Trump Officials Secretly Discussed Possible Coup With Venezuelan Officers

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Above: Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro waving. By Cancillería del Ecuado, CC by 2.0.

Note: This is only the latest on US efforts to remove Maduro from office. Regime change has been on the agenda by the United States since the election of Hugo Chavez.

Telesur reports:

Venezuela’s foreign minister accused the United States of seeking an intervention and supporting military conspiracies, following a report that members of the United States government had been meeting with Venezuelan military officers who were actively plotting to oust democratically elected president Nicolas Maduro since mid-2017.

“We denounce the intervention plans and support for military conspirators by the government of the United States against Venezuela,” Jorge Arreaza wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “Even in U.S. media, the crass evidence is coming to light.”

The Director of the Black Alliance for Peace, Ajamu Baraka, a long-time human rights activist wrote:

Evo Morales, a critic of US imperialism in Latin America and who has been the victim of US regime change operations also tweeted his disappoval.


Trump officials held a series of covert meetings with Venezuelan military officers over the last year to discuss plans to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, according to a report by The New York Times published Saturday.

Participants in the talks, including anonymous U.S. officials and a former Venezuelan military commander who is on the U.S. sanctions list of corrupt officials in Venezuela, told the Times about several meetings that focused on Maduro’s failings.

“We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary,” Trump said last year.

“Many in the region still deeply resent the United States for backing previous rebellions, coups and plots in countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil and Chile, and for turning a blind eye to the abuses military regimes committed during the Cold War,” the Times’ Ernesto Londoño and Nicholas Casey wrote. In 2002, a failed coup attempt in Venezuela, later linked to officials in the George W. Bush administration, ousted Hugo Chávez from office for several years.

“This [information] is going to land like a bomb,” said Mari Carmen Aponte, a diplomat for Latin American affairs during the Obama administration.

Successful Latin American coups that included U.S. covert involvement were Guatemala in 1954 against Jacobo Árbenz, the Dominican Republic in 1961 against Rafael Trujillo, Brazil in 1964 against Joao Goulart, and Chile in 1973 against Salvador Allende. The CIA also attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba multiple times.

  • What I find particularly remarkable about this article is the CNN story referenced by @ajamubaraka . The dialogue from both sides is a discussion revolving around protecting Democracy. What does this rhetoric actually mean, as surely everyone involved in these regime change discussions cannot all be supporting the same Democracy.

    I don’t often pay much attention to MSM these days for the reason that it is sometimes difficult to decode the underlying cultural narrative. It is easy to become misled when you are reading words with multiple meanings. Obviously, when @ajamubaraka and @evoespueblo use the term Democracy they mean something very different from CNN’s Democracy. CNN and the American Empire that is promoted by the media owners of CNN is a type of freedom of “Economic Democracy” in which the rule of money is paramount. The confusion arises when so many of the citizens of the United States and the world have been raised to believe that Democracy means something entirely different.

    When we go to the polls and cast votes, this is the way in which we exercise our ‘Democracy’. Those of us who have been engaged with American politics over the years to one extent or another, have come to recognize that democracy as practiced in the United States is the power of the almighty dollar that decides who gets elected to office, who writes the laws and who makes the decisions. Sometimes we call this corruption but mostly we don’t. The CNN propaganda is so polished and slick it still has many Americans believing that they ‘still’ live in one of the world’s greatest Democracies. Of course since day one of the United States of America, this has been a lie clothed in the trappings of Democracy. A Demos of the people has never been part of this agenda. Wealthy white male property owners were the only class of people who were granted the right to vote under the American Constitution. Over the years this class of tolerated voters has slowly grown, while the true power of choice which the word democracy implies has become increasingly concentrated into the hands of the ‘wealthy’ by the economic processes of the monetary market system that rules all our lives. Sometimes the wealthy ones are now women or racially diverse but the exercise of a true democracy of the people was explicitly protected against in the American Constitution that so many Americans still defend as a bastion of Democracy. It was a Democracy, a Democracy of wealthy slave owners who used their power to build a global system of domination that most of the people of the world still fails to recognize as merely an extension of the original owning of human slaves. Today most people are monetary slaves or wage slaves that are subject to the whims of the wealthy wielders of the true Democratic power in a global monetary market system, Money. Money=Power=Freedom is the only democracy any of us will ever know. We have built a global system of power where anyone can buy some degree of freedom built upon the lives of all those who suffer and are forced to work under intractable poverty. This is the Democracy promoted by CNN,

    By all observational accounts at this point in history, the elections in Venezuela would appear to be much, much closer to a true democracy of the people than the sham elections held in the United States. One we might call a people’s Democracy and the other an Oligarch’s Democracy of the wealthy elite. Money has taken on such an overwhelmingly dominant role in our global monetary market system that it has replaced people as the dominant expression of Democracy. Understanding these duplicitous meanings when applied to the word Democracy and the way they are used by the various parties helps me to recognize the deeper underlying problems facing humanity and the challenge we face as we struggle to create a sustainable human future.