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Ukraine: The American Tyranny Of Power

Above Photo: Sima Ghaffarzadeh.

In Ukraine, the American tyranny of power being used is the same tyranny being used here in America, to subvert and control.

Truth is the first casualty of war.

The history of the US intelligence operations goes back to World War II. Stephen Bandera was released from prison by OSS officers in 1944. Bandera was a Nazi operative whose militia slaughtered Poles, Jews and communist workers on the eastern front. The OSS/CIA recruited Bandera so he could fight the advancing Soviet Union. In all the years since then, the CIA has never had an annual audit of its trillion dollar budget, and of course nothing has changed.

Just over ten years ago the CIA initiated its National Endowment for Democracy (NED) “Orange Revolution” to once more cravenly attempt to thwart the Russians, a country that has living wages for its population and free health care for all. This was one of the first color revolutions and it involved the same militant Nazis the CIA employed in its Ukraine coup in 2014.

The CIA has been operating with Nazi Ukrainian exiles since the end of WW II, when they hired Richard Gehlen. Gehlen had been the chief anti-Soviet spy for the German army. US Army intelligence hired Gehlen in 1945, and as soon as the CIA was formed, it snatched him and put him in charge of Eastern Europe. The CIA used this former Nazi to re-activate the spy networks he had in Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, all the Eastern European countries. Gehlen’s old Nazi spies, saboteurs and killers went to work for the CIA.

The CIA did the same thing in Japan, by employing the Yakuza and Japanese spies to spy on China. They needed that intelligence and didn’t have enough Chinese speakers or people who could infiltrate China. They kept the same imperial Japanese spy network that had been there during WWII.

All of this is illegal, but it is what the CIA has done all over the world. It has been doing it in the Ukraine for more than seventy years. It has the grandchildren of Nazis on its payroll. It operates a murderous secret infrastructure of neo-Nazi secret agents and sleeper-cell, mind-controlled psy-op killing dupes for generations.

The organization working with NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is the United Action Centre. The Centre UA is the coordinator of the New Citizen’s Public Campaign which coordinates the activities of 40 NGOs.

An organization like Centre UA, it’s founder Pierre Omidyar and the billionaire funders that support it, like George Soros and the Rockefeller’s, including the NGOs like USAID and NED aren’t funding Ukrainian political action out of the goodness of their hearts. They are doing it to advance their own interests. The Centre UA was created to advance the interests of its financial backers. It is a CIA created mechanism to create a crisis in Ukraine and exploit it.

The 40 NGOs it coordinates are there to provide the public relations to cover the criminal CIA political activities, in the same manner that the American PR nexus manipulated Boris Yelstin in Moscow to break up the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

This Washington hegemonic policy was classic geopolitics, a Malthusian plan outlined a century earlier by warmonger Sir Halford Mackinder. Mackinder had warned the British that an alliance of the major Eurasian powers of the time, including Germany, Russia, and central Asian states would hold the potential to become the dominant global power, since it would be geographically coherent and would possess all the necessary economic raw materials and a sufficient population to challenge any rivals.

After World War I, Mackinder had stated, “Who rules Central Europe, commands the Heartland. Who rules the Heartland commands the world.” If the nations around Germany and France in Europe were to dominate the Russian centered Eurasian ‘Heartland’ as Mackinder termed it, that combination would hold the potential, the resources, and the geographic advantage to dominate the entire world.

Washington establishment strategists such as Zbignieu Brezinski and Henry Kissinger who had held national security posts under several administrations acknowledged the role of Mackinder’s geopolitical machinations on U. S. strategic policy.

The Centre UA’s stated purpose thus, following the Mackinder outline, was to pull Ukraine out of the Russian orbit and deliver it to United States corporations and oligarchs. This is what exactly happened, along with all the obligatory payoffs. In a few short years after the Centre UA was established, Vice President Joe Biden’s son was named to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the largest Ukraine gas producer. Hunter Biden heads Burisma’s legal department and works with international organizations.

The Obama administration and its privatizing corporate partners overthrew the Yanikovich pro-Russian Ukraine government, and installed a regime of neo-Nazis and American elites. They did this for their own enrichment, and the US media never mentioned a word about it. It was business as usual and the average Ukrainian citizen didn’t benefit, just the “super-predator” American elite who organized the blatant coup.

Biden’s smash and grab operation as Obama’s Vice President occurred in 2014, and in 2016, another super-predator, Natalie Jaresko, took over Datagroup, the company that controls Ukraine’s telecom market. Jaresko once held a top job at the State Department coordinating the trade and commerce agencies that did business with the former Soviet Union, including the Overseas Private Investment Company.

She is part of the global elite such as the IMF, World Bank/European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development Network. In the Clinton Administration she served as Chief of the Economics Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine, and helped to set up the plans for the coup d’etat that occurred in Ukraine 20 years later.

Jaresko got Ukrainian citizenship on the same day she was appointed as Minister of Finance of Ukraine in 2014. She then immediately proceeded to squeeze her competitor, the owner of Datagroup, out of business using the kind of foreign currency loan debt scam favored by Mafia hoods and economic hitmen employed by the CIA. That’s how predatory capitalism works. They overload targeted nations and business people with debt and then clean them out. Again, no word of protest from mainstream media.

The CIA plays a central role in these criminal schemes, doing the illegal but plausibly deniable things that require high tech espionage and underworld assets, reaching into police files or using private investigators to get dirt on people, then setting them up and blackmailing them. These kinds of subversion operations can’t be done publicly by the likes of Biden or Jaresko or their PR people. Foreign shakedowns have to be done secretly through the criminal underworld. This is where the CIA enters the criminal conspiracy.

In 2009, the Director of National Intelligence issued Directive 304 to define the jobs of the military, the CIA, and FBI. They however quickly redacted parts about what the CIA does. It’s standard to classify the names of CIA officers in Ukraine and what their cover positions are, who they’ve murdered, bribed and suborned.

Now, thanks to Directive 304, we can’t even know what is unclassified about CIA operations. If the president of the Rotary Club or the police chief in Kiev is a CIA agent, those things are classified, because Directive 304 has made them illegal. This is how bad the end of empire and its last lying desperate acts of hegemony has gotten.

The CIA, capitalism’s invisible army, is an amoral leviathan. It isn’t doing illegal things so the minimum wage in Ukraine will go up, or so that bankers will be more careful about selling mortgages to people who can’t afford them. They’re in cahoots with the bankers, many of whom are on the CIA “take” themselves.

They want Ukrainians putting their money in American banks and brokerage firms. They want to suck the life out of Ukrainians. That is what the CIA and the predatory NGOs are there for, and they are very circumspect about whom they recruit to achieve their evil hegemonic goals.

The first thing these evil ruling oligarchs want is property, and the best way to drive prices down is to start a war, like they did in Vietnam, and in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the entire Middle East where people are fleeing the war zones. As soon as this happens, land prices go down and the corporate privateers sweep in.

The IMF’s job is predatory lending, to push people and countries into debt, in order to force them to sell assets to pay the predatory lender. When Ukraine started making deals with Russia, there was a sudden coup d’etat! Yet, the NGOs that are coordinated by the Centre UA talk about spreading democracy, when the current fascist government in Western Ukraine was “appointed.”

In February 2014, the State Department official Victoria, (f**k the EU) Nuland, wife of viscous neo-conservative hegemonist Robert Kagan, hand-picked a U.S.- loyal neo-Nazi coup regime.

Victor Yanukovich, the president of Ukraine in 2014, who was working with Russia on economic cooperation and human rights was poisoned, his face distorted and driven from office by Vice President Biden and the fascist CIA network. His wife, an American Ukrainian from Chicago who had worked for the State Department and founded the US-Ukraine Foundation, was part of the Ukrainian exile faction.

The CIA has a full array of exiles from everywhere. Ngo Ding Diem was living in exile in America when Ed Lansdale and the CIA installed him as president of South Vietnam. He was sweeping floors at Maryknoll seminary in Lakewood, New Jersey.

The CIA keeps their exiles in storage and activates them and their agent networks when required. A recent example is Fethullah Gulen, the American based, Turkish exile and business magnate who tried to overthrow Prime Minister Erdogan in July of 2016. Gulen came to the United States in 1999 due to health problems and has stayed in the United States after getting his visa with the help of CIA officials. The FBI had previously resisted granting permanent residency status to Gulen. Some in the US government believed that Gulen was a radical Islamist whose moderate positions cloaked a more sinister and radical agenda.

Gulen inspired schools are the largest charter network in the US and receive approximately $150 million a year in taxpayer money. There are about 130 of these charter schools in 26 states where the majority of teachers are from Turkey. Many of the contracts for construction and operations of the schools have been given to Turkish businesses.

People like Diem and Gulen come out from under the rocks and fill the government and civic institutions the CIA creates in nations it subverts, all over the world. In Cuba, the CIA hired Meyer Lansky and the Mafia to do its dirty work, before Castro rightly threw them out. Today, we witness the CIA created government hiring out a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine.

Today, everything is much faster, and the CIA is faster as well. It created a new Digital Directorate so it can more effectively control internet information. The control of scientific and technological information is just as important as the control of words and language, any intellectual information that is written or spoken. All the internet hypertext language is routed through the supercomputer processors of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. Vladimir Putin recently said that the Internet was a CIA special project. He was right.

The culture of the United States, since its creation 250 years ago has always had as its goal, the enrichment and empowerment of a tiny group of property owners and their succeeding generations. After this tiny group conquered our nation, they looked to conquer the world.

The civic and government institutions in the United States have been arrogantly organized over the last two and a half centuries to advance their hellacious hegemonic purposes. The fact that the CIA was vomited up 70 years ago and pushed the process criminally forward through illegal operations on an industrial basis hasn’t changed the devilish direction of the American empire and its rapacious front men.

Their fight will be futile against the growing Eurasian economic space of China in conjunction with Putin’s Russia and their guiding role in creating a peaceful and very effective counter-pole to Washington’s New World (dis) Order.

The real target of the US NGOs, the “color revolutions” and the “occupy” disorders, are the organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS, that are leading to genuine, honest country to country European business relations.

The people who control the Centre UA and the 40 NGOs who maniacally manage the operations in the Ukraine, are doing the same thing here in the United States. They use the same rabid rulers, the same putrid PR people, and jaded journalists, the same bought off pious politicians.

The American tyranny of power being used in Ukraine is the same tyranny being used here in America, to subvert and control us, with no dissidence allowed, for truth is the first casualty of war.

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