Update On Elsipogtog Anti-Fracking Protest In New Brunswick

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This alert was just issued by Idle No More: ALERT ALERT ALERT!!! OCTOBER 19th – Just got word that they need ALL people at the NB site ASAP. Rumored that police are massing and there is mass media. Something big is about to be going down. Please like and share to spread the word!!!

After being violently dispersed on Thursday followed by dozens of solidarity actions on Friday, the non-violent anti-fracking protesters returned to the site of the blockade in Rexton, New Brunswick where they are preventing Houston-based SWN Resources from drilling and fracking the land without consent.

Susan Blight reports: Community & supporters gathered at former site of anti-fracking blockade.


Daryl LeRoux reports: “Protest taking on new energy. Over 100 people singing and drumming Mi’kmaq honour song.”



Angel Flanagan: Heart-thumping beat reverberates off pavement along #route136


There is concern that RCMP are en route with heavily armored vehicles. Protesters are calling for support. Daryl LeRoux reports that RCMP have arrived at North side of blockade and this photo was just tweeted:


Recommendations to follow: @DarrylLeroux @WabKinew @whatescapes @msnativewarrior for updates from #Elsipogtog and @APTNNews and @HfxMediaCoop.

  • shame on canada and the rcmp this is outrageous

  • Common sense.

    It is a shame the police are doing their job in keeping the public safe and arresting criminals.

  • Mcnorton

    One side is peaceful. Stay strong and save us all.

  • arresting criminals? keeping the public safe?
    …guess it just depends on which public you are speaking of…

  • Douglas K. Limon

    The police are the criminals!

  • arthur0112

    This guy is a Delta Force Trooper. Not Canadian.

  • Gaia’m Womban

    you’re right. it’s the rcmp’s job to keep the public safe. unfortunately they are on the wrong side of the line. if they truly cared about public safety, they would stand arm in arm with the indigenous people of this land. fracking is a serious threat to public health and safety. unfortunately the only people the police are protecting right now is a multi billion dollar AMERICAN fracking company. not the canadian people.

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