UN Orders Canada To Halt Work On Trans Mountain Pipeline

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Blue River BC — A new United Nations report orders Canada to cease construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline until informed consent is obtained from the Secwepemc people.

“Now it is clear to the whole world every minute that Canada continues construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline is a violation of the basic human rights of Indigenous people.”

That was how land and water defender Kanahus Manuel responded to the newly released United Nations report that has denounced Canada’s major resource projects on Indigenous lands saying they could “cause irreparable harm to indigenous peoples rights, culture, lands, territories and way of life.”

The UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) was also, “disturbed by the forced removal, disproportionate use of force, harassment and intimidation by law enforcement officials against indigenous peoples who peacefully oppose” the large-scale development projects and committee members were “alarmed by escalating threat of violence against indigenous peoples.”

“What is different about this UN report” says Manuel, “is they are not only condemning Canada, they are ordering that Canada cease major resource developments on Indigenous lands.”

Manuel, whose Tiny House Warriors have set up a village on the Trans Mountain Pipeline route near Blue River B.C., says this UN report clearly sets out Canada’s criminal actions against us.

The report orders Canada to cease construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and to cancel all pipeline permits and permission, until free, prior and informed consent is obtained from all the Secwepemc people. The UN body also ordered Canada to cease work on the Site C dam and on “the Coastal Gas Link pipeline in the traditional and unceded lands and territories of the Wet’suwet’en people, until they grant their free, prior and informed consent, following the full and adequate discharge of the duty to consult.”

The Human Rights Committee also condemned the “violent arrest and detainment” of Kanahus Manuel herself when her wrist was broken during a violent assault and arrest by RCMP officer at her home and protest site along the pipeline route.


The Committee further demanded that Canada refrain from using force against Secwepemc and Wet’suwet’en peoples and that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and associated security and policing services will be withdrawn from their traditional lands.

Responding to the recent revelation that the RCMP was preparing to use “lethal force” against land protector, the UN ordered Canada to explicitly prohibit the use of lethal weapons by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, against indigenous peoples.

“This condemnation by the United Nations it a first step,” Manuel said. “We will now be calling on Human Rights organizations from around the world to come to our territory to monitor the situation. We are asking for the world to step in to help us to oppose the dirty oil pipeline on our land and to fight against Canada’s criminal behaviour.”

Read the UN CERD Report HERE 

  • voza0db

    We are asking for the world to step in to help us to oppose the dirty oil pipeline on our land and to fight against Canada’s criminal behaviour.“, you guys fail to understand that the “world” you are asking for HELP is the same world that is doing that to you guys!

    Not to mention that it is the same world that started destroying that Land [with People] a few centuries ago…

    But hey. Never mind this small detail. If you believe the world wants you guys to have a Peaceful and Balance Life give it another try!

  • Michael

    “Trans Mountain Pipeline”
    I wonder what Gender it was?

  • Jaswinder Sandhu

    Canadian governments are playing in the hands of Oil MNCs to loot Canadian resources and sell the final products to the same Canadians at much higher prices after having damaged their environment. They are also lobbying to stop Canadian researchers from doing any projects on this issue.

  • mwildfire

    Canada is a rogue nation, more and more. This won’t stop them. But it will change the psychological equation for both sides, with the company workers, RCMP, et al having to go forward knowing they’re acting in contravention of international law, and the defenders knowing that the official world body supports them (though it won’t send troops to defend them).

  • Guy

    Thank you to the UN for recognizing the treaty land rights of the Aboriginal people of Canada and ordering the Canadian government to stop the building of the pipeline .
    Now we need the UN to order Israel to stop killing the Palestinian people in order to make room for building and extending Israeli settlements .Isn’t it about time …………

  • ingamarie

    Given that native people ended up with very little land after the colonial period, it seems to me white corporations that plan extractivist routes could just go around native lands………why not take that gas link pipeline along the highway to Kitimat for example? Then all travelers could see our jawb creations working for our benefit……..and the workers would have easier access to A and W, Macdonalds, etc. Put the industrial mess where the industrialized people live, and see how quickly those people decide to go native……….

    We violate indigenous rights because we think we can. That time has to be up.

  • Steven Gaylord

    Great news, but I have one concern. United Nations having power over the sovereign state – superseding constitutional law. That is a plan initiated by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other think tanks. The UN is also posed as a threat to America’s principals; the American way of life – the Rule of Law.

  • dan

    Now if only UN would rule similarly concerning Keystone Pipeline and the violent repressions that occurred at Standing Rock a few years ago….

  • Steven Gaylord

    And the result? A slave planet.

  • RickW

    So pick a number. One person by themselves? Two people? A town full of people? A region, province, country? At what arbitrary stage does “slavery” become a reality?

  • brad chad

    Facts are hard for you to accept .
    Child poverty is dropping rapidly. And accelerated drastically in the last 30 yrs. WHY FOSSIL FUELS and the research and technolgies oil funds

  • ingamarie

    Facts are hard for a lot of us to accept Brad……and as the climate changes more rapidly than even the most radical predictions of the actual scientists warned……….its going to get worse. But the good news is, more and more people are waking up to who produced the ‘fake news’, the ‘alternate facts’, and the smoke and mirrors of a facile scepticism.

    I suspect the neoliberal stats on ‘poverty reduction” come from those same ‘massagers of the message’. The only good news being that the phoney optimism is going to become more cartoonish as the months pass.

    But thanks for following me……….the post above said nothing about child poverty……………that was another article.

    Try to keep your fake critiques of my thinking………straight. lol

  • ingamarie

    Nonsense…..the problem is generally that the United States wants to control international bodies and dictate to them what they should say and do……..it’s beyond cynical to argue ‘the American way of life” equals ‘the Rule of Law’.Particularly now, with Trump placing unilateral sanctions on countries he wants to impoverish, dropping drone bombs on officicials he wants to eliminate, and supporting regimes like Israel (where the Geneva conventions have been violated for decades) or Saudi Arabia (where renowned journalists can be hacked to death in their embassies abroad, their body parts disappear, and the perpetrators sacrificed as ‘rogue operatives’)

    Get a grip……..the international community depends on the United Nations….and other bodies that attempt to work cooperatively………and without recourse to violence. You may not always agree with their decisions, but then again……you’re just one person…..not the renegade Donald.

  • ingamarie

    Seriously? It’s the United Nations enslaving you? I rather prefer them to the US of A. Now there’s an international bully of some size and danger to human liberty.

  • brad chad

    Oh youre just another ‘do as I say, , leach totally dependent on others. You live off other people work and money. If you emphasized what Canada does right, there dozens of examples, instead of taking the easy route and focusing only on the negatives you wouldn’t be such a miserable cow.

  • kevinzeese

    There is a lot of opposition to this pipeline and other fossil fuel infrastructure in Canada.

    Canada does do some things right, e.g. their national Medicare system is far superior to the US healthcare mess.

    But, Canada does some things wrong particularly in foreign policy where it is closely aligned with the United States.

  • ingamarie

    Three four sentences full of insult and name calling aimed at someone you don’t know from a hole in the ground doesn’t reflect very well on your ability to marshal an argument Brad…but of course, there’s lots of things our government has done right. Medicare comes to mind….not jumping on the warpath over the recent tragedy in Iran is another.

    Try to avoid sweeping generalizations…..and ad hominem attacks…they do you no credit.

  • brad chad

    And yet you continue to spew your left wing nonsense. Medicare is one of the worst systems in the world.
    With some of the longest wait times for simple procedures and one of the costliest. What Canada does right is provide the environment for those who want to succeed, and provides more than adequate funding to you and your tyee cult members to whine and bitch and bite the hand that feeds you. Contribute to society, dont be a peach like most of your leaflucking comrades

  • brad chad

    Opposition to fossil fuels!!!
    You and the tyee cult hypocritically denounce oil yet use it every day. Your success is a direct result of ff use. Also the tyres constant coverage of anti oil protesters and their dozens of pathetic writers waste energy and spewscopious quantities of cow.

  • RickW

    What Canada does right is provide the environment for those who want to succeed
    It is obvious that the residents of Fort Chipewyan are losers in your book

  • ingamarie

    Drop dead…..its not a big fall, you American style troll. You don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to single payer medical care…but it’s another way to change the subject. Dumb.

  • brad chad

    Their cancers have occurred years. The oil is in the sands the river flows thru. But as a tyee cult member reliant on others to feed yourself you are blind to the facts.

  • brad chad

    Canada’s health-care system is third-last in new ranking of developed countries.Canada has been rankedthird-to-last in a detailed new study comparing health-care systems in 11 developed nations, managing to beat out only France and the bottom-rankedUnited States. You are wrong again inge. Glad you are retired and cannot pollute the minds of children any longer. Enjoy your fossil fuel funded pension.

  • brad chad

    The Australian Xalifornia and BC fires were terrorism . Fires were deliberate crimes. Nothing to do with ffs.

  • brad chad

    Nobody forced cigs on these clowns . It was a choice like you choose to be an ignorant pawn and a watermelon.

  • bccarver

    if you put as much effort into learning a trade or getting off your fat welfare dependent ass as you and your fellow tyee cult members do commenting to ghosts, you would actually have a life worth living. LOL

  • bccarver

    safe injection sites = opioid epidemic. nice work, you are responsible for 1000s of deaths.