United Nations Condemns Military Coup In Guinea

Above Photo: Guinean Military Deploy On The Streets Of Conakry, Guinea, Sep. 5, 2021. EFE.

The Coup Plotters Justified The Military Takeover Based On The Excessive Politicization Of Public Administration, Financial Mismanagement, Endemic Poverty, And Corruption.

On Sunday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the military coup against Guinea-Conakry’s President Alpha Conde and called for his release.

“I am personally following the situation in Guinea very closely. I strongly condemn any seizure of the government by force,” Guterres warned.

The coup leader, the Army Special Forces chief Mamady Doumbouya informed over the detention of Conde at the presidential palace on Sunday morning. He also announced the dissolution of the Constitution and State’s institutions.

Speaking on national TV, Doumbouya reported the creation of the “National Committee of Grouping and Development” to initiate a national consultation process towards a peaceful transition.

The coup plotters justified the military takeover based on the lack of respect for democratic principles, the “excessive politicization of public administration, financial mismanagement, endemic poverty, and corruption.”

In October last year, the African nation held presidential elections in which Conde ran for a third term not allowed by the Constitution.

After holding a referendum to change the Constitution, Conde was finally proclaimed President on November 7, despite warnings from the opposition sectors of electoral irregularities.