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Trump and Biden Put US Regime Change Gangsterism On Display In Ukraine

The corporate media is telling a false story about Joe Biden and the investigation of the gas company on whose board his son Hunter Biden sat.  There was an ongoing investigation of the company and Biden threatened Ukraine with a financial crisis if the prosecutor was not fired and the investigation halted.

The sworn statement of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin (beginning in paragraph 6 of the affidavit) that claims he was forced out of office by US VP Joe Biden because Shokin was investigating the gas company. Biden threatened to disapprove a billion-dollar loan to Ukraine unless Shokin was fired. Hunter was paid $50K per month for five years for being on the board even though he had no oil and gas experience.

Click link below to read the sworn statement of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, shokin-ukraine-prosecutor-sworn-statement

The corporate media is claiming there was no investigation and Biden was not protecting his son. The Ukraine prosecutor says the opposite.

Additionally, Biden admitted he threatened Ukraine to get the prosecutor fired at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting.

And, Ukraine may not be the only scandal in the Biden-family closet as this ABC video below shows.

Politico published, “Biden Inc.: Over his decades in office, ‘Middle-Class Joe’s’ family fortunes have closely tracked his political career,” which describes how the Biden family got rich from Joe Biden’s political career.

It seems Biden was being a US gangster, just as Trump was when he pressured the current president to investigate Biden, with the threat of withholding military and other aid as well as not scheduling a meeting for Zelensky with Trump unless he “played ball” and investigated Biden.

Trump and Biden put US gangsterism on display. The US involvement in Ukraine after the US-supported and led the coup should end both of their careers and stop US regime-change operations.Please share widely to help undermine the false narrative on Biden we are getting in the media. Trump should be impeached and Biden should drop out of the presidential race.

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