Unleashing The Transformative Potential Of An Equitable Economy

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What would it take to really reverse inequality? Let’s go beyond false solutions and work to overcome the systemic drivers that concentrate wealth and power.


  • Matthew Borenstein

    Capitalism = INEQUALITY Socialism = EQUALITY now read it again

  • DHFabian

    Any article about economic conditions that simply ignores our poverty crisis (something that has become the norm) isn’t rooted in reality. A basic fact of life is that not everyone can work, and there aren’t jobs for all. We began the era of mass upward wealth redistribution in the 1980s. Actual welfare aid was ended in the 1990s. We’ve lost over 5 million jobs just since 2000. In defiance of all logic, we pretend that this has had no consequences.

    A legitimate discussion about “extreme inequality” would have to include the masses of no-income, in an American era that is dangerously anti-poor.

  • DHFabian

    Well, socialism doesn’t mean economic equality, but it does center on human equality. Under our capitalism, Americans do, indeed, determine human worth itself by income/class status. Even today’s liberals (unlike the past) simply exclude the very poor from discussions about socioeconomic conditions in the US.

    There are various forms of socialism. To begin moving toward the ideals that most Americans claim to have, we would need to implement democratic socialism. This is a system that keeps solid restraints on those at the top while guaranteeing a basic income for those who can’t work/for whom no jobs are available. People would be able to move up the economic ladder, and at the same time, no one would suffer the hopeless hell of today’s American poverty.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Hitler was far more effective at rescuing his people from the Depression than FDR. Why? He wasn’t a banker like FDR. He wasn’t restrained from nationalizing German central banking and printing his own money backed by the labor of the German people.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    You don’t remember what Ross Perot predicted what we get from NAFTA, do you?