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US, S. Korea To Stage Massive Air Exercise Against North Korea

Above: Diplomacy Not War protest against war with North Korea at White House. By Anne Meador of DC Media Group.

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Note: If North Korea responds by testing long range missiles or nuclear weapons people should remember the US mock attacks and realize North Korea is responding to threats constantly made by the United States against them. North Korea’s actions are not taking place in a vacuum, they are taking place in response to threatening actions taken against them. Other countries have urged the United States to stop the mock attacks and in return urge North Korea to stop its nuclear weapons testing program. KZ

More Than 10,000 Troops, 230 Aircraft at Eight US and South Korean Military Bases to Practice Attack on North Korea

The United States will send stealth fighters to a large-scale air force drill with South Korea next month, the US military said Friday, in a new show of force aimed at North Korea.

The massive five-day annual exercise comes as Washington pushes what President Donald Trump has called a “maximum pressure campaign” against Pyongyang over its nuclear programme.

The exercise, named Vigilant Ace, starts on December 4 with 12,000 US personnel and an unspecified number of South Korean airmen flying more than 230 aircraft at eight US and South Korean military bases.

Six F-22 Raptor stealth fighters will be deployed to South Korea for the exercise, a US Air Force spokesman told AFP.

The supersonic Raptor is one of the most advanced warplanes in the world, capable of providing what its maker Lockheed Martin calls “unprecedented air dominance”.

“This realistic air combat exercise is designed to enhance interoperability between US and Republic of Korea forces and increase the combat effectiveness of both nations”, the US Seventh Air Force said in a statement.

Pyongyang routinely condemns such exercises, labelling them preparation for war.

Local media reported that the American warplanes will conduct precision strike drills with South Korean fighter jets.

North Korea has carried out a flurry of missile tests this year — including intercontinental ballistic variants apparently capable of hitting the US mainland — and tested what it claimed was a thermonuclear weapon in September.

The tests have prompted shows of force and sanctions from Washington.

Trump on Monday declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, adding the country back to a US blacklist Pyongyang was removed from nearly a decade ago.

China, the North’s sole ally, has also said the new US sanctions — which also target Chinese companies doing business with the pariah state — are “wrong”.

Russia said Thursday that the US decision to add North Korea to its terror blacklist was a “PR move” that could allow the situation on the peninsula to escalate into a global “catastrophe”.

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