U.S. Blocking Food Shipments To Venezuela, Says Minister

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Above Photo: A man sits in front of a mural in Caracas, Venezuela | Photo: Reuters

CARACAS, July 12 (Xinhua) — The United States is blocking food shipments to Venezuela, a country struggling with shortages of staple goods, Venezuelan Minister of Urban Agriculture Freddy Bernal said on Wednesday.

Bernal said U.S. threats of sanctions against companies doing business with Venezuela was interfering with the country’s supply of imported foodstuffs.

“The United States pressures shipping companies that if they make purchases, sales or transactions with Venezuela, they will be sanctioned,” Bernal said in an interview with Caracas-based Union Radio.

Bernal has coordinated a government program to deliver basic goods to families, which was put in place after Venezuela’s political and economic crises led to shortages.

That aid includes both domestic products and tons of grains and meats imported from Nicaragua, Panama and Mexico, said Bernal, adding U.S. interference was impeding the national distribution of the foodstuffs.

Shortages of dietary staples and other basic goods have fueled discontent in Venezuela.

Bernal also denounced recent stepped-up anti-government demonstrations for destroying “30 food warehouses” that support the food aid program.

So far, the United States has yet to make any comments on this issue.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    What an evil government we have! We just start jailing it, starting from the top with the banksters.

  • FAS

    Yeah the socialists run the country into the ground and it’s somebody else’s fault. Typical.

  • kevinzeese

    You should actually read about the history of what has happened in Venezuela, the US role, the oligarchs undermining of the economy, the ongoing constant coup and violence of the opposition. Of course, the massive oil price decline was a critical element. The major mistake of the Venezuelan government was not broadening their economic base beyond oil. They made progress (much more than the neoliberals before them) but not enough to withstand the drop in oil.

  • Helga Fellay

    Good boy, FAS. You are thinking exactly what the US propaganda machine wants you to think. You have earned an A+ in Obedience training. Millions in your and my tax dollars have been spend to pay for you (and others) to think just that.

  • FAS

    And who programmed your thinking? Where has government central planning of an economy ever worked to make people more prosperous? Instead of making weak attempts to discredit people you disagree with perhaps you should try forming a coherent rebuttal.

  • FAS

    And your smug response assumes, from a one sentence comment on this silly blog, that I haven’t “read about” the Venezuelan economic collapse? Your response supports the notion that centralized government planning of an economy doesn’t work. Good work.

  • kevinzeese

    The reason the US government is putting so much money and effort into regime change in Venezuela is because its example — reducing hunger and poverty, increasing literacy, increasing housing etc. is an example the US does not want seen.

    The reason the oligarchs in Venezuela are doing all they can to undermine the economy, creating scarcity of goods, and playing with the finance markets is because the country was doing very well in improving the lives of the many. They needed to undermine the economy or continue losing elections.

    This is a long-term struggle. It has not run its course.

  • Helga Fellay

    No one programs me. I don’t engage with people who seem as uninformed as you seem to be. (btw: our current loss of prosperity in the US is due to current US govt central planning)

  • FAS

    But again there’s an excuse for why socialism failed as it ultimate always does. It ignores human nature and brings everyone down to a level of mediocrity. .Food shortages were also a routine thing in the former USSR but are a rarity in free market systems. Also, those nasty oligarchs would continue to be in power in a socialist system only with far more power than they have now. I don’t trust government to run anything properly. BTW, you might want to remove this is the “People’s” anything from the blog since the “People’s” have notoriously have killed millions in socialist/communist regimes. But I respect your perspective even if I disagree with it. It was well written and articulated. Unlike much I read in this comment section.

  • FAS

    So you can’t answer my question therefore you just take a cowards way out by claiming you don’t engage with uninformed people? That must be a nice safe place so you don’t have your belief system challenged. I thought so. But thank you for agreeing that government central planning is the cause of our “current loss of prosperity” as I stated previously. See we agree on something, although I think it is far worse in socialist regimes.

  • kevinzeese

    The current loss of prosperity is due to the influence of big business, especially Wall Street on government. Crony capitalism rules the country which is why wealth funnels to the top. We need a much more progressive tax system (with brackets for people earning $ 1 million to more than $10 million annually). We also need to apply Modern Monetary Theory to appropriations, not the nonsensical debt fear that dominates everything except militarism.

    Venezuela is very different from the state central planning of old socialized countries. Their decision is much more dispersed down to the local level. You are comparing very different approaches. The two big problems with Venezuela’s economy are oil — it is oil dependent and not a diverse economy. It is more diverse than pre-Chavez but they did not diversify fast enough for the massive drop in oil prices. And, second — the constant coup by the United States and oligarchs who use destruction of the economy as one of their primary tactics.

    I realize you a Breitbart right winger, so talking with you is not worth too much time, but readers should look at the Venezuela tag on Popular Resistance to get a more complete picture than we get in the US media, which essentially lies about Venezuela. They fear Venezuela because before the drop in oil prices it was a very successful economy, lifting people out of poverty, homelessness and illiteracy. They had made incredible progress/

  • FAS

    So you assume I’m a right winger without knowing the variety of perspectives I read and consider. And with that assumption you think “talking with you (me) is not worth too much time”. So you only converse with people who agree with you? That doesn’t seem to be very interesting. But so far I only get more excuses and spin as to why socialism failed. Maybe it was the socialist oligarchs who made the system fail? I mean as you stated Venezuela central government planning failed because it focused only on oil. And there wasn’t much individual freedom, unless you were in the right party. I guess buying a lot of their oil was our part in their downfall. Some coup.

    Not sure how the US taxation and monetary policy got into a discussion on Venezuela, but by “Modern Monetary Policy” did you mean Keynesian economics? Or what other model? You don’t have to answer since I’m worth your time.

  • kevinzeese

    I checked your Disqus profile where it says what you read. Your comments show your bias on these issues. And your comments also show you have not been following Venezuela very closely and when you do it is through biased eyes.

  • FAS

    I didn’t know I had a Disqus profile so I doubt it includes everything I read. So just to get this straight, everybody who agrees with you gets the correct information and isn’t biased, but those who disagree with you get the wrong information and are biased? Sounds like a bias to me. But I had asked what you meant by Modern Monetary Policy. Thought maybe you were on the Keynesian wagon train.

  • richardprofumo

    action is on the front lines!