Trump and Biden Put US Regime Change Gangsterism On Display In Ukraine

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The corporate media is telling a false story about Joe Biden and the investigation of the gas company on whose board his son Hunter Biden sat.  There was an ongoing investigation of the company and Biden threatened Ukraine with a financial crisis if the prosecutor was not fired and the investigation halted.

The sworn statement of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin (beginning in paragraph 6 of the affidavit) that claims he was forced out of office by US VP Joe Biden because Shokin was investigating the gas company. Biden threatened to disapprove a billion-dollar loan to Ukraine unless Shokin was fired. Hunter was paid $50K per month for five years for being on the board even though he had no oil and gas experience.

Click link below to read the sworn statement of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, shokin-ukraine-prosecutor-sworn-statement

The corporate media is claiming there was no investigation and Biden was not protecting his son. The Ukraine prosecutor says the opposite.

Additionally, Biden admitted he threatened Ukraine to get the prosecutor fired at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting.

And, Ukraine may not be the only scandal in the Biden-family closet as this ABC video below shows.

Politico published, “Biden Inc.: Over his decades in office, ‘Middle-Class Joe’s’ family fortunes have closely tracked his political career,” which describes how the Biden family got rich from Joe Biden’s political career.

It seems Biden was being a US gangster, just as Trump was when he pressured the current president to investigate Biden, with the threat of withholding military and other aid as well as not scheduling a meeting for Zelensky with Trump unless he “played ball” and investigated Biden.

Trump and Biden put US gangsterism on display. The US involvement in Ukraine after the US-supported and led the coup should end both of their careers and stop US regime-change operations.Please share widely to help undermine the false narrative on Biden we are getting in the media. Trump should be impeached and Biden should drop out of the presidential race.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Whoops! There’s nothing professional “public servants” hate more than the truth. Follow the money. Hunter Biden was paid $50K/mo. for 5 yrs. That’s good enough for me. I smell rot and it stinks. Go Bernie, Nancy, Greta, AOC (the SQUAD), Congressional Dems!

  • richardprofumo

    Good bye Joe!

  • Infarction

    Criminals like Trump and Biden have occupied high offices in the illegitimate US government for decades. Since the shadowy gangsters in the deep state gunned down JFK in 1963, a sinister coven of power deranged psychopaths have openly occupied the White House, Congress, the courts and the deep state.

    With each and every [s]election, the working class labors under ever-increasing repression from a murderous occupation force, disguised as police, who are armed with the latest military hardware.

    Meanwhile, the white-collar miscreants in the warmongering and blood-sucking corporations pull the strings of the illicit puppet US government at home and abroad. The criminality of the dominant class has reached such levels of impunity where the likes of Trump, Obama, Bush/Cheney et al going back to LBJ and beyond lead a fake government that brazenly commits atrocities in illegal wars abroad while it takes enormous bribes from the handlers in the plutocracy without even the whiff of shame or remorse. All in broad daylight.

  • subcomandante Felix

    Forget impeachment. Trump, Biden and the rest of their criminal cabal, aka Democrat and Republican parties, should be in the criminal docket at the Hague.
    P.S. Is anyone really that stupid to think that transformational change is going to come from the top down?

  • Rabbi David Mivasair

    Sounds like what Bernie Sanders has been saying for decades, include just today.

  • PeterPaget

    I wonder if that is the full story? I read that Shokin was a deeply corrupt official who needed to be removed from office. Who is protecting whom here?

  • che guevera

    Excellent summary.

  • che guevera

    The real joke is 50 K for what ? That is obviously graft, extortion, using the office improperly, etc.

  • jwreitter

    Exactly, both Biden and Trump are bullies on the world stage who will stop at nothing, however illegal, to get the tremendous wealth and power they crave! Both have got to go if American integrity is to mean anything at all.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    The tragedy here is that the Dems have given Our Mad King Donald cover with his “base”. This will get interesting quickly. However, the obvious matter at hand is this particular episode of Republican anti-American, corrupt, gangsta behavior by the president and his cabinet of horrors. What a truly f*cked-up mess. I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing/crying. I guess when the shyte hits the fan it flys in all directions. Biden is done. That’s the good news and if the Dems try to move him forward they will go down in the flames they so richly deserve. Go Bernie, Nancy, Greta, and the SQUAD!

  • Jon

    Did you read his affidavit? “Exactly, both Biden and Trump are bullies on the world stage who will stop at nothing,” Yup!

  • PeterPaget

    Whose affidavit?

  • Jon

    That of Shokin: Here it is:
    Below is his sworn statement.

  • Alexa Fleming

    How refreshing to read some comments that recognize how crony capitalism is corrupting our elections (selections, nice!) and others around the world, esp the coup in the Ukraine. Yes, please clear the field for Bernie and friends!

  • Lee Stanfield

    I agree, but sadly… the corporate DNC will just shift to backing another corporate Dem… Warren, who is not only very likable/charismatic, but will also get a lot of women voters just ’cause she is a she!

  • Lee Stanfield

    This is not Biden’s only “entanglement” with shady foreign and domestic businesses. His political history has been smelly (read the Politico article at the link in this article).

  • Greeley Miklashek

    I agree, also, “sadly”. Go Bernie, Nancy, Greta, and the SQUAD!

  • che guevera

    I don’t think she is that likable or charismatic, rather I think she is overly wonkish, with that professorial off putting smarty pants style, even many women will be put off by it. She will play best where she is known best, the E. coast, but not that much else.

  • Cushite

    Murderers and thieves doing what murderers and thieves do.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Why stop there? Oh, that’s right, you totally lost rack of where you were going with that rant.

  • chetdude

    The corporate media is protecting BIden — as usual…

  • che guevera

    My observations were organized and to the point that was clearly made. If you have something constructive to add, do so, otherwise your observation is a total non sequitur waste of time.

  • che guevera

    Dimitri Orlov has great insight here, also read today’s post by PCR on ICH. Tried to link ddimitri, go to Club Orlov.

  • One day you’re progressive. The next day your spouting establishment talking points. Way to go Kevin! There was no quid pro and the conversation (which I’ve read) wasn’t mainly about Biden. As bad as Trump is, I think he has the right to investigate Russiagate WHICH WAS AN ATTEMPT TO REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE! (There was an ongoing US federal investigation into that and Trump asked Zelensky for his cooperation because Ukraine played a big role in Russiagate and harbors Crowdstrike servers!) The contest between the Dems and the Repubs is phony or the Dems could have come up with a zillion ‘good’ reasons to impeach Trump as Ralph Nader (who fails with his pro GND position) and would have. Nevertheless, the quid pro quo – Where? – was non-existent and why would progressives join in that nonsense? Is there a quid pro quo if Ukraine doesn’t know that the Javelin purchases are being held up? If I call you up and say “I have your son. Give me a million dollars or I’ll kill him,” then you are under pressure and there’s a quid quo pro for sure. If I call you up and demand money and don’t mention a kidnapped son or anything, Is there a pro quid quo? And was that official aid or a business deal? And do we not give credit to presidents who pause at doing weapons sales to nazis who are rampaging?