US Killer Cops Mastered ‘Fascist Israel’s Technique Proudly Used On Palestinians’

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Above photo: Israeli border police arrest a Palestinian protester near the West Bank city of Ramallah, December 22, 2017 © Reuters / Goran Tomasevic.


Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters sees eerie similarities in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and US police departments’ approach to their own citizens.

The legendary singer told RT it’s “about time” the world called out both.

“Thank goodness there’s an uprising,” Waters told RT’s ‘Going Underground’ on Tuesday, referring to the wave of protests and riots sweeping the US since the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis last month. “It’s about time.”

The kneeling chokehold that killed Floyd was described by Waters as “an Israeli technique, proudly developed by the IDF in the occupied territories in Palestine.”

An Israeli national police spokesman recently denied that his country’s police force uses such a measure on suspects, and added that Israeli counterterrorism officers never taught the move to American police officers in any joint training sessions. However, US police departments do regularly send officers to Israel for training, and such sessions are also held on US soil. The Minneapolis Police Department, where Floyd’s killer worked, sent 100 officers to an Israeli policing conference in Chicago in 2017.

“Those streets in the United States are occupied,” Waters declared, slamming the “fascist state of Israel” for helping militarize beat cops in the US.

Waters is a longtime critic of the Israeli state’s policies. In addition to celebrating the protest movement in the US, he called on the international community to condemn Israel’s planned annexation of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank next week.

“The Palestinian people must have equal human rights with the rest of us, and equal human rights with the Israelis,” he told RT. “Stealing their whole country from them is not affording them self determination [or] human rights under the law.”

  • Southern

    Palestine remains the greatest moral issue of our time [JP]

    Every single police officer who has been trained by the IDF ought to be stood down without further delay due t public safety concerns.

    Imagine – a vehicle recall to due safety concerns – a situation which requires very little prompting before a mass call back is announced at huge expense.

    The only difference is the fear of being sued in a class libel action – then why not a class libel action against badly trained police – statistics don’t lie – US citizens are far more likely to be killed by their own ”authorities” than from an actual terrorist attack and even more chance if one is African-American.

  • jwreitter

    All cops who were trained in Israel need to be immediately put on leave and retrained in deescalation and constitutional rights to protest, with humane treatment and strict adherence to the laws protecting free speech and the right to seek redress for injustice. This includes all who were later trained by returning officers. Just because the Israeli army gets away with torture, abuse and murder does not mean we will tolerate it here in America. Enough is enough! Defund all violent police departments and get rid of all military equipment used to fight against our own people!

  • floyd gardner

    Hey! Great to have Pink Floyd on Popular Resistance! “Blue Floyd”

  • richardprofumo


  • Southern

    And then some.

    This requires a massive global response – BDS Israel isn’t enough – every single nation that provides financial and or material support for the Israeli apartheid regime needs to be boycotted which raises another question what should be done about politicians who have pledged allegiance to a foreign nation which also happens to be a human rights violating apartheid regime?

    Other wheels are in motion and time is not exactly on our side – I’m thinking about the consequences of full on digital ID’s being rolled out in the reaction to CV19 which provided an opportunity just like all disasters provide an opportunity for the unscrupulous.

  • Southern

    I don’t think they should be allowed to return to their jobs – I would suggest something along the lines of community based alternatives.