US Coup In Syria: 1949

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Above: President Shukri al-Quwatli, removed by a coup in 1949, but returned to power in 1955 but in a more ceremonial role, signing a defense agreement with Gamal Abd al-Nasser of Egypt and King Saud in Egypt on March 15, 1956. The agreement said that Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia (The Big Three), would safeguard Arab security and defend the Arab World against Zionist aggression.

A Secret Plot in Syria circa 1949

An illustrated account of the 1949 coup—possibly CIA-assisted—that plunged the country into decades of political turmoil.

We recently published an article on the need for transparency in foreign policy that focused on the Chelsea Manning case and detailed the CIA coup of the democratic government of Iran in 1953. See Secrets Result in Abuse of Power: New Era of Transparency

Below is another important history, a CIA coup in Syria in 1949.  This coup was followed by a series of coup’s that led Syria away from democracy and into dictatorship.  What would have happened if the US government had stayed out of Syria, not supported the coup plotters and encouraged their democracy continue to develop?  Would the US be planning a military attack today if not for the past misdeeds of US foreign policy?

Syria coup 1
Syria coup 2
Syria coup 3
Syria coup 4
Syria coup 5
Syria coup 6
Syria coup 8
Syria coup 9
Syria coup 10
Syria Coup 11
Syria coup 12
Syria coup 13
Syria coup 14
Syria coup 15
  • Jan

    This is good, but you have not clarified the differences between the various groups now fighting Assad. Please do.

  • Jo

    One thing I’d like to know and I can’t find out anywhere, is what do the Syrian people think? What do they want?

  • Does Bashar Al Assaad wear pyjamas? if so he will be doomed!

  • ~Dan

    So why are we discussing the pawns on the board here, people? The corporatocracy running the United Police States of America decide what is in their best financial interests, and tell their puppet in the White House what they want done to rectify the situation. ‘Third-world’ people, (just like ‘first-world’ people,) are merely temporary impediments. Follow the money. Did you notice the word OIL here?

  • andree

    the most tragic things of all these puppet games that the innocent ,,the civilians ,,,the unarmed and the weak are the one punished ,,,it is all rotten politics ,,and has one thing in common ,,money ,,power ,,,ego

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