Trayvon Martin Memorial Peace Walk

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MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WSVN) — Hundreds gathered to commemorate the second anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting by neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman.

The walk for peace was led by Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, in Miami Gardens Saturday.

Hundreds of demonstrators joined a 1.1 mile walk, with an important message. “Show everybody you can walk in peace, talk in peace,” said Tracy Martin. “The whole thing is not just about Trayvon … it’s about all of our kids.”

The unarmed teenager was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida, two years ago.

Fulton said nothing can break the bond of a mother and son, not even death. “I say all the time that I have two boys, and I still have two boys. I have one in heaven, and I have one here on Earth.” said Fulton, as she addressed the crowd. “As long as I have breath in this body, I will fight for my boys and your boys.”

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Actor and singer Jamie Foxx, who has been lending his support since the beginning, also took the stage. “I said you’ve got me for life, man,” said Foxx. “Don’t think that Hollywood isn’t thinking about you. Everyone that I talk to wants to be here or is tweeting right now or instagraming or myfacing or whatever they call it. You young people know what it is. Whatever it is, but they are doing that.”

The family of Tekila Forshee, who was killed in her grandmother’s home before the start of the school year, was also there.

Sabine Desire attended the walk because she lost a brother to gun violence years ago. She said no one stood up for him, but Trayvon Martin’s death is different. “We’re not going to allow this to happen. We’re not gonna stand by and allow it to happen, we’re not… black, white, whatever color, we’re not going to sit back and just let it happen,” said Desire.

News broke earlier in the week that the man acquitted of murdering the Miami Gardens teenager could face rapper DMX in a so-called celebrity boxing match. “We choose not to expend any energy on that situation,” commented Tracy Martin. “If you consider yourself a celebrity after you killed a child, something’s wrong with you. I have a problem with that.”

That fight between DMX and George Zimmerman has now officially been canceled by fight promoter Damon Feldman. He tweeted out this message, “I walked away from a million-dollar pay day with this fight, but to be honest I’d rather be happy and make other people happy, thank you.”

Trayvon Martin would have turned 19 Wednesday.

The teen’s family will be holding a banquet to raise money for the Trayvon Martin foundation in Davie Sunday.