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Two Week New Hampshire Democracy Rebellion

From January 11 to January 24 March Across New Hampshire Demanding Clean Elections

I will do whatever it takes to fix the corruption in Washington and restore representative democracy in America.  That’s why I’m marching in one of the coldest months of the year in one of the coldest states in the nation to make a point:  our government should be of, for, and by the people, not bought and sold by outside organizations and billionaire businessmen.

Rootstrikers Who Can Afford Congress

I’ve traveled throughout our country talking about the need for a government that’s free to lead and unbound from the shackles of the current corrupt campaign finance system. Now, I’m taking the next step in that journey, and I want you to join me on a march this year in the Presidential Primary state of New Hampshire.

Click here to RSVP to walk with me and join the New Hampshire Rebellion.

Beginning on the day my good friend and anti-corruption activist Aaron Swartz passed away (January 11th) and ending on the day that legendary campaign finance reformer Granny D was born (January 24th), we will be marching the entire length of New Hampshire to draw attention to the need for the public financing of elections.

It was Aaron who originally convinced me that we must first fix our campaign finance system before we can address the other vital issues facing our country, and Granny D was a legendary reformer who marched cross-country with a sign simply saying: CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM.  They both passed away after the Supreme Court made the problem even worse with their Citizens United decision, so now their legacy – the fight for free and fair elections – is our responsibility.

Click here to RSVP for the New Hampshire Rebellion and march with me in early January.

For two weeks in January — beginning on the day Aaron Swartz died, and ending on the day Granny D was born — we will march across New Hampshire recruiting citizens to their cause. I’m confident that we will win the fight for free and fair elections, restore representative democracy, and create a separation of wealth and state in our country.  This is the greatest gift we can give to future generations of Americans, and this journey is part of making that a reality.

So come walk with me in early January.  Together, let’s show the opponents of reform that there is no obstacle we will not overcome and there is no distance we will not travel in the fight for free and fair elections.

Click here to RSVP for the March in early January.

 To find our more about the New Hampshire Rebellion, you can click here or send an email to Wolf PAC’s Director of Organizing ( ).  We’ll see you in the streets.  Thanks!
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