To Black Parents: Time For Civil Disobedience

Above photo: From Twitter @Teachers_Unite TU member/Principal Jamaal Bowman calls on to and for educators to build relationships w students

Jamaal Bowman, principal of the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School in the Bronx, gives a dynamite interview aimed at black families about how to change the quality of education for their children.

He says we are investing billions in standardized testing and ignoring what we should be doing in our communities.

Black and brown children are being miseducated by current policies.

High Stakes Testing and the Black Community: Just Say No!

Standardized tests? Principal Jamaal Bowman says ‘Know your rights’. President Obama recently spoke out against excessive standardized testing. The POTUS claimed that this issue, “takes the joy out of teaching and learning, both for them (teachers) and for the students”. Long before Obama’s declaration, Jamaal Bowman, Founding Principal of CASA (Cornerstone Academy for Social Action) in Bronx, NY, has been advocate for student and parent rights and the movement to opt out of standardized tests to promote more holistic approaches to assessment of student learning. Bowman speaks with YBE about the impact of standardized tests on Black and Brown students and offers his advice to their parents.