US Senators Call For An End To The Blockade On Venezuela And Iran

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A group of 11 Democratic senators demanded that the White House temporarily suspend the coercive measures imposed on Venezuela and Iran in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The senators sent a letter on Thursday to the secretary of the State Department, Mike Pompeo, and to the secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, to request the suspension for 90 days and allow the reception of humanitarian assistance, Hispan TV reported.

“As these countries struggle to respond to their domestic health crises, United States sanctions are hampering the free flow of desperately needed medical and humanitarian supplies,” the letter says.

They also called for providing “unconditional aid” to these nations even if it must be done through a third-party country or organization.

On Wednesday, too, eight nations issued a letter to the secretary-general of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, and warned of the negative impact of the sanctions on international efforts to contain Covid-19.

Guterres called on the United States on Friday to renounce its coercive measures that affect many countries, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria.

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  • Edward Winslow

    I am glad that there are still a handful of US senators that can muster the smallest bit of empathy for victims of US sadism, but pleading with the likes of Pompeo and Mnuchin is a waste of time.
    Until the capitalist regime in Washington is overthrown these atrocities and worse will continue apace .

  • il corvo

    Who are the 11 senators? Are they getting their message out to the people? are they lobbying their fellow senators to join them? What can I do?

  • Veronica Roberts

    Despite being glad to hear this news, I’m not so sure that this request to lift sanctions is really due to humanitarian concerns, but more likely that they are trying to prevent US competitors from establishing a stronger influence in either of these countries. The last paragraph of the letter states,” …at this moment strategic rivals like China are attempting to undermine our leadership by criticizing our sanctions policy while sending medical aid to countries like Venezuela and Iran. In order to counter Chinese influence….” Click on the letter to read the last paragraph. They claim the US has a reputation for being a compassionate nation, but while that may have been true once, the US now doesn’t do anything because “it’s the right thing to do”, as the letter states. There is always an ulterior motive that will continue to promote a hegemonic agenda.

  • Jon

    Like to know which these 11 are. How about if the General Assembly votes to declare US sanctions null and void and then go ahead and engage in normal economic interaction? But it has to be done in large numbers, not just a few courageous actors. OK One can see the names by clicking on the letter,and then again. Neither Biden nor Bernie.

  • Leticia Cortez

    We should all be demanding that these cruel and inhumane sanctions must STOP.

  • This WOULD have been a significant, perhaps even vital report — save that the idiot who “wrote” it left out the names of the senators, and whomever edited it — if indeed anyone did — failed to protect us from the ineptitude of the “writer.”

  • Jan Fearing

    And what about the devastating sanctions against Syria? How long must the Syrians suffer for daring to stand up against the US and allies terrorist proxy regime change attempt war???

  • bigpete

    US was only ever thought of as a compassionate nation by itself and its subordinates