US Jury Sentences Rapist Cop To Over 100 Years In Prison

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Above Photo: Former Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw received multiple life sentences on Thursday, his 29th birthday. Reuters.

Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with 36 counts of sexual assault involving more than a dozen women.
A jury in the U.S. state of Oklahoma late Thursday sentenced former police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw to more than 200 years in prison for charges up to and including rape.

Holtzclaw was publicly accused by 13 women of assaulting them while he was on patrol. “He didn’t choose CEOs or soccer moms,” said prosecutor Lori McConnell. “He chose women he could count on not telling what he was doing. He counted on the fact no one would believe them and no one would care.”

All of the victims were women of color.


Holtzclaw was fired over the accusations in January. His trial ended last week, with the jury beginning deliberations on Monday.

The case became a cause for anti-racist activists in the United States, who criticized the relative lack of media coverage. Terrea Mitchell, an organizer with the group People’s Power Assembly, argued that the lack of attention spoke to what led Holtzclaw to believe he could get away with abusing his authority.

ANALYSIS: Every Single Black Life Matters

“He raped 13 Black women and he did it because he knew that he could get away with it and that’s basically what the women had been testifying about,” Mitchell told teleSUR. “They didn’t feel that they would be believed because they were Black women and that needs to stop.”

Holtzclaw received the multiple life sentences on his 29th birthday.

  • Wacanta

    Happy birthday, you fucking piece of trash!


    Holtzclaw (who is an evil person) being convicted and sentenced for life is just and right. I express sympathy to the rape victims.

    #Black Lives Matter.

  • There’s no justice in sentencing someone to that much time. It’s simply an indictment of society and the correctional system. Furthermore, this guy was working in an arm of the criminal justice system.

    It may make some people feel good to lock him up and throw away the key, but that doesn’t make it right.

    This is an attempt by the criminal justice system and the community to foist all the blame and sanction for these crimes onto one person, without acknowledging the complicity of history, the media, the community, the police department, and the rest of us, too.

    Just because someone is responsible for their actions as an individual doesn’t absolve everybody else in the community of some responsibility for those actions, too.

    Guess what: It’s normal for humans to err and commit crimes. They have to be able to acknowledge their error, pay a debt to society, and be forgiven.

    Otherwise, we have no justification for passing judgment and penalizing those whose behavior we deem to be anti-social.

  • “and the rest of us, too.”

    Sorry, I’m not responsible for this guy’s actions.

    “those whose behavior we deem to be anti-social.”

    We deem to be anti-social?? Uh, news flash: his behavior was anti-social. It was criminal.

    I agree that locking people up and throwing away the key is cruel and pointless, and that this country thrives on cruelty and pointlessness. But let’s not forget who committed the crimes here. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We all know that people in power, usually men, get away with this kind of shit all the time.