TPP: Stop The Secrecy!

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The TPP is huge: It covers 40% of the global economy and will overwrite national laws affecting people around the world.3

The worst of the TPP threatens everything we care about: democracy, jobs, health, the environment, and the Internet.  That’s why decision-makers are meeting in Asia under extreme secrecy and pushing ‘Fast Track’ laws to cement the plan into place.

This is no way to make decisions in the 21st century. We need to raise a loud global call to expose this dangerous secrecy now.

Every voice added now will make the Stop The Secrecy petition projected on buildings in Washington D.C. bigger and brighter. We need to make it as big as possible when Obama returns to Washington on April 30th.

Please add your voice to help us build one of the largest online campaigns the world has ever seen.

Sign the Stop The Secrecy petition!

  • Rudi Meister

    “Laws” passed in secret are NOT enforceable.
    I for one will NOT abide by them even if it means permanent jail!
    Enough is enough.