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Above photo: Screenshot of Truthdig website.

On Wednesday night, amid reports that much of the country was going into quarantine indefinitely, Truthdig’s staff received an email with the subject line “Re: Truthdig.” The email was to inform us that Truthdig LLC was being dissolved and that our positions at the publication had been terminated. Chris Hedges, the site’s most widely read columnist, was among those fired, despite the fact that he raised grant money to cover his own salary.

“Thank you for all you’ve done at Truthdig,” an attached form letter read. “We really appreciate your contributions. We did great work together. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Be well and stay safe.”

Two weeks prior, we had begun a work stoppage at the website to protest unfair labor conditions, promising to return to work if Truthdig’s publisher, Zuade Kaufman, committed to negotiate with us in good faith. She did not. Instead, she opted to disable reader comments across the site and place Truthdig on “hiatus” during a global pandemic. Now we were learning that Kaufman planned to shutter the publication completely. Her goal, which she seems determined to pursue at any cost, is to eject co-owner and Editor in Chief Robert Scheer from the company without honoring the terms of their operating agreement.

The email was addressed from an anonymous sender listed only as “Truthdig HR.” Here it is worth noting that during Truthdig’s run of some 15 years, Kaufman failed to establish a human resources department in any functional sense, leaving her free to overstep her bounds and ignore the rights of others with impunity. This year, she began adding “CEO” to “Publisher” in her sign-off, and prior to our work stoppage, she was planning to appoint herself editor in chief—each act a further violation of her agreement with Scheer.
Before permanently suspending the site’s operations and laying off her workforce, Kaufman did manage to post a story titled “Open Letter from Truthdig’s Publisher & CEO: Breaking My Silence.” While we have previously addressed its many falsehoods, we feel compelled to acknowledge its profound cynicism in light of everything that has happened at Truthdig since its publication.

In language thick with innuendo, Kaufman suggests that she and other female employees have been victims of Scheer’s bullying and harassment. She offers neither specifics about his behavior nor any proof of his transgressions. She also neglects to mention that nine of the 15 Truthdig staffers and writers participating in our work stoppage are women, including several members of the copy desk, all of which joined in solidarity last week.

Kaufman asserts that it is her dream to create a “democratic culture and just society.” That dream appears to end at Truthdig’s doors. This is a publisher who has, on at least one occasion, falsified a female employee’s complaint without her knowledge as part of a legal effort to intimidate Scheer and assassinate his character. This is a CEO who has dismissed her employees without any kind of severance package in a last-ditch effort to seize absolute control of a website we have all poured our hearts into for years. She has done all of this while presenting herself as a subject of workplace abuse, disgracing the #MeToo movement she dishonestly invokes. Worse, she only adopted this stance after it became clear that the staff would not support her hostile takeover.

Truthdig’s demise ultimately reflects a crisis of liberalism the website has been documenting for years—one in which social justice is only worth pursuing so long as it doesn’t threaten the material interests of society’s true power brokers. Despite her claims of victimhood, Kaufman unequivocally falls into this category. But while she can retreat into her privilege amid an unprecedented public health crisis, the rest of us do not have that luxury. We have family to support, children to care for and sick parents to look after, now more than ever before. That is why we are calling on Truthdig to uphold its legal obligations and to ensure that a legacy built by dozens, if not hundreds, of contributors is not compromised by a single co-owner who has mistaken others’ talent and integrity for her own.

Chris Hedges
Kasia Anderson
Jacob Sugarman
Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Eunice Wong
Ilana Novick
Mr. Fish
Paul Street
Lee Camp          

  • muldfeld

    Terrible. Best of luck to the employees and Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer.

  • R. I. P. Truthdig, a bastion against ignorance and disinformation, however flawed it may have been at times. With its demise the Left has lost one of the best media outlets we’ve had. I will continue to follow Scheer’s interview program here and in podcast form from KCRW. I hope Scheer and Hedges and all the other brave Truthdig staff can regroup and build something new if possible.

    Zuade Kaufman is an utter disgrace. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

    I hope all who’ve been dishonored and harmed by her come through this awful mess we’re being plunged into by our leadership as well as by a germ that is not only killing people but causing an eruption of unchained fear.

    Best of luck and all power to you all.

  • voza0db

    Truthdig LOST when they started to perform COPY/PASTE of fake news for ASSOCIATED FAKE PRESS!

    Never read those articles from AFakeP…

  • Wait… Hedges raised grant money to cover his salary… what happened to that money?

    Kaufman’s duplicity and depravity is more and more evident. Geez.

    Hope that the writers and other workers who actually made the site can continue despite the deliberate sabotage by Kaufman.

  • Nylene13

    Excellent Article. About time. We Readers have been waiting…
    Now what?

    Are all you TD Writers going to join up with Popular Resistance?
    That would be fine.

    Is there going to be a court fight over the name/ownership of Truthdig?

    Or just start a New Site with a new name?

    Let us Readers know what we can do to help.

  • mmckinley

    My sentiments exactly, Nylene13. Above all, “Let us Readers know what we can do to help.”

    I feel that out of this tragedy a new and more powerful engine of truth than ever before will rise from the ashes. This is an opportunity. Act fast.

    Is there anyone out there with practical New Economy experience and expertise who can help to create a New Journalism enterprise that is democratically owned, run, and organized?

  • mmckinley

    Oh, stop it.

  • mmckinley

    Also posted here in Popular Resistance. Margaret and Kevin, thank you for your support of the talented workers at the former Truthdig. This site has been an invaluable source of information.

  • voza0db

    The best part is that THEY stopped it!

  • SamandClaire

    I do not see a positive outcome out of ‘growing apart’ business partnership. Please get hold of the email list of supporters and ask for a startup fund and ask Bernie for help, too.

  • blessthebeasts

    Donating to this site would be a good move. They are not for profit and are true activists on the front lines, as evidenced by their protection of the Venezuelan Embassy last year. I don’t know if they have to pay for their content but the important thing is to get the truth out.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Thank you. There are many expenses related to running a website like this such as server fees, paying to store images, paying staff to update and secure the website, etc. We are a non-profit and we reject advertising. We need and appreciate donations of any amount, and people can purchase items in our store, which also helps cover our expenses.

  • Be careful who you stand in solidarity with. Hedges spoke much truth, but was not poor, his earnings are considerable. Furthermore, there was an open letter that said they wanted more vacation and other perks for comfort. The staff put themselves in a position of power and risk only because they wanted ease and comforts at the brink of the worst time in history. This letter is disingenuous, basically a lie. What has been the main reason for the demise of truth in media?? THe love of money. And those in truthdig are just as guilty. Now i hope they rot in the hell they have allowed. to happen.

  • Thank you, Popular Resistance, for keeping us informed about this latest attack on the alternative (i.e., censorship-free) press.

    Question remains, is Kaufman somebody’s asset, or is she just another Ayn Rand moral imbecile run amok with self-obsession?


    This is a perfect example of how something that starts out radical is co-opted by the right and becomes their mantra- such as meToo. What started out as equality for women has morphed into a vicious right wing practice of rich bitches screaming at men and seeing to it that they get fired. Often men’s lives are ruined for no reason- other than Protestantism and Puritanism, (the most right wing of ideologies) welcome any attack on men’s natural impulses. Lives are ruined. This is not a concern of the working class, but of the bougies who control the conversation.

    .In another terrain, are we living in Nazi Germany now? Is this the first of a series of censorship on left wing media by the fascists. It looks that way.

  • i acknowledge that kaufman seems to be in the wrong, and being rich that kauffman is, we should not be surprised, as you dont get rich without stepping on others. That does not negate my criticism of striking for more vacation though. I am still thinking that we need to sacrifice more now as the days come nearer to the confrontation

  • Mensch59

    You write that your “life-mission is now to change the whole civilization of the planet.” You’re not going to do that by cherry-picking the reason that Truthdig writers, editors, staff initiated a work stoppage. It was for a helluva lot more than an increased number of paid vacation days.

    How is your website and blog doing? You write of yourself:

    Brother Michael is a courageous man of integrity who has set his very being on taking on the most powerful people and institutions in the planet and to depose them and replace them with his idea of a proper society; one without authorities capable of ruling over and destroying other human beings.

    Perhaps I’m missing something. I fail to see how your criticism of the strikers — instead of the powerful — marks you as a man of courage and integrity.

  • first of all MENSCH, how does criticizing me make you a mensch? second of all these were not such bad working conditions to strike. third of all, we needed these guys most now,and they went on strike,and to keep Scheer was part of it, but also to have more vacation than they had already. Third of all, criticizing people who live comfortably and say going on strike for three or four weeks of vacation is for workers fair rights, these guys are not poor. I am courageous for working alone for five years, for exposing more than assange and snowden and manning combined, though admittedly not classified information, but much more volatile and more complicated. Furthermore, I didnt just come against government, but also above it, all by myself, and for no pay at all, i exposed illuminati, knowing full well it would lead to ridicule, plus i risked my life and freedom (still do) by exposing the vatican as the ;power behind the throne. I have gone to ;incarcerations numerous times for this work, have been assaulted about thirty times, and sustained fractured ribs, fractured arm, fractured jaw,and contusion nose. I am not huge,and am sixty years old, and all but two assaults were by men much bigger than I yet i did not back down. I face ;police and guards to their faces telling them what i know and how i feel about them (not affection), i have been threatened with a gun by GEO group security after exposing them- i chased him away. I am full of more courage than any military hero,and if you cant see that because i dont stand for every body who you love, too dam bad.

  • mr. ‘MENSCH- read below and see what chutzpah you have (and here it does not mean courage for you, it means “nerve”)you have nerve to call me out- read below.

  • Shlomo Orr

    This is strange and worrying. First, it seems that Zuade Kaufman did not only “broke the silence”, she actually broke the law on several accounts – Lying about Robert Scheer, breaking a partner agreement with him, laying off people without sufficient notice and without severance pay. Second, it sounds conspiratorial, shadowy, and possibly corrupt (e.g., either being paid heftily to close the newspaper or being threthened to do so, or both). Third, the (excellent) Thruthdig journalists should have an option to continue the newspaper without Zuade, paid by the readers (us), or join Popular Resistance (and again, funded by readers of both publications), or open another newsletter with a similar name (say, Truthdiggeres). In any case, this is alarming and smells bad.

  • i realize i am the only one here who doesnt agree with HEdges, i Have stood alone in my opinions and principles and voiced them courageously for many years, that isnt easy. So who is it that is braver and smarter and has more heart here?

  • I hope the Truthdig staff and former Real News staff can come to this site and make it a force to be reckoned with. Viva Le Resistance!

  • Mensch59

    Try the German meaning of the noun “Mensch” instead of the Yiddish meaning of the noun “mensch”.
    Good for you that you’ve risked everything to depose the Vatican.

  • Mensch59

    You’re lying by omission. The strike was/is about a helluva more than an increase in the number of paid vacation days.
    A man of courage and integrity would admit when he’s made a serious mistake, i.e. lying by omission.

  • what you may not know, and Hedges ;probably did, is that this corona virus, created in a laboratory, and curable by vitamin c, has been exploded and exploited to seem like a pandemic to cause an economic disaster with all the money to be transferred to the rich, and this is a disguise for the martial law i warned about many years ago that will lead to 7 billion deaths, and a world fascist ;police state of 500 million survivors as slaves to the elite. AT this point our only hope is a military coup. We will soon be rounded up and put in fema camps for death. sound crazy? tomorrow i give evidence, and read my books and weep.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Strongly disagree. The “money” point and “vacation” request sound much like fake news, and an excuse. You blame the wrong people for greed, while the real greed and possibly influence (or order?) from above are very likely what killed the newspaper. You fail to notice the details – the disrespect to an agreement she had and to the person with whom she had this agreement, and the treatment and disrespect of the dedicated (and excellent) journalists – please use your sense of smell.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Yes, I support asking Bernie’s team for help. We need to save the newspaper.

  • what does mensch mean?

  • Mensch59

    I suspect that there are real reasons that you get into violent alterations — as opposed to rationalizations.
    So, you are fighting the Illuminati. Great. I enjoyed the RationalWiki article on the Illuminati.

  • it was not lying. I dont think any of the demands were important except possibly the issue regarding scheer,and I am not familiar with his history or works.

  • this few next months are the most important days in the history and future of mankind, so it was not wise or right to stop work for any reason,-that is regarding somebody so important as Hedges, who would be instrumental in saving mankind.

  • i cant believe that Hedges couldnt perceive that. He is fully aware of happenings and to make that move was plainly stupid and emotional rather than well thought out.

  • i hear you, every rich person got there by stepping on others somehow. but the reason i come against Hedges is that he is aware as i am that the next couple of months is the most pivotal time in history of mankind, and we need people like him to save the planet’s people. he moved with emotion and without thinking- it was a selfish and bad move- i am not aware of scheer and who he is or what his works are or how important he is. saving scheer,if he is that important, i s the only redeeming part, possible

  • Mensch59

    It’s more important to (1) recognize the capitalization and (2) realize the difference between the (German) Mensch and the (Yiddish) mensch.
    Do you know what Mensch means in German? Übermensch? Untermensch?

  • so this scheer, if he is so good that the others felt the need to strike for him, is relying on legal technicalities?? is that the strategy of a righteous man?? is that how he appeals to the public, using legal jargon? is that a man of honor who has nothing to say in his defense but a lousy lawyers’ argument?? where is the righteous indignation that should come out of a righteous man??

  • Mensch59

    this few next months are the most important days in the history and future of mankind…

    Why? Says who? Are a prophet (of doom)?

  • no, i am somebody who knows a lot, and from my research, i have become a world systems analyst. YOu could know everything i do in about 20 hours by reading my three books. IF $9 for all three is too much, email me and i will send an emial return with all three attached. They are the result of about 30,000 hours of independent research.

  • no tell me

  • Mensch59

    Hmmmm. 30,000 hours of independent research have made you a world system analyst.
    Great. Again, what does this have to do with these next few months being the most important days in the history and future of mankind?

  • i never started a fight in my life, nor physically hurt anybody ever. However, i refuse to allow myself to be bullied, and my mouth has gotten me in trouble for two years or so, before that, the first 20 assaults were totally out of the blue- as a result of where i was put- and the rest of the results were misunderstandings on the others part as to what i was really saying.

  • Mensch59

    I suspect that many people who yearn for the overthrow or collapse or breakdown of this present social order disagree with Hedges about some things.

  • i am not going to look up that bs. but every website with a name like that (excepting wikileaks)is bs. i took much research to come to my authentically original and unique knowledge which is scientific fact,and has made others, including total doubters, comprehend the significance of my findings.

  • Mensch59

    I kindly suggest that you look up the dictionary or encyclopedic meanings of the words Mensch, Unmensch, Übermensch, Untermensch.

  • Mensch59

    I’ll have to take your word for it as to why you were assaulted about thirty times.

  • Mensch59

    Where’s your empirical evidence that the virus named SARS-CoV-2 which causes the disease COVID-19 was engineered by humans in a laboratory?
    According to your “independent research”, how soon will over seven billion human beings (Menschen) be dead and about half a billion Menschen be chattel slaves to the “elites”?

  • Mensch59

    Any fool can claim that his conclusions from auto-didacticism are “scientific fact”.
    How exactly are you more credible than the authors who contribute to RationalWiki?
    “About RationalWiki
    Our purpose here at RationalWiki includes:
    1. Analyzing and refuting pseudoscience and the anti-science movement;
    2. Documenting the full range of crank ideas;
    3. Explorations of authoritarianism and fundamentalism;
    4. Analysis and criticism of how these subjects are handled in the media.
    We welcome contributors, and encourage those who disagree with us to register and engage in constructive dialogue.
    We have 7,270 articles for your enjoyment.”

    Maybe you’d like to contribute. Or maybe your writings are all about woo-woo. I describe “woo” or “woo-woo” as (1) the beliefs of a person who readily accepts supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena or (2) emotion-based beliefs and explanations.

  • twin towers demoliton job blamed on arabs to commit genocide. trump raising the nuclear arsenal by a trillion dollars when there is no threat, two billion hollow-point bullets ordered for homeland forces to use on citizens. a thousand internment camps buillt recently. one and a half milion african americans missing according to NY Times article april 20th, 2015. do i need to go on, i can…. 197 top miilitary brass fired from Obama administration because they indicated that they would not pass on orders to their troops to kill american citizens if told to. i could go into much on this, but just another- presidents since Nixon going to now, have been creating laws regarding martial law- look up executive orders 10995-11050
    just a smidgeon.

  • name one instance where I have done that, other than acknowledge the existence of god, which is shared by about six and a half billion people.

  • i dont have a german dictionary, just tell me, i am retiring in five minutes.

  • done by 2025

  • Collectivist


  • Mensch59

    You provided zero empirical evidence that the virus causing COVID-19 was engineered by humans in a laboratory.

  • Mensch59

    Just now with this “instance”:

    i (sic) took much research to come to my authentically original and unique knowledge which is scientific fact…

  • Mensch59

    If you have internet access, you can translate the German nouns “Mensch, Unmensch, Übermensch, Untermensch” into English.
    Have a nice rest.

  • Mensch59

    Again, zero zilch nada no empirical evidence.
    You people who are true believers in some global conspiracy by the (so-called) “Illuminati” are right-wing authoritarians. You make truth claims with zero supporting evidence. That’s why I suspect that you’re a true believer in woo.

  • Mensch59

    It’s crazy of me to exchange commentary with M. Kahn.

  • Shlomo Orr

    We need to save Thruthdig, if we can. The real greed is by Suade Kaufman, not by the good journalists. Besides being a courageous journalist (who has sacrificed a prestigious and well-paid career at the NYT, Chris Hedges is a unique, great scholar (read his books), and we were blessed to have him writing in Truthdig.

  • Calgacus

    Hardly technicalities. He and Kaufman own the site. Even taking all her accusations at face value, she still seems to be acting as if she were the sole owner. Her actions do seem reckless – but she is insulated by wealth.

    They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.

    ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

  • first of all,i am far left. you dont read so you wouldnt know. if you did read, my book on Amazon, THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY, you would see how I clearly debunk lhe bible using hundreds of scripture, common sense, and reasoning. I clearly show its true purpose-the NT was written by a Hebrew-turned-Roman named Josephus, (ancient author of Antiqities of the Jews) to promote a slave and submissive mentality among the citizens. IN my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, i show how the Roman Empire, whose extension is US, has used it to enslave and oppress biillions. The Roman Empire included england, spain and France, after the empire appeared to dissolve, those nations “discovered” north and south america, india, china, africa, =and what did they do? slavery, genocide, opium, oppressive rule. and all because of the god they serve, very real and very evil.

  • there was a video by a trusted partner which exposed a chinese scientist in canada who developed it. DARPA deleted it. in case you are unaware, they have been removing from the internet all “fake news” the government decides what is fake and what is real,and big tech are with the government. so you think that all the evil is going on because our leaders have our well-being in mind, and just happen to make some stupid decisions out of being retarded and it is because oil companies want money and destroy us simply because of greed,and are killing us all, including themselves out of greed? unbelievable to me.

  • that was the freemasonry original plan. they have proceeded to make it more immediate due to how i exposed them. hopefully some mistakes will be made. But they are rushing into martial law early,this is basically the same thing.

  • i read Hedges books, i love his writing. but that doesnt mean he is always right. Kaufman supported truthdig with her own money. that it is down now with legal jargon being used as defense by Scheer, makes me suspicious.

  • I am not talking about a fictional character in a fictional book. you need to check reality. In one of the open letter written by scheer to protect himself, if you care about facts- he stated as his defense that she had broken contractural agreements. This is legal jargon instead of stating his case and defending it as would a truly righteous man in indignation at being treated wrongly. Deceptive lawyers use legal technicalities to win cases when their case is weak and not righteous

  • DHFabian

    Good luck. I quit reading Truthdig some years ago. Like nearly all contemporary liberal media, it essentially became a Democrat site, marketing to the middle class.

  • Mensch59

    Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. You have empirical evidence that what christers call “the new testament” was composed by Josephus.
    And YouTube videos are also empirical evidence.
    And you forced the freemasons to change their plans by you exposing their plans.
    You’re a real (“far left”) Übermensch, eh?

    Anyway, thanks for your heroic efforts to keep humankind as free as we can possibly be from evil, oppressive, genocidal devil-worshippers.

    Who are the 7 Devils?
    Binsfeld’s classification of demons
    Lucifer: pride.
    Mammon: greed.
    Asmodeus: lust.
    Leviathan: envy.
    Beelzebub: gluttony.
    Satan: wrath.
    Belphegor: sloth.

  • Mensch59

    Thanks for the information about Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) rendering the SARS-CoV-2 virus impotent. I’ll continue to eat plenty of oranges and drink plenty of grapefruit juice until I’m murdered or starved to death by servants of the Illuminati.

  • my three books are on sale on Amazon.
    EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE reveals 9-11 as a demolition job, explains how global warming was caused intentionally, and how; has also a easy healing of the planet, shows a plan from 150 years ago outlining both world wars plus the war now, has much more
    THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY proves the OT was written to promote following of god wins wars, acquires wealth, makes slaves NT be a good slave. Also proves JOsephus wrote NT, and who the original god isi (satan)and how Chrstians still worship satan – and our government is run by freemasons- who knowingly woship satan, and shows what a freemason really is-I was trained in a freemasonic church-also shows wrong values in the bible and how a general boykin told american pastors to lie about Islam as an evil religion
    ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH explains how the vatican rules the world by its branch, the militaristic and imperialistic bully of the world- the US. i show how every politician in DC was complicit to 9-11, how the constitution was designed to take us down (by freemasons), i debunk evolution, show how the vatican backed HItler, show how the CIA is behind fake news, that christians (vatican) put republicans in power, democrats work for the same people, that our education medical and (in) justice systems were all designed to subvert us, and that the media has destroyed humankind. Of course that doesnt do the books justice, there is much more.GLAD YOU COULD COME UP WITH SOMEBODY ELSE’S SORRY EXCUSE FOR EVIL.

  • I GAVE SOME EVIDENCE ABOVE. I did not say that i made freemasons change their plan.they rushed things because i had revealed their diabolical plans.

  • look at the world/ are you blind? or just plain ignorant?

  • how is that a belief in the supernatural or emotionally based? your argument is based on predecided ideas that have no evidence. if you want to debate me, read my books on sale on Amazon. if $3 is too much to spend on a book that will change your mind and illuminate you and can change the world if heeded. then i will email them to you for free.

  • i have been put in places you dont want to ever be in-state prisons, solitary confinement, institutions for the criminally insane, shelters, homelessness on the streets, lost everything i owned, including my house (a trailer in a trailer park- i am white trash)lost four cars (one at a time- all at least ten years old)due to incarcerations- i paid my dues.

  • Mensch59

    You seem to be extremely obsessed with “evil” and I suspect that it’s impairing your mental health.
    You are a true believer in the Illuminati — i.e. a cabal which possesses such a well-developed and enormous capacity for secrecy, power, and control that the complete absence of evidence for their existence, power, and control… proves their existence, power, and control.
    Carry on!! I’m sure that you can self-publish a couple more books prior to the Illuminati killing off 7.3 billion of us and enslaving the rest.

  • while i do acknowledge that god exists, i do NOT worship or obey him or pay attention to his evil deceits. i dont believe anything, i have knowledge or lack of knowledge. i dont follow supernatural evidence although i have experienced some (visions) i would not attest to any significance to them as i have come to the logical conclusion that god, also called satan, is an evil deceiver.

  • 😈 Zuade Kaufman is following the fascist 🦀 Trumpian 🦍 mens rea modus operandi to the letter. I’m sure Trump will give her the Medal of (Fascist) Freedom soon. 🤬

  • Agreed! A 🦅 Force to be Reckoned With! 💫✨👍

  • Mensch59

    Thanks for the correction. You forced the Illuminati to rush their plans, not to change their plans.

  • Mensch59

    Rationally observing the world aka the system aka this present social order doesn’t result in the conclusion that (1) it’s being controlled by an evil supernatural fallen angel (2) these next few months are the most important days in the history and future of mankind.
    Have you ever spoken extensively with a psychiatrist?
    You sound like you’re suffering from delusions of grandeur, i.e. you’re essentially taking on the devil & the Illuminati by yourself.
    Do you believe that your special?

  • as you seem sarcastic, let me say it in different words, because to the ignorant and deceived, appearances trump substance. how about i call them globalists, and how is it so hard for you to believe in secrecy, when the bible’s true nature was hidden for 2000 years before i exposed it? how is it that we didnt know anything about kennedys’ real assassin until a video was released five years ago, fifty years after the event? how hard is it to believe that there is intelligent design after i soundly debunk evoluiion and there is such interdependent order and you cannot get order out of chaos? if we have a secret intelligence CIA, why cant the vatican?? i never said they have supernatural powers, and they are not totally secret, it goes by another name to make it palatable for you-you wouldnt call people crazy if they mentioned the same people with the same efforts as called globalists and could not name them. NOt only can i name the globalists, i can give you a map on how they achieved what they have done, and what their plans are. but i am the wild believer who doesnt think critically or analytically, sees a video and believes BS

  • Mensch59

    Why would I want to debate a person who believes in woo?
    There’s no way that I could disprove your beliefs in and your ideas about a god called “satan” who is an evil deceiver and at the head of the Illuminati. Just like I cannot disprove that purple unicorns who fart rainbows reside on the planet Jupiter.

  • before killng the seven billion people,as i wrote in EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE five years ago, the last step they will take is martial law- and there are a thousand internment camps all over the US- in the April 20, 2015 NY Times,article said that one and a half MILLION african americans were missing, and not in prisons or hospitals. trump raised the nuclear arsenal by 1 trillion in 2017. under obama, 197 top brass were fired for expressing their unwillingness to pass orders to troops to kill American citizens. their replacements follow orders. much much much more

  • Mensch59

    Anyway, good luck. Hopefully you can find someone else who will pay some attention to you.
    Ciao, MLK.
    Be strong in the face of adversity and continue to be willing to suffer hardships for the cause of the anointed.

  • i never said those things. first of all, if we are killed, it will be done by “public servants doing what the leaders tell them to.and our leaders are paid by and obediient to globalists (as you would call them) who work in tandem with the vatican. hold on while i copy and paste. FROM ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH:
    Now, let us step back some years to illuminate how the Vatican attained its power. Under King John, England was bankrupt, so the king adopted the ancient “Law of Mortmain” (1199), also called “The Deadman’s Hand,” which is the same as modern day probate law. As the king owed the Vatican a fortune in gold that he had borrowed, and this law prevented the church from receiving gifts of land, Pope Innocent III excommunicated King John in 1208, and placed England under papal interdiction (prohibition). Due to the Vatican’s strategy of not allowing lay people access to Bible, King John was ignorant of its teachings, and believed Pope Innocent’s claim to be the Vicar of Christ, and the only one who could grant the king absolution of his sins. Fearing hellfire, King John relinquished to the pope and the Vatican his entire kingdom, plus a thousand gold marks a year as payment for the lease of the land, swearing submission and loyalty to Pope Innocent III. The Treaty of 1213 was bound between the king and the pope, making the king a tenant of his former kingdom, and a trustee to the Pope and the RC church. Understand that a “vicar” is defined basically as a “substitute,” somebody who is authorized to perform the function of another. The pope is supposedly a descendant of the apostle Peter, and “the vicar of Christ,” a title that all popes have adopted since Innocent III, as it was such a successful asset to employ for the popes’ benefit.
    The 1213 Treaty also voided the rights of England’s barons, so they revolted against King John, forcing him to sign the Magna Carta, which spelled out their individual rights. Upon being informed about the Magna Carta, Pope Innocent said, “The declaration of human rights embodied in the Magna Carta violated the tenets of the church.” The Vatican condemned the document and declared it to be null and void. So much for the Christian establishment’s views on human rights. Their leaders are more interested in money and power.
    Now, in the American Revolutionary War, the colonists had no real chance of victory. England had twenty times the wealth and population of the colonies. Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty and of the illuminati, owned the king, and had extended unlimited credit to the king, having arranged contracts permitting Rothschild’s tax collectors to represent and collect taxes from the king’s subjects. He is the one who said: “Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws.”
    Bauer suggested to the king that he finance the colonists in their revolution, and bring the colonists to their knees in debt. King George accomplished that by using his appointed figurehead in France to “join” the colonists against England monetarily. Thus, the Rothschilds bought America as well. Much of the loans from the French went into the founding father’s pockets.
    The majority of the decisions and passing of events was factored by the agency of the freemasonry (who was knowingly worshiping Satan), as most of the leaders belonged to the secret Christian societies. Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) formed the illuminati with former Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in 1776, and in July of 1782, it officially joined forces with freemasonry at the congress of Wilhelmsbad. When the cost of the war placed sufficient debt on the colonists (and Britain), the English soldiers withdrew, recovered their arms, and within eight years, returned to England. The colonists proclaimed themselves as victorious, letting their adversaries exit peacefully. Later, in 1785, the treaty of peace between King George, The Roman Catholic Church, and representatives of the United States was agreed upon and signed. It’s opening statement was: “It having pleased the divine providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent prince George the third by the grace of god, king of the Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick, and Laurenberg arch treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire and church, and of the United States of America.”
    When interpreted said: “The king claims that the pope is the Vicar of Christ and that God gave the king power to declare that no man can ever own property because it goes against the tenets of his church, the Vatican, the Holy Roman Church and because he is the elector of the Holy Roman Empire.”
    Our founding fathers agreed to it! Remember again that they were wealthy, they were lawyers, they were Christians, and many were freemasons. Remember the carefully placed wording and rhetoric- “the pursuit of happiness” and for whom the founding documents were written=”to ourselves and our posterity.” This nation was created to serve the purposes of the rich founding fathers, and Christian elite, not the “common” people. “Our” posterity referred to that of the founding fathers.

    As if the founding fathers had not done enough to destroy our freedoms, values, and rights enough; the treaty of Verona signed in 1822 by the king of England, the pope, and world leaders furthered the purposes of the “high contracting powers” (the masters). It’s first article decreed that representative forms of government, and those governments that recognize the sovereignty of all its citizens are incompatible with “divine right,” and the signers agreed to exercise effort to end such governments. The United States does not have “representatives” in power. In power in that country, as currently with all nations, there are politicians who line their pockets doing the will of the rich, the Vatican, and ultimately Satan, who is the highest power. The second article that the “high contracting powers” agreed to, was the detriment to their power that freedom of the press was, and the powers agreed to adopt measures to suppress the press. Finally, article three was the agreement by the powers that religion contributed powerfully in maintaining the populace in a submissive and obedient state, so the “high contracting powers” agreed to further the Vatican’s efforts and policies in measures to control the people. My previous book “THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY” uses hundreds of scriptures, independent research, logical analytical reasoning, common sense, abundant evidence, together with intelligent freedom of thinking to support my claim that the bible is a fallacious fabrication devised to deceptively manipulate the planet’s people to be easily ruled over by the Romans; to not only render them to be submissive gullible followers, but also to skew our values, and to preferring appearance over substance, forgiveness over righteousness or justice, and to intentionally insure that the people will accept any behavior or idea as long as it is supported by rhetoric claiming endorsement by God.
    This book adds supportive evidence to that claim, as it records the results of the effect of Christianity on the planet. Furthermore, I will show the state’s contribution in concert with the church in the role of subverting mankind, and how a few elite have had overwhelming destructive influence of mankind. What is of great importance, though, is the implications of these books. The Roman Catholic Church states its claim for authority on the bible, and the Pope’s authority as being derived as a “descendent of the apostle Peter.” By proving the falsehood of the Bible, that the vicar of Christ is a vicar (substitute of, or representative of) of somebody who never existed, the whole church should fall like a monolith with a straw foundation in an earthquake. But I am sure that even when exposed and naked, the emperor will not abdicate his pompous luxurious throne. It will take force to depose evil power. But as of now, it is proven that the Holy Roman Church and its rule of power is based on falsehood. The kingdoms whose foundations are related to Christianity, or for that matter, any religion, have a foundation on lies and deception. The laws and treaties that have been signed in the name of God have no authority. Neither does the pope, nor does papal bulls. Nobody is legally required to obey them.

  • WHY DO WE HAVE HOMELAND SECURITY put to effect when the excuse for it was 9-11, which i not only prove is a demolition job, but also that every politician in DC was complicit and aware it was going to happen. if you want that proof, i will copy and paste or you can buy the whole book and read, as well as get sources of info. Why does the public have to be watched if the terrorists are the US government? but why and how would they enslave us? they have already shown such good faith and love for the people, how could i question their goodness?

  • Mensch59

    Very convincing.

  • I find them to be more believable than Elohim (that would be Yahveh, or Jehovah). He is stated to be perfect and good. He is declared to be all-powerful and the creator and the one that gives life. The Bible portrays him as being totally in control of everything, and knowing the future as well as the past, and all things in the present. Here are some quotes from the Bible displaying that teaching:
     Act 2:23 this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men.
     Eph 1:4-5 even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,
     1Co 2:7 CEV We speak of God’s hidden and mysterious wisdom that God decided to use for our glory long before the world began.
     Act 4:27 for truly in this city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel, Act 4:28 to do whatever your hand and your plan had predestined to take place.
     Isa 45:18 KJV For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else. Isa 45:19 I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth: I said not unto the seed of Jacob, Seek ye me in vain: I the LORD speak righteousness, I declare things that are right. Isa 45:20 Assemble yourselves and come; draw near together, ye that are escaped of the nations: they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that cannot save. Isa 45:21 Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else
     Joh 1:1 YLT In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God; Joh 1:2 this one was in the beginning with God; Joh 1:3 all
    16 | P a g e
    things through him did happen, and without him happened not even one thing that hath happened
     Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
    Those scriptures, and several others very much like them, are the basis for the teaching that God both has preordained, and had foreknowledge of everything. He made things happen as they have, in full knowledge as to what would be.
    According to the Bible, God created hell. Originally it was meant for the devil and his fallen angel comrades; now most people go there.
     Mat 25:41 KJV Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
    Now, most Christians I know think that they will go to heaven. They believe that they are going there as a reward for believing in Jesus. They carry on their lives much in ignorance, not even desiring to be educated as to what is truth. They get their education from television and the conventional modes of education, the high schools and colleges. Most Christians, in all appearances, go to church some Sundays, hear a sermon, donate some money, and live their lives without further consideration. Most people go to hell according to the Bible, all who do not believe in Jesus, go to hell; all four billion of them. But very few show concern enough to do anything about it. Why should they, their destination is heaven, so there are no worries. Live and let live. Or, to put it more accurately, live and let die. Let us take it another step towards plain dam truth. Live and let go to extremely terrible torture and pain forever and ever, for century after century, without hope of ever getting any relief.
    Do not for a moment think that hell is not real, or that not many people go there. Hell is on earth, as is heaven. I have heard people tell me of extreme pain and torture that sounds unbearable. Because it is on earth, do not think that by the word “hell” they are talking of a nagging wife, or of hard employment, or of sickness. It is similar to the Bible’s description, only far worse. Heat, like your flesh burning off of your bones being incinerated, daily. Noise extremely loud, deafening, but you can’t stop hearing it. Tastes unpleasant. Intoxication from words. Assault as with gunshots and stabbing wounds from those people who are angry at you. Addictions to many things such as sex and the “wine” of sadness. Much more. If God really did create it, and people go there as a result of a sin, such as adultery, I think that the punishment far overrides the sin, don’t you? And according to the Bible, even lying can get you there, even white lies. Is this indicative of a good God, or of an evil entity such as described as Satan?
    17 | P a g e
    Rev 21:8 CEV But I will tell you what will happen to cowards and to everyone who is unfaithful or dirty-minded or who murders or is sexually immoral or uses witchcraft or worships idols or tells lies. They will be thrown into that lake of fire and burning sulfur. This is the second death.
    Now, listen to the implications. A good, all powerful, and all-knowing god, created everybody and everything, planning out how everything would progress forever for millenniums, sent billions of people, as well as is going to send billions more, to everlasting torment. What is more, this wonderful entity allows great evil, such as the holocaust, tsunamis, war, drugs, starvation, and all the evil in the world, as he is in control of everything. According to the Bible, nothing happens without his knowledge and approval. And those he does not send to hell, but who remain in their natural state of heaven, worship him and praise this being, whom they give glory to. Do you possibly see something wrong with this picture?
    Luk 12:5 CEV God is the one you must fear. Not only can he take your life, but he can throw you into hell. God is certainly the one you should fear!
    Hallelujah!! God has been watching me go to jail unjustly, be assaulted over and over again, suffer disease; watched as our planes brought down the twin towers, he has been in control as the world is being readied for tribulation, and he teaches in Revelation how wonderful it will be when Jesus (also God) comes and destroys all the unbelieving nations (in Armageddon) and saves the few Christians. Oh, Hallelujah I sing with all the other Christians that the unbelievers are all going to hell eternal!!! Hallelujah!!!! Excuse my excessive sarcasm, but it is well deserved.

  • Mensch59

    Maybe Trump will declare martial law.
    Is Trump fighting the Illuminati or is Trump one of their pawns?
    Obama? The Clintons? The Bush’s? The Roosevelt’s?
    Maybe all of the politicians from the founders of the USA as a nation-state onward are servants of the Illuminati and the Vatican and the devil.

  • Mensch59

    I’m sure that it’s extremely good logical, critical, analytical thinking to believe in the devil and the devil-theory of history.
    “Devil theory definition is – a theory of history: political and social crises arise from the deliberate actions of evil or misguided leaders rather than as a natural result of conditions.”
    I’d refer you to the Metabunk dot org article entitled “Conspiracy Theory or ‘Devil Theory’ of Politics”, but you’re only interested in your own thinking and your own conclusions based on your own research — correct?
    Anyway, I really ought to give you some time to focus on better and more worthwhile endeavors than posting to moi.

  • somebody to pay attention?? 130,000 atheists visited my website after i sent out THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY attached to an email sent to 100 devout christian friends. The fukn idiots who refuse to percieve truths are not the deceived believers, but close minded college-deceived egotistical and unable to perceive liberals. who read what are fed them but cant think independently-like sheep themselves-who cannot perceive that there is evil. they think in their genius (excuse the sarcasm) that they are smarter and more real (that may be true), but i am not a believer. while i acknowledge that god exists i do not love him nor obey him nor believe his lies.

  • Mensch59

    I don’t deny the existence of human trafficking (i.e. sex slavery), chattel slavery, wage slavery, debt slavery.
    I wish that I was a true believer in the salvific divine power to deliver human beings (Menschen) from evil, but alas I’m too skeptical and agnostic.

  • i suppose you are smarter than the politicians who send us to war because they are stupid,not evil. the military industrial complex makes money from death because it is simply greed, not immoral based on evil intentions. the popes who admitted the bible was a myth kept up the charade because they love fame. and hitler was quite a nice guy and believed jews were harmful to germans,he wouldnt lie and kill because of evil, there is no such thing. people do mistakes, such as to put in power habitually lying sociopaths as a mistake. it isnt evil. why be obsessed with evil? i must be sick due to improper diaper training as a child- it must be an illness due to psychological trauma-my anger is based on a traumatic childhood, not a strong indignation and wrath of injustice and a world gone evil.

  • Mensch59

    The Gnostic Manichaeists believed in a good god and an evil god.
    You seem to believe in evil, but not good.
    That’s kinda sorta weird and strange, but to each his or her own beliefs and ideas.

  • must mean stubbornly ignorant

  • gotcha

  • Mensch59

    Word History: The word for “man”, the human being, is found throughout the Germanic languages. Yiddish mensch “human being” comes from German Mensch with the same meaning.

    An Unmensch is a brute (i.e. a coarse or brutal person).
    An Untermensch (plural Untermenschen) is (derogatory) an inferior person; a subhuman.
    An Übermensch was coined by Friedrich Nietzsche in 1883. It literally means “Overman” or a super-man or a superior human being.

    Maybe you’re stubbornly ignorant about portraying yourself in your posts and in your books as an Übermensch. Maybe.

  • Mensch59

    Maybe the evil god is a deceiver and the good god is silent.
    “Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.” ~ Rumi
    If you’re silent & stay hidden, then how can you lie?

  • Jon

    The time is overdue to consolidate several of the alternative news site into ONE with more clout! Get out of the silos, folks! Eventually,maybe a radio and TV station.

  • Jon

    ” i am not aware” You got that right, Michael!

  • Calgacus

    Breaking a contract is just a nice way of putting it. She is locking out a co-owner, exposing herself and the site to legal action. Scheer is not using legal jargon and IS stating his case clearly. if you don’t understand something he is saying, I will give you my thoughts.

  • Jon

    “engineered by humans in a laboratory?” Dr. Francis Boyle, who is a professor of international law of great renown has much to say on this, with evidence. Search him out.

  • Jon

    “nada no empirical evidence.” On the contrary, seek out Prof. Francis Boyle.

  • Marble Rye

    “Or just start a New Site with a new name?”

    That’s my guess. Kaufman strikes me as too vain to go away permanently. Of course she’s a capitalist so she may just sell it off.

  • Jon

    He is right about that (vitamin C) See what renowned natural method doctor Joseph Mercola has to say. Further, in China they shipped 50 TONS of it to Wuhan a few weeks ago.

  • Mensch59

    Francis Boyle isn’t a scientist capable of studying the genetic RNA material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, nor is Boyle a medical expert.
    He’s offering an unsubstantiated opinion, just like Alex Jones does.
    Francis Boyle is entitled to his crank ideas.

  • freemasonry, who worship LUcifer are basically devout christians. designed the seal of the United sTates, created in 1871, is found on the back of your one dollar bill. it uses symbology as does freemasonry.the seal shows a pyramid, representing of egypt, land of slavery. above it (one nation under god) is an eye , represents Horus, ancient egyptian god of virility and prosperity-money and sex. it also represent satan. under the seal are the words Novus Ordo Seclorum- in latin,language of the Roman Catholic church. meaning New World Order.
    United STAtes, an evil nation, is ruled by an evil god.

  • i dont beleive IN any god. i acknowledge the existence of satan, dont follow him or obey him or like him or want him. i have knowledge about him, and it is NOT a belief.

  • Mensch59

    (1) Who shipped fifty tons of L-ascorbic acid to Wigan? Citation please.
    (2) My word search “Joseph Mercola L-ascorbic acid cure for COVID-19” didn’t generate any citations to medical scientific research.

  • that a good god would create a hell and put into it creatures that he loves and made in his image is not weird or strange. IT IS EVIL!!! the devil is a LIAR!!

  • Mensch59

    Provide evidence that hell even exists.
    Sure. It’s a myth, an idea.
    It it physical, material, objective — i.e. a real lake of fire burning with brimstone?
    It’s kinda silly to set up biblical myths just to shoot them down — unless you’re a true believer in hell, a lake of fire burning with brimstone, the evil god.

  • Jon

    Clearly you do not know his credentials with reference to bio-weapons development! Agreed, he is not a medical doctor. Clearly as well, you have NOT seen what he presents as evidence. Until you do, to call what he has to say “crank ideas” simply reveals your own ignorance. Science goes by evidence! Do you dare see it?

  • Mensch59

    You know the devil. Now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Mensch59

    Again, very convincing.

  • Mensch59

    Again, it seems that you’re obsessed with evil and the devil. It must be because of your knowledge of both.

  • the only one who could hurt the site would be scheer if he chooses to. why dont you just say she broke a contract and she could be sued. “exposing herself and the site to legal action” is deceptive legal jargon that lawyers use to sound intimidating in their lying scheming ways. Granted we sometimes do necessitate contracts when dealing with wealthy evil fks but to use the jargon of lawyers should not be the way of righteous people. If you have a gripe, just say “you screwed me illegally and i am going to sue you!” dont dance around and pretend you are knowledgable in legal matters- it has less impact and it works against itself, you are not taken as seriously =she knows she has more leverage with her money-can hire a less ethical lawyer who will bribe the judge.

  • Calgacus

    No, it appears that Kaufman is the one who is recklessly, mortally hurting the site, not Scheer. Scheer’s letter doesn’t use any deceptive legal jargon. He just says what you are saying, but in a polite and reasonable way. He is making an attempt to solve the problem in a reasonable way before going to courts. And showing this to any future judge, which helps his case, because ordering some kind of mediation would likely be the first thing the judge would do. Following your recommendations would just make him look crazy and hurt his and the strikers’ cases.

  • At this point you may not yet be persuaded that the Bible is not an accurate description of a good, truthful, and all powerful being. So I will continue with more points until everyone’s disagreement has enough evidence to bury any faith of the Bible’s truthfulness. There will be few, if any fundamentalist or any other kind of Christians not persuaded by this book as to their error.
    Let us assume that the Bible is true when it declares that God is the creator, and that he is good. Let me pose some questions:
     Why did he create carnivores: animals that kill other animals, such as lions, tigers, alligators, rattlesnakes, vipers, scorpions; and parasites, mosquitos, and plants such as poison ivy?
     Why are some people born blind, or deaf, or with Down’s syndrome, or other maladies?
     Why does God allow evil people to be evil and to prosper, killers, rich and selfish, etc.? Why does he allow war, poverty, injustice, hate, etc.?
    My conclusions to these questions are:
    God is really evil, but either not all—powerful, or not all evil.
    Another possible conclusion is: There may be a good God, but he is not all-powerful. I reject this conclusion as evidence proves that the Bible is a deliberately deceptive and misguiding book.
    This is what I have come to conceive: The Old Testament is a book of Satan’s on how to war, and how to acquire slaves and wealth, and the New Testament is a book of instructions on how to be a good slave, or finding a path of personal salvation to hell on earth. Both are books of sorcery. There is an exceedingly evil entity ruling, and a cosmic consciousness of believers, some who work against the evil ruling power. This concept explains the circumstances the planet faces now. Read the evidence supporting these conclusions.

  • The Bible, being full of lies, is deceiving us when it says that God is controlling everything, and is telling a real whopper when it declares itself to be a book of truth, and that it is impossible for God to lie. If you insist on reading the Bible, I suggest that you read it as you would eat a fish. Eating a fish whole, with head, scales, fins, bones and guts; would make you sick. So we scale the fish, cut off the head and fins, debone it, and remove the guts. Then you have a fillet, which you flavor with spices and cook it. The fish is then not only healthy, but also palatable. The same is true of the Bible. Get rid of the false teachings by using common sense. Some concepts have to be “weighed out” in reason and gleaned to get to the “good meat” of the truth. Spice it with your examples from life, and real people and situations.
    The Bible has been tainted with many lies. The purpose to me is clear: It is all about control. According to the Bible, it is favorable to be a sheep. One who is humble, who turns the other cheek, who trusts in the Bible, and in an invisible being with false promises unquestioningly, not using your brains and common sense to make wise decisions, are qualities that are promoted for that reason.
     Pro 3:5 CEV With all your heart you must trust the LORD and not your own judgment. Pro 3:6 Always let him lead you, and he will clear the road for you to follow. Pro 3:7 Don’t ever think that you are wise enough, but respect the LORD and stay away from evil.

  • Reader: Do you not see some connection in the following? Some people are either insecure or are actually quite evil. When they are told that they are evil, they believe it.
     Jeremiah 17:9 KJV The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
     Romans 3:9-18 KJV What then? are we better than they? No, in no wise: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin; (10) As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: (11) There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. (12) They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. (13) Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: (14) Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: (15) Their feet are swift to shed blood: (16) Destruction and misery are in their ways: (17) And the way of peace have they not known: (18) There is no fear of God before their eyes.
    That describes humans, made in god’s image. He loves you. Yeh, right.
    If you believe that, either you are incredibly evil yourself; or you have absolutely no confidence in yourself; or you will believe anybody whatever they say, if they come under the name of God or tell you that they are not deceiving you. Whatever the case, just be a good sheep, give me your tithes, and don’t question anything I tell you. This is a God who wants you to accept anything he does, and to obey him. You will be rewarded if you do so, with wealth in the OT, and with heaven after you die, in the NT. Try validating that claim. Listen, don’t question, don’t resist, and obey, and you will get your reward. Remember how Abraham was commended for being willing to sacrifice his one and only son at the command of God. Now that is something to admire. Not.
    I had a friend who put on an appearance of intelligence (he is a teacher), and seemed to be a pretty good Christian. He applied for a job, and in the attitude assessment, he was asked if he considered himself to be a good person. He is extremely godly, and being honestly obedient, he wrote that he was not. What has he done that was evil? Nothing. But he believes the Bible, which says that none are good.
    For what purpose would God want to control us, and while he may create evil people, is there any evidence that it is for evil; not for the overall good in the big picture, which we cannot see? Let us entertain the thought that God will work it all out for good. The book of Revelation as penned by the apostle John, shows a cryptic description of the end times. The beginning, which describes clearly seven churches, actually describes fairly accurately some types of failures in today’s Christians. But understand something. Just
    22 | P a g e
    about every part of the New Testament relates to today’s people. The human race has not changed significantly in the past two thousand years. Words by Plato and other philosophers of antiquity also describe the human condition as we know it to be today. But the rest of Revelation is symbolic, and there are many interpretations, and much as the Christians claim that the Jews had absolutely no clue as to the reality of Jesus’ being the Messiah, as a result of not understanding prophetic scriptures correctly; perhaps the Christians do not perceive the reality of what he, or scripture, was really about either. What I see in the good old USA churches and synagogues is deception and greed. And have things truly improved due to our religions? Have they affected the peoples truly positively as a whole? I think not.

  • Collectivist


  • The point i am making is that if you are really fighting the beast, and she is in the dominant position, you dont fight on their terms. The rich and the law work together, and being polite doesnt win brownie points. It will make him look like a weak, easy to defeat opponent. This move on her part was not polite,and it doesnt make sense to fight back politely to “look good”- who cares how you look when you have a righteous cause. When you have been screwed royally (if indeed you have been) politeness and using the enemy’s language are not a strong strategy. Fighting a more powerful force in a defensive mode on their terms with their weapons is a sure ticket to defeat. Why be ashamed of being a worker instead of on the dominant side? why be using dominant’s language to show you will accept their terms of battle? Being willing to compromise with the one who is screwing you does put you in a defeated position. When fighting a more powerful enemy, make sure you fight on your terms with your own weapons.

  • I love Hedges and if i had the money i would partner with him. he has a history of speaking truth and if he only spoke with stronger power as his written word is.But taking a strike now was not a good move.

  • Mensch59

    My presumption is that Francis Boyle is the ignoramus regarding medicine, the science studying the evolution of viruses, genetics. He’s the one making a claim. Not me.
    Until he provides evidence that the medical experts and the geneticists and the virologists are wrong about the SARS-CoV-2 virus having a natural zoonotic origin — and you haven’t provided any citations to the research and I didn’t find any peer-reviewed research of Boyle’s — I’m going to presume that you & Boyle have the same credibility as someone who believes he knows that the earth is disk shaped instead of an oblate spheroid.

  • Calgacus

    The point is that it is not at all clear that she is in the legally dominant position; she probably isn’t. Scheer’s language and reasoning is much clearer to me than yours; it is not “enemy’s language” or jargon in the least. His strategy makes sense and is much more likely to succeed than yours. That’s the last I have to say on this, went on too long already.

  • then i will have the last word. you people appear (i dont know if you are really stupid or just acting it) the words were that Kaufman left the site open for legal action against her and the site” scheer could sue and destroy the organization. please try and understand what i am saying- you are so deep into thinking like dominant creatures have taught you to in college to minmize your brain ability. YOu are thinking on a loser’s perception. judges arent stupid,and many, if not all, are corrupt and are tools of the establishment, which is run and controlled by the enemy. (by being controlled by enemy i am not referring to kaufman, who is opponent, but enemy is the establishment) if the judge actually has some righteousness to him or her, it will not be against scheer to actually express anger- anger is not a foul word- did i once say to cuss or to threaten??? i said to express anger authentically-judges are aware of some human condition,and lack of righteous indignation is a sign of guilt or being wrong- but they can often discern acting, so pretend often works against you -if you are angry dont be afraid to say so-you and others show such fear of speaking out and saying it like it is as if you will be condemned for being a victim, you are scared and thus easy prey.

  • Mensch59

    “There’s a cosmic consciousness of believers, some who work against the evil ruling power.” Okay. Some people call this “evil ruling power” capitalism. Some call it the system which is both hierarchical and selects for wealthy sociopaths. Some call it the devil, the god of this age — although it’s news to me that it’s this god which inspired the bible. But why not?!
    “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.” ― Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

    If Reason is to be one’s guide, why not presume that capitalism & globalism & the sociopathic ruling class & the authors of bible are the same social phenomenon played out through history until the end.

  • first?? wake up. newspapers all around the country are closing. Very few media are independent, and they are hard to find and fund. the CIA government and establishment rich buy-outs have compromised all but a few

  • you missed recently then. Hedges had a couple of dam good articles in the short time I was reading them.

  • so you trust the establishment medical field that produces all those wonderful pharmaceuticals and who refuse to research the benefits of vitamins and herbs- you sound highly intelligent and very scientific- hahahaihaha

  • Mensch59

    One can acknowledge the advances of medical science while still ALSO acknowledging the benefits of vitamins and herb lore.
    Isn’t it more prudent to think in terms of both/and instead of either/or?

  • first of all,the bible is a deception. I prove that in my book. I have been trained in a freemason church. I am,fully aware that people considert themselves to be gods, in a cosmic god consciousness. and I cannot dispute that there is good in all their pain.But having had visions myself of satan, basically an egyptian landscape with pyramids in the background, and a statue of a cat-like creature breathing and beams coming out of its eyes like a lighthouse.
    Back in 1982 i was in a lubovitch retreat, and was “mikvahed” basically baptized to Judaism. I was there three weeks studying hebrew, yiddish, OT law, and Cabal, and one night we celebrated a remote holiday,by standing on our toes and howling to the full moon. THat night as I slept, i had a nightmare of a demon or satan a dark slimy man with webbed feet sodomizing me dragging me on the ground. I have had another supernatural sexual assault by a male creature. satan is very real. he is worshiped by freemasons, and is the power that those very people are under,the whole world is under. I am fully aware that people consider themselves as god, but there is one in charge who is evil, pure evil. no redeeming qualities about him. Read the book for yourself on Amazon. a lousy $3- and if that costs too much, give me your email and i will send it to you
    scriptures prove it, and i prove that the values that the bible teaches are very submissive and slave mentality intentionallly- i know the bible inside out. freemasonry=devout christianity-we are taught that freemasonry has 33 degrees, a lie, there are 360 degrees,each a further depth of insanity, pain, confusion,and evil. they are dam inteligent and dam sick and evil

  • anybody who is silent while evil reigns is how good? god=satan, i prove it with scripture and common sense. you got it there-the devil is a liar. evil god is in control, the good god is under him and is protecting me. that is it.

  • While it was Rome who introduced the NEw Testament, Egypt was clearly the source of god- and was the first very advanced civilization, maybe more advanced than us now. Ancient travelers and later great intellects had knowledge sourced in Kemmet mystery schools of Egypt- Socrates, aristotle, etc..Moses, author of the first five books of the OT was an egyptian prince, i think he contrived genesis in his genius, to make followers for his evil god for eons and to bring many into hell using symbolism=seeds of deception that can alter consciousness. occult sciences

  • HOrus=Jehovah=Jesus=Allah

  • the supreme court has ruled that vaccinations are unavoidably dangerous.they have been promoted by rich and powerful people who do not have our well-being in forefront or in any concern. the herbs and vitamins hurt none and are beneficial. my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH shows that Rockefeller almost single-handedly developed the medical system as we know it, while he went to homeopathic doctors for himself, he promoted pharmaceuticals. he stated that god gave him his money. carnegie had his hand in it somewhat also. doctors for the last 150 years have in general; no real interest in the people’s health, just in money. some exceptions of course.

  • is it impossible that ancient egypt with their knowledge 5000 years ago surpassing ours in some ways did scientific research in a different direction and passed on knowledge- as did many ancient greek philosophers and teachers learn from Kemmet, perhaps also Hippocrates, did, and passed on his knowledge of medicine to generations for eons. i trust natural cures a hundred times more than those of the wicked Roman Empire of Horus descent.

  • i wish i could the video i used as proof seems to have been deleted by DARPA,it was a chinese scientist in canada in a biowarfare lab. US has several of these labs, most notorious being plum Island off the coast of Massachusettes

  • does going to college and being spoon-fed information to regurgitate make you intelligent and capable of scientific research and critical analyzation? The degree says so, but the ultimate result is conforming to the accepted opinions and following “normal’ concepts and inhibits original cognitive processes. I have only 23 college credits,but was asked to lecture to graduate students at Fordham university for 15 years, and i dont think it was because i was ignorant or stupid, especially when i was told that it was the highlight of the educational career for every student. i went there, with a video made of me by PBS and lectured for 15 minutes, then we had question and answers inquiring and speculating and exploring-always extemporaneous discussion-we all learned much each time

  • the New Testament is a whole different book than the OLd one.IF you had studied them like i have- 10,000 hours, some in greek and hebrew- you could not come to that conclusion. i did not study other’s teachings,but only the source itself, and was able to defeat all the scholars i debated, plus seminary professors and evangelical pastors- none could challenge me successfully- i debunked pretrib rapture, dispensation of grace,and eternal security=doctrines accepted by 99% of christians, debunked using scriptures-then debunked the bible.

  • while there is some modern medical solutions of worth, i cant help but wonder how many herbal cures have been hidden by the new field. and to think of both is like thinking of voting for both republicans and democrats, except that democrats are just as bad, and vitamins and herbs have no bad effects. you cannot be both right and left, but you can be a little pharm, yet there is no weakness in herbs and vitamins. if you actually read my books it adresses the medical system by the foundation, and as i am no doctor, i have read books by doctor whistle blowers. you may want to visit Gary Null and/or Dr Mercola, there are several others of worth.

  • why is it in this capitalist system which you hate which has outlawed herbal and vitamin treatment of sickness and has found pharmaceuticals to be harmful (not admitted by the evil establishment) yet you back them up because you are so accustomed to conformity.

  • Southern

    What’s the title?

    Has anyone tried the wayback machine?

  • Southern

    I’m not taking sides here I’m sharing information.

    Look on The Real News Network – title – COVID-19, Ebola, And SARS Outbreaks Were All Unleashed By Humans.

  • Mensch59

    Your claim that capitalism has “outlawed” vitamins and herbs is complete bullsh¡t.
    Maybe your (technically) not lying because you really & truly believe the bullsh¡t you spew.

  • Mensch59

    Boyle is an expert on biological weapons

    Bullsh¡t. His education and law practice had nothing to do with understanding a virus which had a zoonotic origin contrasted with a virus genetically engineered in a laboratory. He He drafted the US domestic implementing legislation for the Fifth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention. You think that that makes him some “expert” who can override what the virologists have to say. The people you conspiracy theorists decide to hang your hat on. Pathetic.

  • Mensch59

    First you write that the bible is deception and then you say that you can prove things by scripture.
    Prove bullsh¡t with lies on someone else’s time.

  • OmniaQuaerite

    I donated to this site, which I think is a good start. I hope all the writers from TD find a better place soon (like this site).

  • i dont remember the title, but it was done by Brian at HIghimpactflix.

  • Mensch59

    From the interview with Sonia Shah “And we will probably eventually be able to trace back this current pandemic to some kind of single quote unquote spill over event like that. But the root of it is microbes in animals coming into human bodies because we’re destroying their habitat and bringing them closer into contact with ours.”

    IF various strangers on the internet want to claim that they “know” that this pandemic was “planned” because these strangers also “know” that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was “engineered in a military bio-weapons laboratory”, THEN I’m going to question the quality of that “knowledge”.
    Personally, I prefer to remain agnostic and skeptical and questioning — attempting to see or notice or perceive or sense this activity of “knowing” with fresh eyes — rather than jump to conclusions.

    This is a challenging time — this post-truth/post-reality political environment where investigative journalism has been de-funded and internet “news” posted on YouTube is mostly click-bait written to satisfy pre-existing confirmation bias & reassure preconceived notions.

    It’s more important than ever to pay attention to the methods of judging what’s probably a more correct way to rationally observe social phenomena versus what’s more probably woo-woo.

    I’m writing this probably for my benefit than for yours. Thanks for reading.

  • kevinzeese


  • pathetic is believing college-educated establishment so-called scientists. scientist is defined as somebody who seeks ultimate truth and knowledge. einstein was told he would never be able to think, being spoon-fed questionable “knowledge” to memorize and regurgitate to pass tests to make money is not science-it is preparation to make money for the pharmaceutical owners at the expense of the public.that you think that only going to college to get the kind of specialist “education” is the only requirement for knowledge proves what a fukn idiot you are. PROOF YOU ARE A STUPID CONFORMING MORON INCAPABLE OF FREE THINKING AND CRITICAL ANALYZATION.

  • okay I have to spell it out to you because you are college educated and cant think on your own
    the FDA has made it illegal to advertise vitamins or herbs as being treatments or cures for any illness or disease. you will not find them advertised as such because of that LAW- while they are affective at doing so. look it up einstein.

  • look up executive orders 10995-11050 orders prepared by presidents NIxon through Obama laying groundwork for martial law. but you are the expert on what is real or not- i suppose neither politicians nor media establishment news would lie. you are fukn brainwashed and asleep your brain cant register correctly-unable to break free of concepts hammered into your head by media and educational systems that have destroyed and propagandized mankind. war, injustice system, hatred of people because of skin tone, oil companies ignoring global warming, and so much evidence, and you will tell me it is simple mistakenness- they are just greedy and politicians are stupid, they cant think
    EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL you cannot acknowledge god’s existence, so dont realize the evil that abounds- youre brainwashed mind cannot think correctly,and unfortunatelly, because you went to college, you think you are smarter than most-THAT Is pathetic

  • hey, idiot, why not do as i did, and research things to debunk from the foundation, like the education system, which i proved is a tool of corporations to take down the people? but you have learned to repeat as told to and to obey,and that makes you smarter. hahahahahaha-AND THE MOST PATHETIC PART IS THAT YOU THINK YOU ARE SMARTER

  • you are a pathetic idiot. I saw no videos saying such. I studied the bible 10,000 hours, some in the original greek and hebrew. NOBODY HAS COME UP WITH ALL I HAVE BEFORE, I also read a few books on early religions and egypt where it all started. I am an original and authentic scientist who has debunked soundly just about everything accepted by most people- BECAUSE I AM GULLIBLE???? you are a fuckin idiot-AND ESPECIALLY SO FOR THINKING YOU HAVE ANY SMARTS.



  • Mensch59

    You lost me at “hey, idiot…”
    Name calling and insults are evidence that you’ve lost the debate.
    It’s also probably evidence as to why you’ve been assaulted thirty times.
    Additionally, I think that you’re severely mentally ill, possibly schizophrenic.

    When people make claims, it’s their responsibility — called “the burden of proof” or “shouldering the onus” — to support those claims. It’s not my responsibility to do the work supporting or “researching” the claims of others.
    Again (1) Who shipped fifty tons of L-ascorbic acid to Wigan? Citation please.
    (2) My word search “Joseph Mercola L-ascorbic acid cure for COVID-19” didn’t generate any citations to medical scientific research.

    Why has all this been done without anybody perceiving what I have made very clear, with much evidence? One reason is the media. Another is the education system. This system has been designed to create obedient, conforming youth who do not challenge the status quo, unable to analyze or think critically. There is a reason that the school system is called compulsory, as the whole populace should (according to the masters) be forced to be indoctrinated to the lies and wrong values to allow the destruction of humanity. Youth are told that they go to school to learn, but a professional award-winning teacher and author, John Gatto, says this: “There is abundant evidence that less than a hundred hours is sufficient for a person to become totally literate and a self-teacher. Don’t be panicked by scare tactics into surrendering your children to experts…that certified teaching experts like me are deemed necessary to make learning happen is a fraud and a scam.” That is on page 90 of his book “Dumbing Us Down.” I know a home-schooler quite well, and her children are far above the intellectual capacity of students of public schools, despite a learning disability one had. According to the book, home schoolers are five to ten years ahead of schooled children. The author of the book you are now reading was taught to read by his mother before entering kindergarten. Senator Ted Kennedy released a study stating that before compulsory schooling, the literacy rate was 98%, but after it was enstated, it dropped to 90%. During pre-American Revolution time, literacy was almost total, at least for non-slaves. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” sold 600,000 copies to a population of 3 million, of whom 20% were slaves, and half were indentured servants. So, if the government knows that compulsory schooling is not teaching the children well, why do we have it forced on the children, want it or not?
    Until the twentieth century, even professions like doctors, lawyers, and engineers did not require a college diploma, and often didn’t even need a high school education. The learning was done on the job. Regarding the knowledge imparted in colleges, what is learned there even today is not helpful to careers except perhaps in the legal and medical fields; and in the health realm, what is taught is detrimental; and critical challenging of what is erroneously taught, is discouraged. Now, even those nurses with the disadvantage of a college degree recognize the faultiness of pharmaceuticals that are taught as being the healing method of mankind’s learning.

  • Here in the United States, the public education system was initiated by Horace Mann, who took it upon himself to convince the public of the benefits that such a system would be. Remember that back then, the middle of the 1800s, there was much more publicized dissent. Today there is still dissent, but it is not publicized, as people would join any rebelling going on if it was given a voice. It is not well-known, but on the day of Trump’s inauguration, hundreds of protestors were arrested and jailed, despite what yarn Trump will contrive about it being the biggest turnout of any inaugural parade-the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed. The United States has been a nation of protest and independent thinkers; despite the schools and media, and Howard Zinn’s THE PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES records the nation’s history of rebellion. Mann addressed his letters promoting schooling to employers, the wealthy, and to workers. His “sell” was carefully contrived and convincing. To the employers, he promised that workers who are educated would be able to perform better than unschooled would. That made sense to them, but I don’t know why they agreed without knowing what would be taught, or how. Among the wealthy, the concept of educating what was already a discontent masses was a frightening idea; and brought fears of it loosening habits of industriousness, that they would forcefully confiscate property if educated and aware of the truth. This was a valid concern, but Mann confronted it well. He told them that universal education would channel ambition away from seizing other’s property, to workers he emphasized that universal education would give their children a way to rise in the world. Instead of taking things from others, they would earn them for themselves. Remember this, because later you will see how this myth was built upon and how it has served as a carrot and deceptive tool to make the poor appear to be inferior and lazy or stupid as the reason for their poverty. We will explore the reason for that myth and prove its falsehood later. Mann said schooling was “the most effectual way of making insurance on their property would be to contribute from it enough to sustain an efficient system of common-school education, thereby educating the whole mass of the mind, and constituting it a police more effective than peace-officers or prisons.” This was learned from “Class Dismissed” by John Marsh, pages 105-106. Mann is the one who made sure that the Prussian system was employed, and for those of you who are unaware, Prussia was a Germanic totalitarian police state. It was not enstated to promote knowledge and better income for all, but to enforce class difference and to perpetuate wealth for the rich, and to delude the common people that they had access to prosperity, thus quieting them.

  • Other pioneers were Gilman, Dewey, and Rockefeller. They were all wealthy and were connected to psychology and/or secret societies. Dewey said that the purpose of public school was: “to take an active part in determining the social order of the future …according as the teachers align themselves with the newer forces making for social control of economic forces.” John Rockefeller said: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.” He created the General Education Board (later named The Rockefeller Foundation) in 1903 to dispense Rockefeller funds to education. We are all aware that to qualify for funding, you have to fulfill certain requirements. Rockefeller’s influence must not be underestimated.
    What is the benefit of “higher education?” Modern education creates people who are smart enough to accurately repeat what they are told and follow orders; and dumb enough to think this makes them smarter than everyone else. “Governments don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests. They want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept it.”-George Carlin. That same comedian, George Carlin, also said: “Here’s a bumper sticker I’d like to see…We are the proud parents of a child who has resisted his teacher’s attempts to break his spirit and bend him to the will of his corporate masters.”
    Back years ago, before the advent of popular higher education, the belief was popularized that the wealthiest people were those who were most industrious and who had best ethics. They put on that appearance easily, as many were not schooled, and at that time people were not yet aware of all the corruption in politics and industry. Many of their lives of leisure was not known either. Later the schools were built and filled, and the politicians exposed, and anybody with half a brain could see the absence of the existence of ethics in rich people, so now the myth changed to being that people were not poor due to lack of ethics, but due to lack of education. Higher education costs a pretty penny, and a college loan takes decades to repay, and many are unable to repay it, placing them deep in debt. Occupy Wall Street was a protest of college students and graduates who saw that their college degrees would not guarantee them the employment at high wages as had been promised them. The way that the leaders of our country see it, when you trap people in a system of debt, they are going to be unlikely to change the system, they won’t be able to afford the time to think. The way I see it, they should have thought before they bought the lies of the system.
    We are taught the values

  • Mensch59

    Replying in all caps is a demonstration of (probable) wrongness.
    Try to get it less wrong.

  • We are taught the values that we are expected to embrace, in fact, none but the ones desired to be, are made so blatantly infused with every part of our environment. Money, prestige, sex-appeal, and appearances. There is little promoting the concept of altruistic community-service, as such positions as police, social workers, and politicians are called public servants, and we all are aware that the public that they serve are the powerful and wealthy. The values of independent-thinking, non-conformity, integrity, courage, and strength are not enforced nor encouraged anywhere. Schools teach from early childhood to not question authority, to accept what you are told without challenging, no matter what your intelligence or knowledge says otherwise. You are to perform for excelling grades, for a star, for an “honor” button, for a good report card. You seek for teacher’s approval, to be a favorite, and you do as told to acquire that. They do not teach to be internally motivated, to be independent of other’s opinions of you, to have a secure self-esteem in your own worth. You are always afraid of the “permanent record” they have of you, which does indeed exist. Teachers are taught to use psychology of control, and do as trained to, to collect their pay and pension.
    Students are made to accept that they must learn of subjects of no use nor interest to them, and to bear it. This allows for a worker who will perform tedious dull work that benefits him in no way, and ensures from youth that he will not rebel. Now for another lesson on compartmentalization. After elementary school, where teachers stay with one class for a year and teach their students every subject except art, music, and physical ed; is high school, where the students are introduced to another type of education. They are placed in classes of specialized teachings, separated from the former friends, and are made strangers to fellow classmates and teachers alike, being regimented by the bell to run to another room full of different students every forty-five minutes. This has several purposes, which I will explain over the next couple of paragraphs.
    First of all, there is no positive benefit or reason for this way of schooling, it is accepted as what it is without questioning. Teachers have four years of schooling past the completion of high school, why are they not capable of teaching all of their students every subject without specialists? By having the teachers each having six or seven classes of thirty children each, they don’t know their students well, they cannot judge if they are as individuals comprehending the subject material. Testing is not sufficient, and is done after the teaching, and if they fail, it is hard to go back and reteach in a way that they will accept better. The time to have each class settle down after traveling from the last class, to open their books and quiet down, takes several minutes of precious time. Students must learn to turn off and on in an instant. Then the bell will ring in half an hour, and as incomplete as the class was, they must turn off and leave immediately. The message is that nothing is more important than the regimen. Not even the substance. There is a deeper reason for the separation of subjects from one teacher to many. If you separate all the subjects- history, social studies, psychology, religion, science, and the rest, then the big picture is confused, and none of it seems to relate to everything else. That is why we now have specializations. I have studied several areas, and have put the puzzle-pieces together, and they fit. It is all related, and they don’t want you to perceive what I have uncovered. If they allowed teachers to teach one classroom all day all year all subjects, that teacher may be able to tell the students what the truth really is; if he really knew himself, and that must be avoided. The power of compartmentalization. By having the classes so large, so many students to each teacher, no meaningful relationships are forged, and rule and order are the agenda, not learning, and not thinking. Just rush in and rush out to the bell.

  • The students are not all stupid, some see through the bullshit. Not all believe evolution, not because they believe in the Bible’s creation story, but because it is such an easy hypothesis to debunk. To many, it is a joke. But they have to memorize the “facts,” write down the “correct” answers on the tests to graduate, and thus prove that they are harmless and will not grow into rebelling adults who refuse to conform. Non-conformists are dangerous, indeed, I am one of the most dangerous people on the planet. (To the established order). The children see through the law-and-order agenda and rebel and carry on. White suburbia not so much, they go to school to learn and to be good students, as they want to grow up in a respectable community. They have bought the lie, but urban youth are not so fooled. They scream and laugh and cuss and the teachers can’t do anything about it, and the kids know it. The children don’t mind if the teacher gets in trouble, why respect an establishment order-enforcer parading as a concerned educator? These teachers are not stupid, they know what lies they are teaching, and the psychology of control that they are using, and why. If not, their only excuse is ignorance. Just what we need, ignorant educators.
    Instead of spoon-feeding misinformation to unsuspecting children to be regurgitated to pass tests so that they have a diploma to get a better-paying job, I have a better idea. Why not have the best trainers in the community spend some year or so with a few children-maybe seven at a time- teaching them to value having excelling physical and intellectual strength. Why not have the most ethical and intelligent teachers spend 24/7 with just a few children to instill on them integrity, courage, hard work, community-service, confidence, and like qualities; and give them the incentive to continue all their lives improving themselves in every area? After enabling them to think critically, and giving them a few lessons on research and giving them some facts, have them find information on their own, challenge what they were told, and come to their own conclusions? This would dismiss the entire schooling system, the entire media, and the economic system as we know it; and if successful, would be a motivating factor towards the elimination of our governing powers, that is why not. It would not be in the establishment’s interests. The education system as we have it, is established to enforce the subjugation of the people to be trapped in their imposed way of thinking, and to cripple their minds into mind-slavery. That is why the freed slaves were immediately schooled and taught bible upon emancipation. Church and schooling, (and the media) if done correctly, can be the most imprisoning mind-fuckers imagined by men.

  • Mensch59

    I am an original and authentic scientist…

    That claim about yourself doesn’t make it true. Anyone can claim anything about himself/herself.

  • Mensch59

    I’ll happily eat crow when your predicted imposition of martial law and Americans rounded up in FEMA/concentration camps comes to pass.
    In the mean time, I’ll treat you as any other overly opinionated Disqus commenter who believes that he “knows” the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about evil, the bible, gods, globalism, the Illuminati, politics, disease, blahdy, blah, blech.

  • Mensch59

    I think that you’re schizophrenic about “cures and treatments”.

  • Mensch59

    Maybe you’re projecting.
    You’re definitely boring.
    Find someone else to preach at.

  • Mensch59

    It’s stupid to use the word “ANALYZATION” when the word “analysis” is more suitable.

  • THESE COMMENTS ARE FROM MY BOOK ‘Angry Loud and Clear Truth” the Prussian system,as I explain elsewhere in the book, teaches 1/2 of one percent to think, those are policy makers and shakers, and 5 1/2 % are taught to partially think, those are ones who support and assist the thinkers, and they are doctors,lawyers,engineers, etc.. and the other 94% are taught to obey, to learn to memorize, to follow, to take orders, etc..As mentioned, the Prussians were totalitarian,and that is who the education system comes from.

  • The government agents are not clueless. The United States industrial revolution included a time of servitude like slavery before the unions were enstated. People were angry and ready to revolt. In 1912, Congress created the Commission on Industrial Relations, to “discover the underlying causes of dissatisfaction in the industrial situation and report its conclusions thereon.” The chairman of the commission, Frank P Walsh, issued a more strongly worded supplemental report after the official Final Report in 1915. His words were: “WE FIND THE BASIC CAUSE OF INDUSTRIAL DISSATISFACTION TO BE LOW WAGES, OR STATED IN ANOTHER WAY, THE FACT THAT WORKERS OF THE NATION, THROUGH COMPULSORY AND OPPRESSIVE METHODS, LEGAL AND ILLEGAL, ARE DENIED THE FULL PRODUCT OF THEIR TOIL.” Took the government geniuses three years to discover that.
    The rich always seem to love their money, and justify keeping it only for themselves and as a means to enslave other populations under them. In the 1960s, youth, civil rights activists, radicals and liberals, were taking to the streets in protests. President Johnson activated the war on poverty. Yet despite the protests of a few of his advisors, he decided to take the usual unsuccessful stance- instead of providing jobs for the poor, he pretended to help the poor by preparing them for jobs=more education. If you are educated, what good is it, if there are no jobs? As always, the concept being promoted was that their poverty was the poor people’s fault- they weren’t educated. Occupy Wall Street makes my point as to the faultiness of that idea. Capitalism thrives on the idea of there having to be low-paying jobs to provide more profit for the wealthy- that is why they don’t want to raise the minimum wage. Small business owners don’t want to raise minimum wage. Eight dollars an hour is okay for their employees, but if it was raised, their forty or fifty dollars an hour would be reduced, and that is unthinkable. So say it is the poor people’s fault for being uneducated, for being lazy, for being greedy, when all of those wrong concepts fall into the middle class who buy all that spin. If all poor people went to college to learn business management, who would do the manual labor, who would they supervise? College for everybody is not the answer; and to be honest, college for anybody is not the answer. Especially graduate colleges. The next paragraph spells out why.

  • I read PROFSCAM: Professors and The Demise of Higher Education, by Charles Sykes, published in 1988. The book described universities, especially graduate colleges, and especially exposed the professors as not teaching critical thinking, writing skills, or basic knowledge of the world. It claimed that in top universities, instead of teaching, tenured professors spent their time on creating vain and trivial research documents. Any documents that may have important knowledge are useless anyway, as these documents never seem to be published for the public to view, but are placed on research avenues for other researchers to read and publish in professional journals that the public doesn’t have opportunities to view. This leads me to come to my inevitable conclusion. The professors in universities don’t want to perpetuate the myths that they were taught. They don’t want to spoon-feed misinformation to innocent students who don’t have the critical thinking skills commonly developed by age fifteen a century ago. If they were to write an expose of the likes of PROFSCAM, they would be removed from position and funding, which is considerable, so they hold students and administration hostage for high salaries. The United States education system, as well as that of every nation, is full of censorship and propaganda, preventing the public from accessing truth, and promotes the mindsets, values, and worldviews that the establishment has chosen for the people, to their detriment. It promotes perpetuation of corporate interests, and the interests of those on top of the hierarchy ladder.
    Let me explain one way this has happened, and is happening now. The Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) is driven by a strategy called “the Structure of Social Change” which works to establish a huge network of universities, think tanks, and front groups to shape the media, all branches of government, and our education system. The CKF funds universities to produce research and teach ideas that support their ideology that they want to dominate in local, state, and national policy directives. They fund research and courses that explore the “virtues of free enterprise” and other supporters of free-market principles of economics, ethics, entrepeneurships, political economics, philosophy, and western civilization. Their think-tanks then transform these ideas to policy proposals, which are then championed by their front-groups, and used to lobby politicians who also often receive direct campaign contributions from Koch Industries. The CKF has spent $195 million on programs at 500 colleges and universities, and interfered with hiring of faculty, influenced programs and curricula, and oversight of research. This information comes from an essay by Samantha Parsons, co-founder of UnKoch My Campus, and I got it from Censored 2019, pages 143-144.
    In conclusion: In the colleges they lecture, spoon-feeding (mis)information to be memorized and regurgitated to pass tests, then you think that you are smart. There is no room for students to challenge the professor and to debate what he teaches, to promote real scientific thinking (the search for ultimate truth and knowledge). In truth, you have been indoctrinated to a “reality” that is deception and oppression. To be accepted in the establishment and to get wealthy, they need evidence that you will keep alignment with the establishment, not make waves, and perpetuate the deception. “Higher” education discourages, actually stifles critical thinking, or original minds. The professor lectures, students listen. Where is the freedom of thought and teaching to be able to analyze and to challenge accepted concepts? Where is the dissent, so necessary to today’s situation, facilitated? Conforming is enforced and is the rule and role of education.
    “If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.” ― Frank Zappa

  • SamandClaire

    It is more than educated guesses. It is a scientific argument based on the data that are avaiable for comparisons (6 families of coronaviruses genome data) and analyses (binding assays, computer modeling for the binding affinity) and then apply deductive reasonings (natural selection). You have to read the paper thoroughly. It is better than a creating conspiracy theory out of a thin air because it is the easiest way to promote your ideologue. Where is your data to prove your point of view? Where is the scientific paper to show that SAR-CoV-2 is a man made in a scientific journal?

  • First, einstein, I didnt say that satan was a fallen angel, that is the definition in the bible, actually as fallen angel, Lucifer is more decribed as such. I lay down the facts that god is evil, his original name was Horus in Egypt, that later he was known as HOrus, jehovah, jesus,and allah, but is also in disguise as satan. Same evil being, same servants. every religion serves this world’s real ruler. And why do you think i am writing all this? to be alone in my fight?? furthemore, it is funny you mention psychiatrist . I have had three visits to Trenton state Psychiatric hospital. that is where i received most assaults, in wards the government;put me in with the criminally insane. I learned this stuff there. i know it sounds crazy but. 95% of the staff were black, half from foreign lands, many Nigerians.They had a library with many far left books, and i was given access to a afrikanworldbooks catalogue and ordered over thirty books i read there in addition. I was personally given the NY TIMes every day. By being beat up continuously by men twice my size, i learned courage and to defend myself. the best teacher in that area was Sam who spent thirty years in prison, had been a leader of the Pagans, the biker gang that spawned the Hells Angels. he had killed three men with his bare hands. but he was good, He taught many people how to avoid bulllying. The second time he was in the same unit he had made sure to be there,he had been tracking my works (emails gone viral and books)and had wanted to be my bodyguard.I also was allowed to learn debating skills by having practice with highly informed opponents. In addition, being stranded there with no hope of release, wrong diagnosis, no access to phone or computer, taught me to hope beyond hope. I was given impossible obstacles to give me strategizing skills, and learned to make allies. I have been trained for a mission. I have been made special. Many people are with me, including many freemasons, servants who hate their master.

  • satan is not a fallen angel, he is god. and he is in control. i hope to enlist billions of people in resistance against him.would i be doing this recruitment if i was so sure i could do it alone?? think,man!! am i still alive and sane because i am alone?

  • Mensch59

    References to the devil being a god and to angels who have sinned against God are ideas written in the bible. So sorry that you don’t like the term “fallen angels”.

    I hope to enlist billions of people in resistance against [god].

    Good luck.
    “The great enemy of grief is hope. Hope is the four-letter word for people who are unwilling to know things for what they are. Our time requires us to be hope-free. To burn through the false choice of being hopeful and hopeless. They are two sides of the same con job. Grief is required to proceed.” ― Stephen Jenkinson

    Are you grieving? I suggest that calling people “idiots” is a really stupid recruitment strategy.

  • Mensch59

    I have been trained for a mission. I have been made special. Many people are with me, including many freemasons, servants who hate their master.


  • calling you idiot does not mean i lost the debate- it is a sign of frustration- you are having a conversation with jon. i dont have to convince you you are another establishment idiot who will believe the government saying it is a terrible pandemic, when pandemic is defined as 12% of the population being sick and in truth 1/10 of 1% are, and the average age of death is 80- when people often die from other causes. but ask ithe government to prove it?? are you aware of other nations, what they know? our media tells us, and you believe it??? where did you hang your beanie, on a pea?

  • i told you to read my books. scientists have read them and found them to be true. i published EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE in May 2016- in Septermber or OCtober 2017, France 24, which is an international newstation reaching many nations and comes out in spanich, french, arabic and english, proved I was correct regarding chemtrails causing global warming. but you havent even read the books and think i am schizophrenic. GENIUS ARENT YOU???

  • I did not refer you to mercola regarding corona. He is a good doctor who speaks truth. and 50 tons? where did you get that?

  • pathetic that you believe the establishment- a total moron, but considering you to be a moron means i have lost intelligence competition with you, according to your logic. by asking stupid questions when presented with evidence, proving that you did not bother to read any evidence, as you are afraid that your whole mindset and worldview will be exposed to you as mistaken,while all of us already know-something like the emperors new clothes

  • what we think is not what i know. i do know that i am not going to argue with somebody who is ;playing fukn games

  • i left proof of several documentaries by doctors touting the abilities of vitamin c, but you still ask for evidence. i told you to read my books for evidence, i hope they take you off this site soon, as you are obviosly just a troll

  • Mensch59

    Is this site dedicated as a forum for you to orate and hawk your books?

  • Mensch59

    Try some dialectics instead of (1) rhetoric (2) believing in your ability to win every debate in which you participate.
    You claimed to have read plenty of leftist literature.
    Too bad you never learned the principles of the material & historical dialectic.
    1. The law of the unity and conflict of opposites
    2. The law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes
    3. The law of the negation of the negation

  • Mensch59

    and 50 tons? where did you get that?

    Up-thread. By Jon.

  • Mensch59

    Where have scientists reviewed your books and acclaimed your research as truthful?

  • Mensch59

    Provide evidence that a pandemic is defined as 12% of the population being sick.
    Maybe you just pulled that out of your arse.

  • In late 2018 or early 2019 I read in one of the Jersey Papers (NJ.COM) that scientists had found that by planting lots of trees and vegetation it would have the same affect as removing every car off the streets-that was my suggestion after proving that global warming was created by chemtrails. it was corroborated by france24 and by nj newspapers. shortly after publication the research to verify or negate my claims started. By the way, while incarcerated in southwoods state prison, i was told that if there had been one lie in that book i would have been dead. They illustrated that they were examining everything about me- told me of things i did as a child, they wanted to know all- found me to be squeaky clean and i was released 3 1/2 months early.

  • Mensch59

    … you are afraid that your whole mindset and worldview will be exposed to you as mistaken…

    It’s incredibly stupid — with a capital “S” — to engage in the cognitive distortion that you know what another person’s whole mindset and worldview is. Shoo fly troll, don’t bother me.

  • look it up…the media does lie-trump is garbage,but he learned that from me and capitalized on it while i was incarcerated

  • Mensch59

    Look it up??
    Nope. Your claim — which you probably pulled out of your arse — to support. You’re actually pretty clueless about shouldering the burden of proof regarding your claims. Sad.

    Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. The POTUS learned about the media lying from you. More delusions of grandeur. Again, no wonder you’ve gotten into thirty physical alterations with others.

  • first of all,that is not bragging, it is admiting, trump is not my president or potus, he is the country’s garbage heap. but i had been proving the media to be liars since 2012, and exposing cops killing unarmed blacks.evey email i sent out (went viral)I sent a copy to parole also, me being perfectly clean and wanting them to see i have nothing to hide (to this day, police get a copy of them- i dont hide), on NOvember 1st 2018, i saw on the front page of a NJ newpaper I think it was New Jersey was a picture of a meeting with trump and his campaign managers, to prove packadopolis (whatever his name was having to do with Russia) had contact with trump. At the table photograph (proving trump lied) also was my parole officer campaneola.

  • Mensch59

    Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. You “proved” that “chemtrails” created anthropogenic global warming. I’m pretty close to shunning you for that laughable and ridiculous and pseudoscientific claim.
    I’m going to ignore you if you post anything close to that kind of bullsh¡t again.
    “The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.” ~ Alberto Brandolini

  • i am glad you can quote, can you come up with original ideas? france24 did the research. the chemtrails contained, according to my research and corroborated by scientists and international newsmedia magnesium oxide and aluminum dioxide, tanks of them displayed on france24 and it also showed how, as i had revealed, these tiny metal flakes were dispensed by sprays coming out of the planes, as shown also by france24.

  • the bible is a book of lies as i proved. it is not that i dont like the term. i am saying that god is evil and a deceiver as he claims the devil is in the gospel of John chapter eight. Let us all cry in our beers instead of fear and anger turned to action. not everybody has wisdom, dont listen to jenkins. a great motivator is anger and fear, and i especially promote anger and righteous indignation.

  • get your hunting boots on, i will research where to find some. martial law is on, just they havent told us the name of it. and the military is taking charge in many nations even now. global martial law, by a man-created virus, crow is served, unless you want to wait until you go to prison camp

  • i prove that the bible has faulty values and is a method of social hypnosis or propaganda intended to impose a submissive and slave mentality on the people, it is intended to bring people into the realm of hell consciousness, and is used as a declaration of being a divinely-sent leader those who wish to manipulate people in the name of god. and much more. I do NOT declare it to be scientific evidence of truth. scriptures condemn themselves

  • you are trying to fit a watermelon into a gallon jug, not meant to be. the OT was written at a time of bedouins

  • i read your profile and history of responses. thanks for teaching me insights

  • Southern

    Did you read any anything about the simulation exercise before the real event as is so often the case or that it was a topic at the latest Davos meeting?

    GR have published quite a few articles out on the topic – since you might be a regular there you might already have read them.

    Some quotes below.

    October 18, 2019: The B. and M. Gates Foundation and the WEF were partners in the John Hopkins National Security October 2019 nCoV-2019 Pandemic “Simulation Exercise”.

    December 31, 2019 China alerted WHO to several cases of “unusual pneumonia” in Wuhan, Hubei province.

    January 7, 2020 Chinese officials announced they had identified a new virus, The novel virus was named by the WHO 2019-nCoV (exactly the same name as the virus pertaining to the John Hopkins simulation exercise, with the exception of the placement of the date). [ GR – COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

    United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a slip of the tongue while addressing the American people from the White House when he stated that COVID-19 is a live military exercise [ from GR Mike Pompeo Admits COVID-19 Is a “Live Exercise,” Trump Retorts “I Wish You Would Have Told Us”].

    This paragraph written by Larry Romanov stands out

    In a recent study focussing on the transmission of the virus, Larry Romanoff comes to the conclusion that the coronavirus could not have spontaneously “travelled” (“on its own”) from one country to the next infecting 85 countries in a matter of a few days starting in early February:

    A natural virus hasn’t the ability to simultaneously infect 85 different countries on all continents of the world, with outbreaks in multiple locations in each country…

    More peculiar is that these countries were by no means all infected with the same variety of the virus, which means the simultaneous infections in these 85 countries were not from the same source. – and to do it without the vehicle of a seafood market full of bats and bananas [From GR – COVID-19: Two Major ‘Waves’ of Global Infection, Towards Global Contamination?].

    Or this one –

    And then in Late March the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison who’s a close ally and friend of Donald Trump (unintentionally) drops a bombshell:

    “The country which has actually been responsible for a large amount of these (coronavirus cases) has actually been the United States” [From – 80% of Australia’s COV-19 Cases Are “Imported”, Mostly From the U.S.: Prime Minister Morrison]

  • greghilbert

    “Zuade Kaufman is an utter disgrace. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.”

    So do I, but Zuade Kaufman won’t get what’s coming to her because she’s wealthy and this is the USA. The horrific killing and impoverishing mess we’re in re the virus is a result of Trump’s ongoing egomaniacal failure AND decades of capitalist service to the wealthy upper class and their corporations — and reciprocal neglect and bloodsucking of the under class and their commons — by Repubs and Dem alike. They’ve exported so many manufacturing jobs and plants to China that we’re now at China’s mercy for half of everything inedible we use and consume, including medical supplies, equipment and prescription drugs! The USA’s mercilessly greedy corporations replaced the USA’s lost jobs with starvation-wage, no-benefit jobs as servants and slaves to the “haves”, for stiil more profits for themselves. I’m appalled how few people realize that after the worst of the current catastrophe has passed, a greater and unrelenting catastrophe awaits the entire under class.

    As for Hedges, Paul Street and those of the TD staff opposed to the evils of the duopoly and capitalism, I do hope Popular Resistance can work something out with them. Popular Resistance strikes me as a good place for leftists to gravitate because it offers tools and prompts for organizing, which leftist-banning sites like Common Dreams and Alternet do not, (nor did Truthdig). Their wealthy funders want readers kept on the duopoly’s Dem rail, and a commenting treadmill to nowhere.

    My wad was shot on the cause long ago, and now Medicare premiums, co-pays and uncovered healthcare expenses eat up 38% of my Social Security. But if Popular Resistance does what it can to bring in Hedges, Street and leftist staff, I’d commit to $20 a month and think many others would also, more or less according to ability. After all, if we don’t start to turn the tide of fascist and “neoliberal” capitalism in a matter of months, we’ll be irrevocably doomed to horrors that many will not want to survive, and which will take many more lives yearly than the worst-case pandemic.

  • readytotransform

    i scrolled down and it seems that two posters have taken over the thread here. i don’t have the patience to bother with it further. So i will just say that i think it sucks. I read about this woman on counterpunch several months ago and got the ‘read’ on her and what was going on with TD. Well, i am sure Chris will have many other places to publish articles, etc. In fact he already does. Lee Camp too.

    What timing Kaufman has. Well, Ms. K., karma is a bitch. You will learn i am sure. Or at least experience……………….

  • kevinzeese

    Thank you. We admire the staff and writers at Truthdig. We have known Chris Hedges since before Occupy, indeed he helped organize it. We’ve known Lee Camp since Occupy. We have worked together for years. They did important independent media work.

  • Ort

    There is a sort of Zen aspect to this unfortunate development: What is the sound of two trolls trolling?

    I’m also uncharacteristically seeing– or imagining– an optimistic silver lining to this circumstance: as a commenter who has always loathed fussy and censorious comments moderation, and who particularly despises and flouts the inane, anal “stay on topic” rule, I’m pleased to see this kind of moderator tolerance.

    If Kevin and Margaret can put up with this kind of hijacking, my occasional tangents, digressions, anecdotes, and intra-comments “socializing” shouldn’t bother them a bit. 😉