Update On Assange: The Most Important Press Freedom Case Of This Era

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This past week, just as public sentiment and corporate media attention were shifting in favor of Julian Assange, the United States issued another superseding indictment in his extradition case. The indictment doesn’t add any charges, it merely uses public information to smear Assange’s reputation and attempt to portray him as a hacker instead of the journalist and publisher that he is. This shows that the US government has a weak case against Assange. Joe Lauria, an investigative journalist and senior editor of Consortium News, explains the new indictment and provides an update on Julian Assange. The Assange case is the most important press freedom case of this era. It will determine our right to know what our government and corporations are doing.

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Joe Lauria is Consortiumnews.com’s Editor-in-Chief. As a long-time contributor to the website and as someone whose career path followed closely the path taken by Consortium News founder Robert Parry – with an impressive resume in both mainstream and independent journalism. Joe has a long and distinguished career in investigative journalism, writing for publications including the Wall Street JournalBoston Globe, the Sunday Times of LondonLondon Daily Mail, the Montreal Gazette, and Bloomberg News. Joe’s work has also appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Salon.com, New York Magazine and The Guardian, as well as alternative media websites such as Antiwar.com, The Duran, and of course, Consortiumnews.com. His focus has been international affairs and its intersection with domestic policy, particularly regarding the Middle East (where he lived for three years), and U.S.-Russian relations. He is the author of two books, A Political Odyssey, with former U.S. Senator and American presidential candidate Mike Gravel, which is a history of U.S. foreign policy and the defense industry, and How I Lost: By Hillary Clinton, an analysis of the DNC and Podesta emails revealed by WikiLeaks, with a foreword by Julian Assange.

  • richardprofumo

    Free Assange!

  • Southern

    The media reporting and exposing police brutality is like the collateral damage video all over again where the messenger becomes the victim.

    Now that so many members of the media have become the recipients of state sponsored violence – [specially the MSM] – they could perhaps start showing some real compassion for Julian Assange.

  • John Chadwick

    Defunding police would be unnecessary if LAWMAKERS (e.g. Nancy Pelosi) stopped taking orders from corporations to write laws prohibiting We The People from hindering corporations’ exploitation of human resources and MotherEarth… doG bless ameryucka

  • Nylene13

    I swear, what they are doing to Julian Assange is starting to remind me of the story of what they did to Jesus Christ….

  • chetdude

    Like mushrooms, our dead-end socioeconomic system and its war crimes thrive in the dark covered in horse sh*t…

  • chetdude

    The rank and file reporters might, but the 20 uber-rich people who call ALL of the shots don’t…

  • Southern

    The ranks and file reporters need all the encouragement that we’re able to muster to at long last start talking truth to power.

  • Alice X

    Kafka: The Trial 2.0 – Rise up.

  • Joey Stradusky

    The truth has always been considered a threat. Our intelligence agencies are still to this day trying to prevent all the JFK documents from being exposed.

  • Mainstream media sucks. Liars.
    We need to support the Assange case to keep TRUTH alive.