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Truckers Movement For Justice To Protest At Hunts Point Market

Above photo: Truck drivers picket outside of the Port of Baltimore in protest of high wait times with no pay, August, 2022.

The Bronx, New York City – Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ) will hold a protest and informational picket, alongside the National Owner Operator Association (NOOA) and other allies, at the Hunts Point Market in The Bronx borough of New York City, NY on Sunday 17 September at 12:00 PM through Monday 18 September at 10:00 PM EDT.

This protest demands better treatment for all truck drivers, but focuses on major concerns drivers have within temperature-controlled/refrigerated (reefer) trucking:

All hours worked, all hours paid: No more free time waiting on the load or maintaining equipment the driver does not own! Begin detention pay thirty (30) minutes after the appointment time.

Pay reflecting trucker’s worth: No more cheap freight! Minimum wage for refrigerated trucks including load/unloading time: $5/mile or $300/hr

No more forced driver-paid lumper fees: They hire and pay drivers to haul their freight, and they must hire and pay someone to load/unload their freight!

Sanitary bathroom access: Drivers deserve to wash their hands, just like the workers in the warehouse. and the shipping/receiving office. US House Representatives Troy Nehls (R-TX) and Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) have reintroduced the Trucker Bathroom Access Act as H.R. 3869. But currently there is no active federal requirement to provide drivers any toilet access, even if they are stuck at a facility for hours or days through no fault of their own.

Enact a national grievance process: Allow drivers, brokers, and shippers/receivers to initiate complaints that may be resolved via negotiation either directly or through chosen representatives.

Right to park for hours of service break: When a customer demands a tight schedule, drivers must not be forced into hours of service violation–for the safety of the drivers and the public.

For years, Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ) has worked to contribute to fixing issues within the trucking industry by informing the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the US Department of Labor (USDOL) that truckers need ALL HOURS WORKED ALL HOURS PAID, OVERTIME FOR ALL, and ENFORCEMENT OF THE RIGHT TO SEE THE FREIGHT BILL. Without movement on these three simple demands, TMJ picketed on 1 May 2023 in front of the USDOT and American Truckers Association (ATA) buildings to remind and warn them to act immediately. Dirt was dumped onto the sidewalk and TMJ President Billy Randel drew a line through it before declaring, “We are drawing a line in the sand!” Truckers walked over the line while calling and chanting the demands. Since this was a peaceful protest demanding truckers be treated respectfully as people, the dirt was cleaned up afterwards.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Administrator Robin Hutcheson and other FMCSA leadership did come to the sidewalk to directly address the dozens of truckers in attendance. Administrator Hutcheson made a statement on upcoming boards and studies dealing with other issues in trucking, and announced upcoming research into leasing exploitation. TMJ warned that its members had run out of patience. If TMJ’s declared problems weren’t met with action rather than just discussion from federal officials: TMJ would not wait years or even months, but only weeks, before taking direct action.

May Day was a warning. Hunts Point Market will be the first skirmish in the war, until the economic power of the trucking industry is in the hands of those who drive it!

Truckers Movement for Justice welcomes all truckers and allies to join us either in person or in a solidarity strike of their own, anywhere in North America. Please only present signs that are non-partisan and relevant to the demands of either reefer truckers or all truckers. We welcome attendees to bring their trucks if they wish.

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