To Address Inequality, Let’s Take On Monopolies

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When a few firms dominate the market, they have the power to charge consumers more and pay workers less.

  • AlanMacDonald

    Mostly what looting monopolies do is to contrive and malevolently invent new and devious ways to create faux-profits only by dumping ‘negative externality costs’ on us and the US!

    Profits can be made TWO ways:

    1. By designing and efficiently building new innovative products and services that improve life for the buyers, consumers, and citizens of a country and now our world! This way real revenues and real profit generating sales and revenues are produced.

    2. By those self-appointed “Masters of the Universe” and their ‘innovating financial engineers’ coming up with new (and disguised) ways to simply create the appearance of faux-profits by hiding/dumping ‘negative externality costs’ on others — which just reduces he thieves’ costs by making us and the US pay their hidden and disguised bills for; diseases, floods, destruction, waste, and wars (which are the extreme case of ‘negative externality costs’ being dumped/bombed on others) that is not yet understood by the suckers (ie. us and the US).

  • DHFabian

    “Inequality” is not a crisis. It is a fact of hard capitalism. Today, poverty is the crisis. What we’re seeing is the expected result of choices demanded or accepted by the middle class “masses.” In a nutshell: They looked at the policies and programs that were in place from FDR to Reagan, which reduced in equality (and took the US to its height of wealth and productivity), and demanded the exact opposite.

    In defiance of all logic, many middle classers still support the deregulation agenda that is at the heart of our economic deterioration.

  • eight.of.wands

    “To bring anything down, you must first make it big…”
    >> the Dao De Jing
    “…two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert…”
    >> ‘Ozymandias’, Percy Shelley
    Yes, my friends, we live in miserably wicked times….charlatans, gangsters, liars, bullies and false saviors monopolize the ruling class and the wealth class across this planet, and our repression is their amusement….they laugh at their hold on our necks….but i laugh also….i laugh even louder….one by one by one, what goes up will come down, trust me on this….one day president, next day prosciutto, or pressed bacon if you prefer….we will eat them all, and thank them for fattening themselves up at our expense, like livestock…
    Becuz i always have the last laugh….always

  • AlanMacDonald

    DHF, they did not “demand the exact opposite” — they were deluded, conned, and lied to, by the ‘media/propaganda-sector’ of this undiagnosed EMPIRE.

    They, like the Kansans that Thomas Frank wrote about in 2005. “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” were duped. The ‘middle-class’ is NOT the enemy of the working-class or poor — they are allies now — because this EMPIRE has made the ‘middle-class’ into the new ‘working-class poor”

    Be careful, DHF, some people will be smart enough to believe that anyone who suggests that the ‘middle-class’ are enemy’s of the ‘working-class poor’ is just a disguised troll trying to divide the 99% into warring factions to help the 1% of this EMPIRE clear the decks of all of us.

    Are you, yourself, part of all of us?

  • AlanMacDonald

    8 of wands, the coming Second American “Political Revolution against Empire” that Bernie is now starting has to be completely NON-violent with respect to both NO shooting, and NO eating the < 0.1%.

  • AlanMacDonald

    Barry and Kevin, what’s better (and more effective) than “Taking on Monopolies” is to have a people’s peaceful patriotic “Political/economic and social Revolution Against Empire” — [Justin duRivage] — to “Take on the EMPIRE” that allows and supports monopolies (and looting, and wars, and tyranny, and racism, and global warming, and…. and…. and… ad nauseum!

  • eight.of.wands

    I speak in metaphors, primal metaphors, to stir the deeper self into clarity….most people view their plight from below….i see it from above….to laugh at tyrants is the most fierce weapon of all….it is the laughter of the gods….there is nothing so serious that mockery cannot dispel…

  • Rose Martin

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  • Margaret Flowers

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