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Below are 11 infographics that explain the Israeli-Palestinian Apartheid. The graphics provide facts about the forced exile of Palestinian people, how the occupation has been maintained, the ongoing displacement of families and destruction of homes, the pattern of violence, illegal detentions, segregation of necessary resources like water and olive trees, segregation on travel and the wall. Just as was done during South African Apartheid, there is a campaign to put economic pressure on Israel using boycotts, divestment and sanctions. For more information on the BDS Movement, click here.

All the graphics are from the site Visualizing Palestine, a site dedicated to creating informative and impactful graphics about the troubled region. Check out many more of these images on their site

1. The Forced Exile of The Palestinian People



2. Maintenance of the Occupation


3.  Continued Displacement and Destruction



4. A Pattern of Violence and Aggression


5. Illegal Detention


6, 7 & 8. Segregation of Resources




9 & 10. Segregation of Travel



11. The Wall


  • D Johnson


  • Ariel Cohen

    Horrifically anti-semitic … shame on you… Next time give the facts, rather than your unjustified opinion. It is clear to me that you are absolutely ignoring the fact that ‘Palestinians’ have more rights in Israel than in anywhere else in the world…

    Regarding what you say about the ‘settlements’, from a purely objective standpoint your logic is wrong. How is it that Jews can live in Mexico City, Bangkok, St. Louis, and any city in the world (except in Saudi Arabia), but the Palestinian Authority (and therefore you), forbid them from living in the heart of Jerusalem… Additionally, you say that the ‘settlements’ are preventing peace, but in 1979, Ariel Sharon dismantled Yamit and other settlements in the Sinai when it was absolutely clear that compromise would bring a true peace… yet I see no peace…

    Regarding your ‘refugee’ issues, there simply would be no refugee problem if seven Arab nations had not attacked upon its inception in 1948… And as opposed to refugees in Arab countries, Israel integrated Arabs within its borders as citizens, and over 1.2 million now enjoy citizenship, benefits, and governmental representation in Israel.

    I could go on forever, but i gotta go do some homework. Next time please think before you post x

  • Ha anti-semeitic don’t make me laugh. You took over land that was never yours killed people that never threatened you with violence and you expect the Arab nations not to attack. What a fool you are.

    1.2 million enjoy citizenship? You’ve got to be kidding me, there is numerous footage and evidence that this is not true. Above that you would treat them like shit no matter what? Why should they enjoy citizenship on a country that is theirs? Besides you are doing them a favour by handing that over to them? You fool! Why not just remove the wall around the west bank!

    Seriously fuck off, it’s people like you that cause the problems in the world. You came into Palestine and no one said a thing! You could have lived in peace side by side, but you wankers couldn’t do that!

    There is a special place in hell for your kind and mark my words you will find out when your time comes.

  • C Rook

    How can you say you speak “from a purely objective standpoint” when obviously you are opinionated. You say that it is a fact that Palestinians, (I’m not using apostrophe’s here because that implies that Palestinians are somehow unrecognized as a group), have more rights in Israel than anywhere else in the world…I would like to see the facts that support your “objective” statement there.

    As for this this post being “Horrifically anti-semitic” and you “shaming” the person who posted it, next time actually read with an open mind rather than just stating your unjustified opinion. I see no anti-semitic facts present in the 11 images, maybe anti-Israeli, but facts nonetheless.

    I’m relieved to see that you are doing your homework because you obviously need to brush up on your research of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Next time please think before you post

  • kevinzeese

    Criticizing the policies of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitic, shame on you for making such an accusation. This is not prejudice against people of Jewish Faith, it is criticism of the policies of the government of Israel. Surely you can tell the difference! Many Jews agree with all of the points raised in this article.

  • Justiciero

    You would not find a better explanation about this issue


  • Christopher Porozny

    where on earth did you find such an idiotic idea that ‘Palestinians have more rights in Israel than any other part of the world’? Anywhere other than Israel, Palestinians enjoy the same rights as any one else in society. It is only in apartheid Israel where they are denied basic human rights. For God’s ‘chosen’, y’all are pretty stupid …

    Exactly who is denied from living in the heart of Jerusalam? Palestinains, not Jews. You must think us Gentiles pretty ignorant to offer such jibberish as argument … but you do, of course …

    ‘if the seven Arab states had not attacked upon its inception’? Bullshit. Utter bullshit. Sometimes I think Jews are more brainwashed than North Koreans …

  • John J. Rambo

    Either JIDF or Troll.

  • Sandy Hook was a HOAX

    Fuck you kike. Lying filthy Jew scumbags… How’s that for your trademarked anti-semitism comment?

  • yannicknoah

    @ariel_cohen:disqus ‘anti semitic’ bullshit rather it is anti zionist as palestinian are the original land owner. you know that what is being done is wrong human-wise but zionist like you have been brainwashed worst than north korean into believing that treating another fellow human being like shit is ok. IF this is the manners of how the chosen people then no one of sane mind would want to the same paradise as you.

  • kevinzeese

    Israel will do all it can to prevent any hope in the prison of Gaza. Last night the Ship of Hope, Gaza’s Arc, was attacked. Israel does not want Gaza to have adequate food, supplies and other resources.


  • Three wise men

    Wow Ariel. You remind me of a person who I had a debate on about Tibet. He was a mainland Chinese. They were brainwashed (sorry, I meant taught) from school that Tibet belonged to China and even attempted to alter history to back up his facts. He only saw what he wanted to see. It took a while to even convince him to check out the real facts with an open mind, which he refused to do. He was probably afraid of what he would find as his whole belief system would had collapsed. Nationalism is a real bitch. If the above article is anti semetic then i’m anti semetic. But you sir are a Fascist. Shame on you.

  • Rick

    Isn’t it wonderful how you get to throw around that “anti-semitism” weapon anytime you’re questioned – no matter how legitimate or reasonable the inquiries.

    It’s pathetic that you can’t argue your position on its merits alone and have to resort to protectionist rhetoric.

  • justic4all

    It is you who needs to think before you post. This issue is about the government of Israel, not the Jewish religion. U.N. resolution specified borders in 1948 and ever since, Israel has violated this resolution. All you need to do is Google Syria to see that thousands of Palestinians whose homes were destroyed by Israelis fled to countries like Syria and have remained stateless and living as refugees for the last 60+ years (going on 3 generations now of Palestinian refugees). Thousands of others that couldn’t flee live under apartheid and have no freedom of movement. Not sure what you’re studying but it’s certainly not global studies.

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  • nevadastu

    Yeah that’s right, blame the Jews for everything. 13 million of us left on the entire planet, 5000 years of being the scapegoat for every petty dictator, or unmotivated loser in history, and it continues to this day. A tiny nation of 6 million Jews and 2 million Arabs (surrounded by 1.5 billion enemies) the only beacon of freedom and sanity in the entire Middle East, a region where women are stoned to death for being raped, where girls have acid thrown in their faces for trying to get an education, where Christians are burned alive for refusing to convert to the insane cult of Islam. Yeah, It’s the Jews’ fault.

  • kevinzeese

    Not blamed for everything — but illegally occupying Palestinian territory is the policy of Israel, as is stealing more land every day and arresting Palestinians of all ages every day for just existing. This is not the same as blaming people of Jewish faith, many of whom also criticize Israel. Many Jews know that the behavior of Israel is not consistent with the social justice history that people of Jewish faith are very proud of.

  • nevadastu

    Kevin, When the land was divided by the UN into Palestinian and Israeli areas, it was the Palestinians that attacked and lost. Then they got their partners in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to attack Israel, and again they lost. Netanyahu said: If the Arabs lay down their weapons, there will be no war; If the Jews lay down their weapons, there will be no Israel. Do you have a problem with people trying to survive?

  • kevinzeese

    What has been shown since Israel was created is that it was a mistake to steal the land from the Palestinians to begin with. Now people are trying to fix a mistake that should never have been made. This results in ongoing conflicts especially since Israel intends to continue to steal Palestinian land.

  • Blake

    How the zio contrary to all men mind works. Oppress and people in the most sinister ways on their land (or refuse them their inalienable right of return) for 66 years and play the victim and scream anti semite when the victims are the semites and the oppressors are wannabe semites.

  • Breezy

    Well said, they cry victim after committing genocide, but we no longer fall for it

  • Breezy

    This Anti-Semitic , crocodile tears crap is getting old , you need to find another tune as is broken record is not fooling the masses no more, you continuous deceitful ways and manipulation of words and facts are falling on deaf or idiotic ears, the response is overwhelming over here, Seriously bro give it up, Ariel Sharon was responsible for Sabra Massacre amongst many atrocities, don’t use him as a reference for peace, it doesn’t help your case

  • Breezy

    This is fact

  • Ram Nath II

    Dear Cohen,

    Jews suffered in history and recently the holocaust…. That doesn’t mean that Israel should do the same with Palestinians.. No one wants to destroy, kill or make people suffer anymore in our current times, but sadly your government still ruling with the mentality of the 50s.. They should start connecting with people of different religions, beliefs and race. It is time for change.. And you are right, Saudi Arabia is as extremist as Israel. If one is wrong doesn’t mean the other should do the same.

  • Lola

    EVERYTHING had a right and a wrong side

  • jengiscan

    13 million? I doubt the figure is even accurate.
    You make that sound as if its a bad thing, many countries have populations of less. Your government is as corrupt as many others in the region. You deflect criticism of your countries bestial behaviour by mentioning the evils that occur in muslim countries. Right now your country is bombing the shit out of a capitive population herded by your governments theft of their land peopled by imported zionist nutcases into illegal settlements Gaza is as much a ghetto as Warsaw was.
    The swastika has been replaced by the star of david.
    Hamas are as corrupt as you lot and both they and the Israeli government profit from this disgraceful situation.
    You confuse race with religion.
    How many Palestinians are left?
    You are not free and you are certainly not sane.
    You cling to the past as justification for Israels present behaviour and as long as you do, Israel has no future.

  • jengiscan

    You continue to live in the past as justification for the present and that is why you will have no future!

  • BagLady

    “….Christians are burned alive….” It was Jewish settlers from abroad who poured petrol in the Palistinian kid’s mouth and set him alight… last week.

    Put away your violin. Your song is old and jaded. Israeli’s get blamed for what Israeli’s do. Nothing more nor less. Harping on about 5000 years of persecution doesn’t make it true. You are not the injured party here. You are the aggressors. The death toll stands at 100 – 0 so far. Must we really feel your pain?

  • BagLady

    “How is it that Jews can live in Mexico City, Bangkok,….”

    My friend had lost his wife and baby in an horrific mini-bus accident and it was his birthday. I dragged him out for a meal to lighten his mood and we chanced upon a new Jewish restaurant in Rambuttri, Bangkok.

    We made our way to the only available tables at the back and were approached by the maitre d. “Yes” He enquired. “What to do you want.” “A table for two.” Says I. He bends low and points to his yamulke. “Do you know what this is?” He asks me. “Yes” I say becoming niggled. “We only serve kosher food here.”He says. “I don’t mind who blesses my food, so long as it tastes good” Says I. What are you?” He asks. “I am goyim shiksa.” Says I, seething.

    “One moment.” He rushes to the kitchen and returns with a tupperware box with a sliver of brown carrot skin and shriveled lettuce leaves. “If you insist upon eating here, this is what you will be served.” He smirked. I called to my friend to come and marched to the door. I had intended to turn and shout Allah Akbar at the door for the pleasure of watching the diners — who had watched our insulting treatment without comment — dive under the tables in well trained unison. I thought better of it when I noticed the armed guard perched on a stool in the window.

    They must get some really pissed of customers if they need a man with a gun!

  • BagLady

    It would be true to say that most refugee Palestinians do not fare very well on the human rights front. A Jordanian passport will allow them to live in, say, the UAE but then only on a one year visa. Upset the authorities and they will find themselves ousted. No welfare system nor the perks the local Arabs enjoy. Many of them are known as men-who-live-under-the-bridge.

    I have only ever met two male Palestinian refugee businessmen on my travels, and then only within the limited radius of their visa. Europe? America? Never.

    Sadly, Israeli schools have rewritten history and indoctrination has indeed taken place.

    I believe Israelis would receive more sympathy if they once ever held their hands up and said “mea culpa”.

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  • Sam Armstrong

    i belong to neither side, but looking at this objectively. if you everyone could put aside past disagreements and loss of life, it would help to concentrate on the future. I am sure no human being wants to hurt another person’s children. And children are the future. It is within the power of mankind to have no more killings and live together in peace. Everyone has the same needs and wants, and everyone has a head, 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth and above all a brain. Why is it not possible to try and find a solution once and for all so that everyone can live together in peace?

  • Stephen Lambert

    Yep, you are right there………you gotta do some more homework before you come on here with any more bullshit alright!

  • blue_persuasion

    Total propaganda.

  • Yavin Klein-Katz

    this photo was created by the BDS, and no. its not 67 years old

    Hadrian – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the Hadrian and Israel; Second Roman-Jewish War and Jewish persecution (132–136) part

    so the changing of the name, was made by him.

    it wasn’t called provincia palestina again until the british got here after ww1


    so before WW1 we had the ottoman empire (the turks). they did not call this land (Israel) palestine

    the british and the french, according to the sykes-picot agreement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sykes%E2%80%93Picot_Agreement
    Sykes–Picot Agreement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    carved up this area. the british got what is now israel egypt and jordan

    so the british had the hashemites as allies, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hejaz they lived in the Hejaz region
    Hejaz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    in 1925 the hashemites had lost the Hejaz region to the saudis. the british gave the hashemites two new kingdoms. one in iraq, and one in what is now known as jordan. they have renamed the area Trans-jordan. (the other side of the jordan river)

    after world war 2, immigration to Israel by jews (who were banned from imigrating to.. well, u.s.a, australia, pretty much anywhere)


    the rest you should know. in 1947 there was peel commision, they wanted to divide israel in two. half for the jews half for the arabs. we agreed. and later declared independence. the arabs declined and declared war

    jordan conquered judea&samaria and took control over some of jerusalem

  • edboswell

    The only reason Israel exists is because Jewish intelligence agents had all of the paperwork of Nelson Rockefeller selling oil from South America to the Nazis after Pearl Harbor. Suddenly, after he sees the damning paperwork, the Standard Oil South American puppet states vote yes for a UN protectorate, (previously they abstained) and the S.A. no votes abstained. The motion passed by 2 votes. This was told to me by the former head of the Florida Holocaust Museum. The refugees from WWII should have been re-settled in California and other areas of the US. The entire state of Israel should be relocated. Do Russians and other recent residents of Israel really deserve to take over the land of someone whose family lived there since the time of Christ? I think not.

  • hadenough

    Palestine was all the way to Turkey, owned alot of land. and the zionist are taking it away. Thier standing behind the jews of Israel

  • charles martel

    I suspect you’ve never been to the Mid East, nor read much history in college. Israel is the only nation in the area with any civil rights, any law. To be a Muslim in Israel is to
    live better ( in this sense and materially ) than most any Egyptian or Syrian.
    When you refute the constant aggression of Israel’s
    neighbors you reveal yourself as an ignorant person. I ‘d rather understand you and your ilk this way, than to consider you anti-semites. Take some history class in a good university, or at least get the text books and read.
    Having been to all these states, having studied the history of the area in grad school, I can tell you that what Ariel said is true. This round of fighting is just another example of Muslim aggression against non Muslim neighbors. Happens all over the world.

  • WorcesterMANative

    @disqus_5tHaURTzYe:disqus , sounds like a good internet story, fabricated as propaganda to earn pity.

  • IndysDad

    The Palestinians have put the curse of God upon themselves. God said to Abraham in Genesis 12:1 “I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse you”. The tiny nation of Israel lives in relative peace and prosperity. Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Palestine not so much. It is both an exciting and frightening thing to see Biblical prophecy unfold before our eyes. The Palestinians suffer mass losses while as of today, only one Israeli casualty has been reported. You reap what you sow!

  • Desiree Alouf

    “what is the significance of the ‘Six Million’ figure and where did it originate?”


  • Desiree Alouf
  • Desiree Alouf

    Recent radio talk with Miko Peled on the current events in Israel and Gaza, not to be missed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sottnet/2014/07/13/israel-massacres-palestinians-again-interview-with-miko-peled

  • Desiree Alouf

    The truth about Israel and Palestine, told by an honest Israeli Jew, the son of an
    Israeli Colonel and one of the founder of Israel, Miko also served in
    the Israeli Army,, in the beginning of his talk he mention Jews that are
    not real Jews, he meant people from Khazar what is Russia now, their
    king decided on the Jewish religion for the whole area, so they have no
    right whatsoever to the so called promised land of Israel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOaxAckFCuQ

  • Anto

    Nev, surely you don’t need me to point out that those things don’t justify the Jewish apartheid. I agree some Palestinians have been their own worst enemy, but please stay focussed on the most serious atrocity being perpetrated there.
    Those images of bloated Jews on their banana lounges sipping wine while watching the distant fireworks display of Palestinians’ homes being blown up is a pretty good representation of the haves v’s have-nots situation that prevails over there.
    And I think it’s OK to blame Jews for things they’re actually guilty of.

  • Desiree Alouf

    For a start 6 million Jews did not die during the second world war, I have shares a link above as proof
    Second while most of the world persecuted the Jews, only the Arab and Muslim world gave them refuge where they prospered and grew in peace, all documented history.
    It is with the rise of Zionism that started 100 years ago from Khazarian Jews, Israel’s adopted and after 66 years of occupation oppression and apartheid that the Muslim world started hating them.
    The first act of terrorism in Palestine was committed by the Jews on the British by blowing their head quarters in King David Hotel,, I know the truth will hurt to start with but believe me only the truth will set you free. Peace

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  • Bobafett

    Israel is not innocent by any means. This is a two way street.However, the leadership of the Palestinians has always been corrupt. Take Arafat for instance. The guy took millions of dollars in aid to his people and made himself rich and buying weapons when it could be spent on infrastructure. The United Nations separated the land in the Middle East. The Arabs were allowed to stay but the enemies of the Jews told them to leave because they would destroy Israel and they would get their land back. That didn’t happen. Then the Arab nations attacked Israel in ’67 and lost, so Israel acquired land from their enemies. That isn’t occupation.
    The leadership of the Palestinians teaches their people to be hateful barbarians like Mohammad and then blame the Jews for the state they are in. If the Arab nations recognized Israel’s right to exist it would be a step toward peace in the region, but the Arabs do not want the Jews there at all. People need to wake up and open their eyes. People spend too much time looking at the symptoms and not the cause…and look at both sides.

  • Sinan Ikiz

    If you are muslims,you can’t force people to change their religion into muslim.This is forbidden.because If you want to be muslim, you have to choose it in your soul and mind.No one can decide it. And also there isn’t any obstacle for a girl who wants to get their education. There are millons of woman goes to universities and have their education in Turkey. None of them have acid thrown on their faces.So don’t blame the muslims.This is your lies or the ones’ who want like this.These are the people’s lies who don’t like Muslims. No one can be as cruel as you. In history we have a lot of example.So Yes it is your fault. But for the reality please wait the afterdeath. You will learn.

  • Jan Monsen

    Nuke the Muzzis

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  • Peace

    Anti-education: the Roots of an Eternal War.
    “Kill Arab children so there won’t be a next generation”


  • Mattuso

    how is this relevant to the topic of gaza?

  • U Di Porzio

    Criticizing the fascist Israeli government and its nazi army is not anti-Juish,
    and those that make such an accusation want to distort the facts and history, are layers. Many Jews around the world and in Israel are against the massacres committed by the
    government of Israel.

  • claupay

    The whole problem comes exactly from when the land was divided by the UN into Palestinian and Israeli areas! Who has the right to decide to kick me out and give my country away? I, and I am sure you would be too. would be soooo angry!!!

  • Tawfik

    I am just giving a modest opinion about your comment … 1- the UN are all the countries that voted for the “unfair ” creation of the state of Israel. 2- It happened more than 65 years ago and we – the Arabs and the Palestinians – missed all the occasions to get peace in the area, even when President Sadat took the risk of taking the first step of getting negotiations for peace with Israel Arafat was the first to turn his back to Sadat with the majority of the Arab countries till he got killed and paid his life as a result of seeking peace ….. 3- When I read the last line of your comment I had only one image in front of me , Islamists are doing the same thing with Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt and the International community – you and I included – plays the blind, deaf and mute monkeys …. SHAME

  • 10thman

    I’m part Jewish but I believe in Palestine for the Palestinian People! The Zionist invaders and occupiers of Palestine aren’t even Semitic! The Zionist invaders are Ashkenazi (German) Jews, former Khazars of Eastern Europe who converted to Judaism for political reasons and moved west, and who have no historic or cultural connection to the Middle East. The US and Britain had no right to give Palestine away to anyone for any reason. Restore Palestine!

  • 10thman

    They were railroaded by the US and Britain. You can’t just say “Oh they had their chance” and now write them off. The Palestinian People’s land was stolen from them by invaders. No amount of posturing over political machinations can ever obscure that fact.

  • 10thman

    The invader/occupier Zionists aren’t even Semitic.

  • Savannah Blowerdnuts

    I just don’t see how the countries of the West stand behind Israel? That’s one country in dire need of a bitch slap.

  • halli

    *Correction if the Zionists put down their weapons there will be peace, if Arabs put down their weapons there wouldn’t be a strip of Palestine left.

  • Fanghorn

    nevadastu. I strongly recommend you visit your nearest hospital as soon as possible to get that huge chip removed from your shoulder. And then get the f**k out of Palestine.

  • Trailblazer2000

    The Jewish people had no choice. The creation of Israel and promise to protect it was a European doing. Europe couldn’t tolerate peaceful Jews living in their countries, so killed and exported them. Europe is still as racist and arrogant as ever.

    Look at Middle Eastern history and you’ll see a history of conquest for thousands of years. The Islam religion grew from Medina to all over the middle east so let by conquest. It spread to Spain and Russia by conquest. So pretending you can pick sides by an arbitrary recent starting point in history is naive.

  • Trailblazer2000

    You do realize that the expansion of Islam was an expansion of conquest from day one, from Medina outward.

  • Julianne Jaz

    Hamas was ELECTED by the Palestinians in a fair, democratic and highly monitored election. And the US and Israel cannot stand that. Democracy for these two only exists on their own terms, not as a truly independent state for anyone else, and most assuredly not for the Palestinians. Hamas was not involved in the kidnapping and killing of the Israeli’s, and they did not order it to be done. Netanyahu knew that when he claimed the boys were still alive and started arresting over 800 Palestinians. It was a pretext to invade, yet again.

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  • Kat

    Trailbalzer2000 you DO realize that religion, ethnicity and politics are not the same thing right?? Christianity started in Palestine and spread to the whole world and is now -funnily enough- based in the Vatican with an image of a European white blonde Jesus! Palestinians are indigenous people who lived in the Land of Canaan for millennia, who converted to different religions as different civilizations passed through the region including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. How is the European Jewish Zionist colonialism in Palestine related to Islam and the regions it spread from?? This is a conflict on territory and illegal colonialism… not a conflict of religion.

  • Kat

    Because Israel wants a “Jewish only” racist state. It does not want a two state nor a one state solution. They want to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its indigenous population. This is why.

  • Kat

    Are you saying that Israel is “the Jews”?? Does Israel even represent all Jews?? Stop playing the anti-semitic card and if you do want to play it, and claim Israel represents all Jews, then don’t come whining when anti-semitism increases in the world against innocent Jews living outside Israel because of Zionist Israel’s crimes against humanity.

  • Kat

    Hamas is the problem?? Hamas was established end of the 1980s!!! How about the massacres and genocides, land a resource grab and displacement of Palestinians before that since before 1948?? Educate yourself. Your brainwashed comment is pathetic.

  • Kat

    Wow your comment does not have one fact to oppose his well documented facts… and you talking about his “brainwashed arrogance” is just funny.

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  • Namo

    Jews are called “Jews” because they are from Judea. Is that not right?

    I think saying that Jews can’t live in Judea is like saying that Arabs can’t live in Arabia.

    Do you agree?

  • Namo

    I’ll tell you a little secret…

    Despite the cool infographic, most of these are total lies or exxagerated greatly. Muslim Palestinians live better than any Muslim in the Middle East

  • DevouringOne

    Even the Arabian royals? I highly doubt that…

  • DevouringOne

    If that happens, I hope it sterilizes Israel and makes their skin fall off, fuckers.

  • DevouringOne

    Ooh I totally agree… If Arabia had Palestinians living in it for 2000 years, I wouldn’t tolerate foreign Arab invaders taking Arabia either.

  • Namo

    Well probably not. But the Palestinian royals live pretty well too. Did you know that Mahmoud Abbas’ net worth is 10 times that of Netanyahu’s? And that the president of Gaza is a personal billionaire?

  • DevouringOne

    While that may (or may not be, haven’t looked your point up yet) be true, the average Palestinian is impoverished. Their GDP is like $3000, they are the 140 richest country in the world. To put it this way, just because a few jackasses are rich doesn’t mean everyone is, they could have just took all the country’s money.

  • Namo

    Ya that’s basically it. Most Palestinians are really poor. The problem is Westerners think that sending over money will make the situation better for them but it doesn’t do anything – the people at the top keep it all for themselves and then blame the poverty of their people on Israel.

  • Namo

    Israel is 25% not Jewish, the largest minority population in the Middle East.

    Go fight for the rights of the Christian community in Saudi Arabia

  • Namo

    Nah… the leaders of Gaza will do that. Did you know that the president of Hamas is a freakin billionaire? And yet he complains to the world that Israel impovershies his people

  • DevouringOne

    sending money to Israel to buy bombs certainly doesn’t help. Honestly we should just dismantle every theocracy in the world, starting with the middle east, because religion run governments breed zealousness and zealousness breeds violence and intolerance.

  • Namo

    Totally agree.

    But the country we start with should definitely not be Israel. It should be Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iran

  • DevouringOne

    We should start by not funding Israeli military operations with billions of US dollars every year, and then kick Saudi’s ass!

  • Gil Sacher

    Take a history lesson and then comment.

  • Gil Sacher

    who was kicked out?

  • Gil Sacher

    That’s a great comment, Faghorn.

  • Gil Sacher

    nice comments…absolute poetry.