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UN Ambassador Moncada: US Keeps Plotting To Invade Venezuela

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, reiterated his denunciation of the United States’ orchestrating an invasion in Venezuela to destroy the military and political forces of the Bolivarian Revolution.

On his Twitter account, the Ambassador indicated that the White House’s war propaganda against Venezuela seeks to assassinate the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro and turn the country into a colony.

“War propaganda in the US affirms that its objective is democracy in Venezuela. The truth is more sinister and deadly: eliminating President Maduro continues the invasion to destroy Venezuelan police and military patriots. Venezuela will be turned into a colony,” Moncada tweeted.

Given this, he explained that the contract signed between the far-right leader Juan Guaidó and the hitman Jordan Goudreau, which was intended to assassinate the leaders of the Venezuelan administration, remains in force and the US has not changed its plan. “The contract signed by the US agent Guaidó and the hitman Goudreau to assassinate thousands of Venezuelans, with the support of Duque and Trump, lasts 497 days. After assassinating the main leaders, the massacre of all patriot anti-invasion forces was agreed upon. The plan has not changed,” he wrote.

In his posts, the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, highlights the maneuvers of the White House, the government of Donald Trump and their accomplices to destroy the sovereignty of Venezuela, while condemning that Senator Robert Menéndez “already announces that Venezuela must be invaded by multinational force after the transition because it is a dangerous “space without government” for the US. The problem is not Maduro, the problem is Venezuela, which must be reduced by military force.

He also denounced US “virtual” Ambassador James Story, in complicity with Colombia, for supporting the multinational force and working with that objective.

“Guaidó’s agents are working in Israel to request a military attack on Venezuela. With the excuse that “they cannot alone” invite the massacre of Venezuelans in the same way that they ask the United States. The objective is not democracy but the destruction of the Venezuelan nation,” denounced Moncada.

It revealed that the agent of the US intelligence services for the invasion, Iván Simonovis, publicly calls for a multinational attack on Venezuela using the excuse of Colombia and Washington’s propaganda organs.

“The US agent, Simonovis, predicts the imminence of a terrorist attack from Venezuela. Thus he prepares an excuse for the military invasion of the US and Colombia. It is a false flag operation in full swing. We must be ready to defend the peace against these genociders,” he posted.

Finally, Moncada, stressed that the aggressors in Venezuela are the same ones that destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. “They are the ones who want war with Iran before the US elections. Let it be very clear: our fight is for national independence or nothing!”

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