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Update From General Strike 2020 – Upcoming Actions

NOTE: The General Strike 2020 campaign is working right now to support the uprising in Minneapolis and across the nation. Below is information about how you can participate in the June actions. Read more about what you can do here. We apologize for canceling the call this month but the circumstances were our of our control. Our next call will be on Thursday June 25 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Register at

With the unconscionable murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis this past week, we’re reminded of the importance that the fight against racism plays in our struggle. We’ve seen admirable solidarity in those who have taken to the streets to protest police brutality against African Americans in this country. If you’re able, please consider making a donation towards legal aid for those Minnesota protesters working to advance civil rights and police reform:

With the economic turbulence we are all experiencing, we are seeing an exponential growth in working class consciousness throughout the world. News organizations are continuing to cover the explosion of rent strikes across multiple continents as well as the growth of a decentralized labor strike movement which is making historic strides in the march for justice.

As more of our employers and state governments try to force more of us back to work amidst a global pandemic, we will continue to see the numbers of strikers grow to join us on May 30 for the national Cancel Rent Car Caravan, the June 1st Walk Out, Juneteenth, and every 1st of the month until the needs of the working class are met.

For more details about the May 30th Car Caravan and how you can get involved, go to the website

And for more information about how to get involved in the June 1st Walk Out, please reach out to GenStrike using this link.

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