Ukraine Uprising: Revolution Or An Orchestrated Coup

| Resistance Report

After two months of protesters in Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych has been ousted and yet, with support from Russia, remains defiant. As U.S Secretary of State offers aid to Ukraine, he managed to tell Face The Nation (with a straight face) “You just don’t in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext.”

As Glenn Greenwald, writing at The Intercept points out:  The supremely sycophantic Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer – as he demanded to know how Russia would be punished – never once bothered Kerry (or his other Iraq-war-advocating guests, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius) by asking about any of that unpleasantness (is it hard at all for you to sermonize against invasions of sovereign countries given, you know, how often you yourself support them?)

Do the unfolding events in that country add up to a revolution or an orchestrated coup? Kateryna Rubin, an expert in Ukraine and Russian history, joins the panel to discuss.

The Resistance Report panel for March 3 was made up of Nicole Carty (The Other 98%) Joel Northam (Acronym TV contributor) and Julianna Forlano (Absurdity Today). Dennis Trainor, Jr. served as host.

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    it was a successful revolution that was overthrown by a US/EU backed coup.

    We know this because in the first hours constitutional amendments including a second amendment and bill of rights along with elections where in the works , now after the US backed neo nazi coup , those things are off the table and been replaced with things to criminalize those that speak Russian hold dual citizenship. The most telling event has been the fact there is no longer going to be a investigation into the Maiden sniper shootings.

    New evidence is out , a phone call , that shows the EU Ambassador knew it was the rebels and not the government that deployed the snipers who targeted both police and protestors.

  • novictim

    You are being run over by the facts on the ground. No one in Ukraine thinks that the USA is their puppet master.

    Consider this. John Kerry presents the people of Ukraine with a one-Billion dollar loan while in the same news cycle we find out that Viktor Yanukovych stole somewhere in the neighborhood of $37Billion dollars through electronic transfers to numerous shell companies over his 3 years in office…including selling his $100,000 apartment for $17million!
    And now we see masked Russian Troops in unmarked uniforms acting like the NKVD of the past, intimidating reporters, acting as a invading army…’cause they are!

    Talk about “Brown Shirts”, if not for the fact that these Russian Military special forces thugs were actual Russian troops then we would really see the 180-degree twist to your lies.

    All the while we still have posters like SickOff here who are spinning now-debunked tales, that the revolution was fascist, etc…
    SickOfTheStupid, your point of view has now been discredited (along with yourself) by so many events, so many interviews and independent reports that you should hang your head low in shame.