Urgent! Block Trump’s Fracked Gas Pipelines

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Tell your Senators to hold off on confirming any new appointments to FERC!

President Donald Trump has already made it clear that he intends to trash climate change agreements and give the fossil fuel industry exactly what it wants. But the pipeline projects being pushed by the Trump Administration cannot move forward unless they are first approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission—and FERC can’t operate without a quorum. The five-member commission has been operating with only three members, and today it lost another one. With just two members left, it won’t be able to approve any more infrastructure projects until at least one new commissioner is seated—and the Senate has the ability to block Trump’s FERC appointments. 

The inability of FERC to do business actually counts as a step forward because for years the commission has been little more than a captive agency of the oil and gas industry, routinely greenlighting infrastructure projects with little regard for public safety. 

Tell your Senators to hold off on confirming any new appointments to FERC until there has been an investigation into the commission’s failure to put the public interest ahead of the corporate interests—and until Donald Trump promises to abide by our commitment to international climate change agreements

Phone calls can be an effective way to contact elected officials. You can find your senator’s phone number here

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  • Milton

    I wish there was this sense of urgency when the previous president occupied the white house.

  • mwildfire

    I wish there was any point in calling any of “my” representatives on this. But I live in WV, and the chance that any of them, including the one Democrat, Senator Manchin, would oppose anything wanted by fossil fuel interests is zero.

  • Two Americas

    There was.

  • Nancy Hansen

    Send letters to the editor, rally in front of the Senator’s office – they are not in session now. Make an appointment with staff in his office and bring a group to make sure it’s documented. Take photos, post them to announce to all what you are doing. You will get support from others, believe me!