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#TPPBetrayal Tell Trump No TPP

Tell Trump: Don’t Revive the TPP

Trump promised he would end this terrible trade deal and got elected because he said he opposed the TPP. Now he is breaking that promise and betraying the people.

President Obama ended the TPP when he decided he did not have the votes to pass it during the lame duck session before President Trump came into office. Trump than danced on its grave taking credit for stopping it, when we know it was the people who stopped it. We made it impossible for any elected official to support the TPP. It was opposed across the political spectrum.

Donald Trump has instructed United States Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, and National Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow, to review re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) according to declarations given by Senator Ben Sasse to reporters after leaving a meeting on trade that Trump had with lawmakers and governors. Take action on Twitter to tell Trump reviving the TPP is a BETRAYAL of the people!

We can stop Trump and make his party of any elected official pay a political price if they support the TPP. Tell Trump he can’t betray workers by rejoining the deal, it is unfixable. Take action on Twitter now, just click on any of the links below to tweet!

Twitter Action Now! TPP = Betrayal

We must show elected officials that the people are watching their every move! Donald Trump must be reminded people voted for him because he opposed the TPP. If he reverses course and attemps to revive it, it will be a political suicide by Trump and a political murder of his majority in Congress.

Help us make the hashtag #TPPBetrayal viral! Click on any of the tweets below to tweet now or create your own tweet and mention us at @FlushTheTPP.

BREAKING: Trump orders review of #TPP. We never trusted @realDonaldTrump to be the end of the #TPP. We defeated the deal under Obama & will again under #Trump if need be. Say NO to reviewing joining the TPP! #TPPBetrayal @FlushTheTPP

BREAKING: Trump tells @USTradeRep to review joining #TPP. @realDonaldTrump forgot that this deal is POLITICALLY TOXIC. Join us in saying #TPPBetrayal ! @FlushTheTPP 

.@FlushTheTPP on Trump’s reconsideration of TPP: It was the people who defeated the TPP, not Trump, and we will do it again. See more at –> #TPPBetrayal

BREAKING: Trump tells @larry_kudlow to review joining #TPP. This deal is the ultimate power grab and will be opposed by the people across the political spectrum. Say NO to rejoining the TPP. #TPPBetrayal @FlushTheTPP

BREAKING: Trump instructs top trade aides to review joining the TPP. Fair trade is the exact opposite of the TPP. We will resist! #TPPBetrayal @FlushTheTPP

More tweets:

The Rust Belt can’t take another failed trade deal. The TPP must be declared dead, @realDonaldTrump! #TPPBetrayal

We cannot afford to lose more jobs to terrible trade deals. @realDonaldTrump, do not revive the Trans-Pacific Parntership. #TPPBetrayal

From ‘worst trade deal’ to ‘Larry, go get it done.’ Betrayal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership is an insult to workers by @realDonaldTrump #TPPBetrayal

We cannot take any more ‘free trade’, we need trade that truly benefits working families in the United States. @realDonaldTrump lies are enough, this is betrayal! #TPPBetrayal

Trade is not a game @realDonaldTrump, working people’s jobs depend on it. We reject the Trans-Pacific Parntership! This is #TPPBetrayal!

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