Trump Trade Pact Pushing Natural Gas To China

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Above Photo: Jonny White/flickr/CC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Trump administration announced today it has reached an agreement to promote natural gas exports and to lower food safety standards related to Chinese cooked chicken and similar products.

In response Friends of the Earth Senior Political Strategist Ben Schreiber issued the following statement:

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump is yet again sacrificing American’s health for fossil fuel profits. Increasing natural gas exports means more fracking that will poison our water and add fuel to our ever-worsening climate crisis. Trump continues to push the dirty fossil fuels of the past as the rest of the world moves towards clean renewable energy.

  • DHFabian

    Aha! Trump is “colluding with” communist China, in spite of the years of deep tensions between China and Russia. Of course, exporting more US natural gas to China means that we will need to purchase more from Russia, which is presumably why “Russia stole the election.” Or something.