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“Tell the truth” is XR’s first and foremost demand. This pamphlet is about >us< telling >our< truth.

[[‘Disclaimer’: my colleagues in the XR Political Circle have kindly helped in discussing [and disseminating] this document with me, but its content is my responsibility alone; some of my colleagues don’t agree with some points in it!.]]

  • Some wise statements have been made by Mr. Read. His pamphlet intones a broad understanding of causal factors and a prudent direction/focus for activism. And his emphasis on telling the Truth is of utmost importance as it is critical to any hope of success. I will expand on that Truth-telling point and suggest that the public needs a greater comprehension of causal factors, their current impacts on society and what people will experience if nothing changes. The public needs more information – main stream media will not give them what they need – alternative sources (social media perhaps) need to be employed to reach the masses.

    Many are in the dark when it comes to the coming global economic collapse (it is already teetering and given the many pressures pushing it toward the edge, will start crumbling in the next several months) and what it will mean to 80% or more of the populace – think about what another deep recession will do to everyone living paycheck to paycheck or who already are not making ends meet.

    Many are vastly under-informed about the growing geopolitical tensions that are escalating toward military conflict in many areas of the world – U.S. against Iran and Venezuela, Pakistan and India over the Kashmir territory, South Korea and Japan, U.S. against Russia and China, just to name the big ones; the list is growing. None of these conflicts (so far non-military) are driven by any side wanting to help anyone other than themselves. These conflicts are about what wars have always have been fought over – wealth and power.

    The recommendation that at least half of the Autumn Rebellion focus on institutions directly linked to the 1% is vital – as Rupert Read stated, this will garner far greater support and I agree 3.5% support will not win the day. If people want a greater understanding about who these 1% are, they can read Giants-The Global Power Elite by Peter Phillips or you can do your own research. Ask a question – such as what industries are causing the most water pollution, who owns the most land, who are the largest suppliers of weaponry to the governments? followed by who are the largest corporations in those industries? followed by who are on the boards of those corporations and who (institutions and individuals) are the largest shareholders – who is funding who’s candidacy for public office and where are these public officials investing their private wealth? followed by what other influential organizations are these individuals members of? and you will uncover the real sources behind the economic, geopolitical, and social policies and practices harming the 80+% of humanity and the planet itself.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Well. I scrolled through this vast sea of Neo-liberal humdrum, and maybe I missed it, but there was no mention of the key to the survival of our species and the biosphere: reducing the human population on earth through one or no child families, as well as reduced consumption. As I looked around the UN themed feed at my nearby city park on my morning walk, I noted the plastic plates and utensils. ‘Nuf said. Meals at the nearby UW are still served in styrofoam “clam” cartons. 50 years ago, when I attended med school here, Environmentalism was all the rage. Has anything improved? No. If you are hopeful about our trajectory as a species speeding toward extinction, you haven’t been paying attention. Good Luck fellow humans and your 230,000 new reproductions of yourselves daily, let alone the rest of a dying planet. Stress R Us

  • mwildfire

    This asks for comment and conversation. Mainly, my comment is obvious: we need to ask what all this means for our side of “the pond.” One of my thoughts reading it was that when he named the airport, Parliament and Whitehall, and the City of London, I thought the greatest focus should be on the last of these. It’s the bankers who pulls the strings in Parliament or Congress. Here, this means Wall Street–and actually, we already did that. It’s not clear to me whether that makes it a poor target–he didn’t quite say so but one of the reasons not to repeat previous actions is that we do have enemies, and they find ways to neutralize us. They control both the corporate media and now, with net neutrality gone and Facebook/Google/Twitter working with the Deep State, they can shut us off of most alternative media as well. This gives them enormous power–we MUST find ways to communicate with the public, reaching around the blockades they will set up. Another thought about the difference is that the UK is a step at least beyond the US–I don’t know as we could expect to pull off a parallel action in September.

  • Agree with the population point. Disagree about the ‘no hope’ point – without enormous pressure and widespread individual incentive, complacency and status quo prevails. I would suggest that hope exists because the pressure and individual incentives are increasing in strength and scope and at a pace that is highly likely to accelerate.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Sorry, but consider that all of our increasing, myriad “diseases of civilization” are the prodrome (antecedents) of the on coming extinction event, a reality this retired physician was forced to confront after 42 increasingly frustrating years of medical practice. That’s all I’m saying and neither the MSM or Joe sixpack gives a damn or thinks twice before throwing another plastic plate or utensil into the garbage barrel, or out the car window. We are just too damn dumb to survive as a species and the earth will be far better off without us. Deny it as you apparently must, but I choose to face the truth with a wry smile and to continue to do every thing I can personally to prevent the oncoming catastrophe that my medical tea leaves portend. Stress R Us

  • Ah Greeley – yes I have read the tea leaves as well and they tell me there is both hope and despair on the horizon. The difference will be what we choose – and I agree should we choose to continue on as we have (throwing the garbage out the window so to speak) then the extinction of the human species is well deserved. However, I have observed Joe sixpack giving money to an elderly woman who couldn’t afford a pretty bow for the one present she was able to afford for her loved ones during the holidays. Because of Joe sixpack, she was able to smile at the register instead of cry. Humans have the capacity to do good things and destructive things – they can choose. I have hope they will choose to do good things.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Your sentimental image has me crying in my beer, and I don’t drink alcohol. You still don’t get it. We are all dying NOW from population density stress. As Bernie would say, “I wrote the damn book”. Read “Stress R Us” ($25, 623 pg. PB on Amazon Books) for the details and stop bothering me with unfounded wishful thinking about the perfectibility of the human species. History has proven you are wrong, as long as we number over 3,000 times our prehistoric stable hunter-gatherer population of clan/band living ancestors. Everything I am saying is based in hard biological fact. Get your big girl pants on and read the book, then question my results and “population density stress” theory. ’til then, see ya.

  • I have read the preview of your book and downloaded it so as to read it in full. As I’ve stated previously, I do not disagree with your point that overpopulation is one of the root causes of the present condition of humans and the planet (the other root cause is, in my opinion, human greed). I personally chose at a very young age to refrain from bearing children mainly because I sensed (without conducting any research) that there were already too many people. I am interested in your research concerning population density stress – even without reading your book, I am aware that stress causes illness and that lack of space (mental and physical) causes stress. While I have not written about stress, I have written about overpopulation – you can read this brief part in a series on the Ombhumi site – go to Blog, then go to the Healthful Living post where you will find a link to the Opening Letter at the top and within the body of the Healthful Living post, a link to a Sustainable Population Program. I’ll read yours, perhaps you’ll return the courtesy and read some of mine.

    Viable solutions give me hope Dr. Miklashek – yes, it will take a paradigm shift in human behavior to enable their implementation – and the chances of the public will being strong enough and dense enough are admittedly slim. But until that chance ceases to exist, I will hold onto it because I do not want to see this planet and all of its natural beauty completely destroyed.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    I tried to follow you down that rabbit hole of links but got nowhere fast. Sorry. Thanks for thinking of an unconceived child FIRST instead of your own biological drive for a little human companion to love, considering the collapsing biosphere that child would be involuntarily brought into. My parents would have been better off just getting a dog, for the amount of time they spent with me, and I’m an only child! Stress R Us BirthStrike!