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Urgent Action: Tell Sen. Wyden To Oppose Fast Track

This week, we are occupying Sen. Ron Wyden’s office in Washington, DC to remind him that the people want him to oppose Fast Track and the TPP.

Senator Wyden is the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee which is where fast track legislation would be introduced. The chair, Sen. Orrin Hatch, is pushing Wyden to join him in introducing a fast track bill.

The pressure is working! Last week, people all across OR told Sen. Wyden through rallies, teach-ins and a bus tour that they oppose fast track and the TPP. A new poll found that 62% of OR voters are opposed to the TPP and 73% oppose fast track. We’ve been in Wyden’s office for three days (since he returned to Washington).

Today, there was supposed to be a hearing on trade in the Senate Finance Committee but it was cancelled because Wyden is signalling that he is not ready to support fast track. This is great news!

Now is the time to thank Wyden and tell him that he needs to publicly oppose fast track. If  he does that, the people will have his back.

Call his office at 202 224 5244 now and  let him know that if he truly supports transparency, as he often says, then he must oppose fast track. We can’t rush secret agreements through Congress. Call now!

Day 1 of Occupy Wyden:




image1 (1)

Day 2 of Occupy Wyden:


1Day2FT1Day 3 of Occupy Wyden:



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