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US Provides Weapons And Loans To Encourage Ukraine To Keep Provoking Russians

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Oh what a lovely big stocking-filler for the Kiev regime this week from Washington. Just in time for Christmas too, and only weeks after President Petro Poroshenko tried to incite a war with Russia from a naval provocation in the Kerch Strait.

First we had US government envoy Kurt Volker announcing this week that an additional $250 million in military weapons were being packaged in Congress for Ukraine. Then the DC-based international lending institutions, the IMF and World Bank, signed off on multi-billion-dollar loans for Poroshenko’s regime.

US government-owned Radio Free Europe described the new financial loans as a “victory” for Poroshenko. The apparent investor confidence bestowed by the Washington-based “development agencies” will boost the incumbent president’s re-election prospects in the forthcoming ballot in March. Up until recently, Poroshenko was trailing in opinion polls and looked set for a trouncing defeat in the election. How convenient that the IMF and World Bank – under the control of US government – should step up to the plate with a very big helping hand. And that’s not seen as interference in a country’s sovereign affairs?

Since the CIA-backed coup d’état in Kiev in February 2014 against the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych, it is estimated that the US has provided the cabal that seized power with up to $1 billion in military aid. And those dubious gifts keep coming, with the envoy Kurt Volker this week announcing to a forum in Brussels that the US Congress is processing an additional $25o million.

It doesn’t seem to bother American lawmakers that the Kiev regime is dominated by Neo-Nazi demagogues and paramilitaries who worship Stepan Bandera and other Ukrainian collaborators in the Third Reich’s Final Solution. Just recently President Poroshenko was photographed inspecting Ukrainian special forces some of whom were donning insignia of the Third Reich’s SS.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out in his annual press conference this week, the Kiev regime has been waging a war and a blockade against its own Ukrainian citizens in the eastern Donbas region for over four years, in which civilians continue to be killed on a daily basis.

One reason why that war remains largely unknown in the West is because Western news media don’t report on it. Or when they do, they distort with lies that Russia has “invaded Ukraine”. This is similar to how the Western news media largely “forgot” to report on the war in Yemen, and when they have bothered to mention Yemen at all, they again distort by calling it a proxy war with Iran.

The Ukraine war against the ethnic Russian people of eastern Ukraine is driven by a rabid Russophobia subscribed to by the Kiev regime consistent with the exterminatory mentality of the Third Reich with whom their antecedents collaborated with during the Second World War.

The criminal recklessness of Washington knows no bounds. Just as President Donald Trump announces this week that he is pulling out American troops from Syria (illegally present there for the past four years), the same administration is stepping up its military involvement in Ukraine.

After the November 25 incident in the Kerch Strait when three heavily armed Ukrainian warships violated Russia’s maritime border, one might have thought that the US backers of the Kiev regime would have prevailed upon it with caution not to incite Russia. Not a bit of it, it seems. The US is giving notice that it is increasing its already hefty military support. That amounts to a green light from Washington to the Kiev regime to continue its provocations.

The timing of the IMF and World Bank financing is also blatant, and equally reprehensible. The IMF said it had approved $4 billion in new money for the Kiev regime, the first tranche of which will be disbursed by December 25, Christmas Day in the Western calendar! Together, the IMF and World Bank loans will enable the Kiev regime to seek taking on even more debt from other international sources, their approval acting as an endorsement of “sound economy”.

Ukraine is already lumbering from huge national debts of around $115 billion. The IMF and World Bank are therefore pushing the country into deeper arrears. No doubt that is part of the threadbare pattern of how Western capital will strip the country of its resources and the populace thrown into debt slavery.

Nevertheless, grave legal questions arise. It is understood that the Bretton Woods institutions of the IMF and World Bank, officially affiliated with the United Nations, are forbidden from lending money to states which are in the midst of armed conflict. How is it then possible that those institutions are bank rolling the Kiev regime given the latter’s horrendous assault on its own people in eastern Ukraine, its explicit affiliation with Neo-Nazi ideology, and its brazen attempts to provoke a war with Russia?

Furthermore, IMF lending was supposedly put on hold in 2017 because the Kiev regime was not complying with demands to crack down on corruption and implement political reforms. If anything the economic and political corruption in Ukrainian territory under the control of the Kiev regime has become an even bigger, more rampant problem. The IMF and World Bank announced their “financial goodies” this week without providing any evidence of purported conditional improvements.

This all makes for a grim prognosis over the coming months. The Kiev regime has no intention to go back to the 2015 Minsk accords which called for a negotiated political settlement in Ukraine. As Putin remarked recently, as long as the current cabal in Kiev remains in power then conflict will be the order of the day.

The US government and the Washington financial institutions are ensuring that the cabal remains in power with their generous rewards of military and capital injections. More disturbing is that the Kiev regime will feel emboldened to take its warmongering against Russia to an even more reckless level.

Father Christmas is supposed to reward good boys and girls. For Washington, the gifts are evidently doled out for a Neo-Nazi rogue regime with blood on its hands.

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