US Military To Fight Drug Trafficking In Colombia Along Venezuela Border

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Above photo: US Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) members. From Twitter @ 5thSFAB.

Note: Resumen reports:
“In a shameless attempt of making U.S. interventionism transparent in Latin America, the government of Iván Duque is facilitating the work of his Pentagon godfathers and is opening the doors even wider for them to attack Venezuela. This time, it is the formation of a security brigade and a force and control agency that will operate alongside the Colombian military, according to the explanation of the U.S. embassy.

“To this end, starting in June a specialized brigade of the U.S. Army will arrive in Colombia ready to support “peace and the fight against drug trafficking” in areas hit by violence, crime and poverty. It is known that when the U.S. speaks of “peace” it means just the opposite, and if it says “fight against drug trafficking” it is talking about open combat against the guerrillas and all kinds of organizations in opposition to the fascist government of Duque and his puppeteer Uribe.”

The special forces will be deployed, among other places, in frontier areas with Venezuela, such as Catatumbo and Arauca.

A US brigade of special anti-drug units will arrive in Colombia in support of an operation announced by Washington in April that actually seeks to deploy military forces in the country’s border states with Venezuela.

The US Embassy in Colombia announced in a statement that a Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) will travel to Colombia under the guise of helping it in its fight against drug trafficking.

The mission will begin in early June, extend over several months, and focus its efforts on the Zonas Futuro, as delimited by the Colombian government.

The Zonas Futuro cover 2.4 percent of Colombian territory, and some are located in frontier areas with Venezuela, such as Catatumbo and Arauca.

“The atmosphere in Colombia and its neighborhoods is getting darker. First the sending of military ships to the Caribbean, then the incursion of mercenaries into La Guaira, now a security brigade from the US Assistance Force -SFAB- arrives in the country, the usual number is 800, very worrying. “

Latin American social leaders’ repudiation of US government decision is being echoed on social networks.

For Colombian philosopher and political scientist Jose Cuesta Novoa, the presence of US troops in Colombia “violates the National Constitution because it was not authorized by the Senate of the Republic.”

“Is an aggression against Venezuela being prepared? Colombians don’t want war,” Colombian Senator Aida Avella warned on Twitter

“We must be vigilant at our borders. We will be attentive,” Venezuelan Alberto Serrano denounced.

Near 800 military will be part of the scheme, which for the first time will operate with a Latin American country.

To date, eight US military bases operate in Colombia with absolute impunity and are part of the systematic and constant aggression of both countries against Venezuela.