Urgent Protests To Stop Tax Theft

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Patient and Health Advocates Protest To Stop Tax Votes Which Threaten Healthcare

Starting Monday, Dec 18 at 1:00 pm, and continuing through Tuesday, Dec 19, doctors, nurses and medical students are joining with patients to STOP the VOTE on the GOP’s tax cut that takes away health care from millions of Americans and raises insurance premiums on millions more.

Stop the tax vote with us! #GOPTaxScam #KillTheBill

SIGN UP NOW to go to DC

The House thinks they are going to vote on this villainous tax bill on Tuesday. The Senate on Wednesday.

They have another thing coming.

Join us on Monday for media events, last-ditch lobby meetings, and then to plan actions for Tuesday and Wednesday to head this bill off at the pass, and send these plutocratic pursesnatchers packing. 

The action is organized by the Center for Popular Democracy, Housing Works, the Women’s March, ACT UP, CPD’s Ady Barkan and a national network of birddoggers who have been fighting all year to#protectpatients.

*limited travel support available*

You can come to yell, chant, hold signs.
You can risk arrest. 
You can learn how to be legal support.
You can be part of history. 

CAN’T MAKE IT TO DC? You can still be a part of history! Help raise funds so we can get more activists/healthcare professionals/patients to DC!

DONATE to CPD Action
And/or DONATE to Housing Works

RECRUIT, PROMOTE & SHARE: Help get the word out to your networks by sharing this event and making recruitment phone calls. 


This is a must-pass bill for Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and their allies. Even if we lose, we’re making it more and more costly to them to take our health care away. We’ve fought them all year and delayed their disastrous agenda. 

They’re going to try to vote on this bill Monday or Tuesday. We are going to stop them. 

The tax bill will decimate health care. Congress has been ignoring renewing funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), community health centers, and safety net hospitals that serve large numbers of uninsured patients. 

Buses and car pools are being organized from communities within a day’s travel of DC, including NYC. Sign up for more info!

Next week will be our FINAL chance to stop the tax bill, so IT’S NOW OR NEVER to PUT OUR BODIES ON THE LINE!

  • AlanMacDonald

    will all owe John Dickerson a great favor if the following exposure of
    Trump’s administration “throwing all the Republican Representatives and
    Senators under the bus” is made known by the MSM to Congress!

    Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and his wife, Louis Linton, who were
    infamously pictured, virtually hugging newly printed money, in this NYT
    Editorial Board Opinion piece:


    But here’s the killer story that Dickerson exposed while interviewing Mnuchin this Sunday on “Face The Nation”:

    That same Steven Mnuchin has now provided what may well be a ‘death-blow’ to Trump’s oversold and equally sleazy massive ‘tax cut’.

    Stevie, under pointed, but subtle questioning by John Dickerson, was so
    inept in dodging the truth about why the ‘carried interest’ provisions
    in this ‘tax cut’ had not been removed as President Trump earlier

    Mnuchin was at a lose for a good excuse
    and blurted-out, “that’s up to the House and Senate”, and continued
    “the President was not in favor of some things in this tax bill”.

    Did anyone else recognize this as a national TV ‘throwing of the House
    and Senate under the bus’ by Trump’s man, Stevie ‘not so politically
    bright’ Mnuchin?

    Trump’s “Wondeful and Great Tax
    Cut” for his populist working class white supporters is at risk of not
    passing as a Bill, because both Republican House and Senate members, who
    ar ealready politically vulnerable in 2018 are going to feel
    addtionally vunerable now that Steve ‘the knife’ has “thrown all of them
    under the bus” to save his boss, Emperor Trump any embarrassment if the
    very many and very ‘bad’ results of “their Bill” blow-back in “their

    The Republican House and Senate members have
    to be told that Trump’s administration if dodging any responsibility
    for the Tax Bill, and putting them right in the line of fire — which
    will raise political hell for them — and likely cause some desertion
    from voting for the damn Tax Bill!

    Here’s the video
    proof —– watch this video from 7:10 to 7:30 as Mnuchin says Trump is
    not responsible and “throws the Republican Congress “under the bus”!