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URGENT UPDATE: PM Erdogan Orders Attack, Arrests Doctors

Tonight, Prime Minister Erdogan kept his threat to clear Gezi Park in Istanbul. Hundreds of riot police were sent in with Water Cannons. They cleared the park with chemical-laced water and pepper spray and fired tear gas canisters and bullets at the protesters. There are reports that police used the water cannons to drive at the protesters and disperse them and videos have been released of protesters lying down in front of the trucks and at least one protester who had to be rescued from underneath a truck.

Once the park was cleared, protesters marched by the thousands through the city playing music and chanting. Supporters banged pots and pans outside of their windows.

A makeshift hospital was set up in the Hotel Divan. Police raided the hotel and shot tear gas into the lobby. Children, as well as elderly residents were affected. Doctors have been arrested.

Solidarity marches are taking place throughout Turkey and there are reports of supports marching to Turkey from other countries.

Here are some photos from today:

[nggallery id=”13″]


Video of protester being crushed by water truck (warning: disturbing footage):


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