to invite their friends, and repost the info. The new march to Brussles looks cool too.

    I don’t think making the demand of a commission to deal with money in politics is a bad idea at all. It might be one of the few things we can get change on. If the government fails to put together a reliable, and trustworthy group of non-governmental people to run it then they will further prove they do not care to make real change. Making demands can be a good way to drive the change we want to see. Sometimes you have to allow people to fail to expose their weaknesses. People who are not currently interested in making change just might get involved based on the governments reaction to the demands we will be making.

  • Vee Demarche

    Timing is Everything!
    Submitted by Vee Demarche on Fri, 08/05/2011 – 11:48.

    First, let me say that I agree -and endorse your plan wholeheartedly, to “occupy” Washington, DC… pure genius! I posed the very same, some years ago during the Bush Catastrophe. ☺

    ***My only problem, and it’s a big one concerning your stand-up event, is the timing! You’re asking thousands of folks to come to Washington, DC to “stay-put until there is real change in our government”… just before winter sets in!

    For the love of all gods…how are most people going to cope when those cold Washington winter rains and snows set in… Wouldn’t a spring occupation be more logical; you would have the spring, summer and fall -April/May to October/November -seven months of relatively comfortable weather to stage this open ended event. As it is now, in just a few short weeks from your proposed kick-off on October 6, the weather will become raw and very-very unfriendly! Why make it easy on the FOOLS THAT BE …if they don’t defeat you, the weather surely will!

    May I propose a solution… go ahead with your October plans , but make it a Pre-Event Primer…giving Washington and its Power Structures a “Taste of Things to Come October” Then…stage the main event to start say April or May? Doing this will enable Student reinforcements when they finish their terms in May and June… the rally will build on itself… this will not, can-not happen in October.

    Remember all those other failed “marches” through-out history that winter had foiled…

    WE go in the spring! …said the Master Strategist, the best time to make war -or Peace!

    All the Best!


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  • Arianne Sved

    Hi all,

    I’m involved with international support for the October 15th call to global action by Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now). And yes, we have been discussing the happy coincidence of dates this fall, and what we can do to show “transatlantic solidarity”.

    As to the Wall St. protest, I’m in touch with some people involved with that and I don’t think it’s clear yet exactly what the demand(s) will be. The Adbusters magazine just put the idea out, but they’re not taking any responsibility for the organization as far as I know. It’s grassroot organizations in NYC who are getting this thing moving through regular assemblies etc.

    It’s all very exciting, anyway.

  • Curt Day

    On the one hand, the chance for failure for this October is high because of the obstacles that stand in the way of an indefinite occupation. On the other hand, the vagueness of the conditions for ending the occupation means that it we could see busomething positive in the occupation regardless of its length.

    But your note reminds me of something John Lennon said when he said something to the effect of: so flower power failed. That does mean we should quit. Instead we should try again.

    As long as people understand that we need to persist regardless of the failure of any particular venture, then the October 2011 movement will be a success regardless of what happens because it can be used to build for the future.