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United States Peace Delegation Heads To Iran

Above photo: CODEPINKers and allies at one of numerous actions in front of the White House, supporting the nuclear deal with Iran. From CODEPINK.

A CODEPINK delegation of 30 United States citizens will be traveling in Iran from February 25 to March 6 to express their deep concern to the Iranian people about the effect of the Trump  administration’s brutal sanctions, abrogation of the Nuclear Agreement and building a case for war. The delegation is composed of lawyers, journalists, physicians, activists, artists, and other professionals who hope to help move our two nations from a place of hostility and military threats to a place of mutual respect and peace. Delegates will be meeting Iranian academics, students, artists, religious leaders and parliamentarians.

The group, which includes Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, co-directors of Popular Resistance, will be traveling to Iran just at the time when the Trump administration is ramping up its opposition to the Iranian government. The administration organized an anti-Iran gathering in Poland on February 13-14, chastised the Europeans for not joining US-imposed sanctions, and increased its support for fringe opposition groups such as the MEK and royalists.

Popular Resistance is traveling to countries targeted by US imperialism to bring you first hand reports of the brutal impacts of sanctions and threats of war. Support our reporting with a donation today. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

“People from the United States should challenge policies of our country that are wrong and hurt others,” said retired US Army Colonel and former US diplomat Ann Wright. “The Trump administration’s abrogation of the nuclear agreement and the increased sanctions on Iran are harmful and dangerous, which is why our people-to-people delegation is so important.”

“We are anxious to see firsthand how the sweeping US sanctions are affecting ordinary Iranians so we can come back and convey their stories,” said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin. “We also want to show the people of Iran that there are people in the United States who oppose our government’s bellicose policies and want to live in peace with our Iranian neighbors.”  

Zeese and Flowers will provide reports from the trip on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Popular Resistance on Facebook here and Twitter here. Send your sentiments to the Iranian people and they will be shared during the trip.

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