Using Mirrors To Show Police What They Have Become

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Above: At noon, demonstrators lined the streets of central Kyiv for 30 minutes to hold up mirrors in front of police in commemoration of the Nov. 30 violent dispersal of protesting students from Independence Square. All photos by Kostyantyn Chernichkin

Ukraine police in mirror looking down

Protest of mirrors held to commemorate Nov. 30 police beating of demonstrators

At noon on Dec. 30, protesters in central Kyiv held mirrors in front of police for 30 minutes to commemorate the night of Nov. 30 when riot police used excessive force to breakup a peaceful rally on Independence Square consisting mostly of university students.

Ukraine police protest crowd

In a gesture to remind the police of their violent actions that memorable night, EuroMaidan demonstrators lined up with mirrors to show law enforcement personnel their reflections. The civic demonstration took place near walkways and streets that lead to the government building district where police have been stationed. The buildings include the president’s headquarters, Cabinet of Ministers and central bank, among others.

Protesters also held posters that read, “Who and what are you protecting?” in reference to President Viktor Yanukovych and his appointed government whose ouster they have called.

Ukraine police mirror protest

The violent dispersal of student-protesters on Nov. 30 ignited the public’s ire. The next day, hundreds of thousands descended on central Kyiv in a show of protest over the police beatings. An encampment and barricades were erected, and three public buildings were taken over, including city hall.

Yanukovych suspended three lower-level officials over the Nov. 30 incident, but many believe the ones who ultimately gave the order were not dismissed or are being investigated. The order apparently was given to make room for equipment and crew to resume work in putting up the capital’s main Christmas tree. The tree was never fully set up. Protesters instead have attached flags and banners on the metallic cone structure in place of artificial tree branches.

Ukraine police mirror protest 3

  • Virginia Baldwin

    Forgive me, but I don’t see the point in this. The cops have only to look at each other to see what they’ve become. They are a bunch of naive young males who know nothing about their government and are only seeking a pay check.

  • Grey

    Its different when your granny’s best friend is holding the mirror. When it’s another dude you look at the body armor in envy. When its granny’s friend you hold your head in shame. Get it?

  • kevinzeese

    The point of all protests in this stage of the movement is to build a mass movement. Therefore, the audience is not the police but the public who sees the protest in the news. There is a great analysis of movements — the 8 Stages of Successful Social Movements — one of the points it makes is that we often make the mistake of thinking that our protest is against the government, the corporations or the police, in fact the protest if for the public, to get them to join. They need to see we are someone they are comfortable to be with, The mirrors are funny and they highlight the militarism of police. Americans don’t like militarized police, especially against people exercising their constitutional rights. The mirror emphasizes all of that.

    We are in Stage 6 of the 8 stages, Stage 4 was Take-Off, the encampments, Stage 5 was Retreat, ‘Occupy is Dead). In Stage 6 our task is to build a mass movement, build national consensus in support of our goals. Our most recent newsletter is Part II — what our tasks are as a movement in this stage. Part I, linked in the article, was where we are in the stages of successful movements. See

  • kevinzeese

    Smart movements make sure to have the right people out front doing the right task. Every action we take needs to be strategic.

  • Woodstuck

    Great Idea! Now grow your own meds (out of sight of these losers, of course)

  • That is the most beautiful and brilliant form of protest I have heard of in a long time.

  • Andi Fastweg

    There is only about a hundred people, though…

  • Tony Loro

    interesting the PD is using a 3D camcorder




    SO SAD

  • CombatRacism

    For news and stories about a variety of instances of abuse of authority, infringement of Charter rights, violations of federal and provincial statutes, corruption and incompetence visit the ‘Ontario Provincial Police Hall of Shame’ website located

    For personal stories of former Ontario Provincial Police officers who were subjected to discriminatory treatment at the hands of other Ontario Provincial Police officers and whose lives were totally ruined as a result visit the ‘Racism in the Ontario Provincial Police’ website located @

  • jimmyjaw breakr

    Cops in the usa would have mashed the mirrors and proceed to to stab the peaceful protesters with the shards

  • kevinzeese

    And if the did, the movement would have multiplied quickly. That kind of over-reaction is what a movement wants because it shows the abuse of power by the state. The police would have proven what the mirrors were showing — militarized police need to be abolished.

    Just as the pepper spraying of OWS protesters in the first weekend resulted in rapid growth of the movement; and as the trapping of hundreds of protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge created a national movement — when the police act the way you describe it helps us and hurts the power structure.

  • PamelaHaley

    So… only young men seeking a check in the police force? No women? These people are looking out for themselves. They have families to keep safe and cared for. Even if that means hurting others under orders to maintain that safety and security for the people they care about. Do you know how the holocaust happened? Look to the Milgram experiment. Even a civilian will kill someone if they have an authority figure telling them to do it.

  • Eric

    And this over-reaction is what the police want too. More violence = more justification for them begging the government for more funds for more weapons.

    It’s similar to how the federal government is using terrorism and war as an excuse to justify more military spending.

    In the end, only the people who have interests in the weapons industry win.

  • Brilliant!!

  • daniele voinot

    they are just kids ! How bad to use kids !!!!They used to send them to the carnage of the battle fields….they don’t really have brains at that age….poor kids .

  • Jack Reacher

    “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is established by God.”

    “The authorities are God’s servants who give their full time to governing.”

    Holy Bible, NT, Romans 13

  • Jack Reacher

    He does realize what he’s doing.

    “For the authorities are God’s servants who give their full time to governing. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. but if you do wrong, be afraid, for he is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. For he does not bear the sword for nothing….’ Romans 13, God’s Word

    Are you an anarchist, atheist or just a fool? These men are enforcing the laws they were hired to enforce. What are you doing?

  • Jack Reacher

    You are an idiot and most probably an anarchist. When the cops are gone, you’ll be hiding in a hole while the blacks and muslims stomp you to death.. You should be thanking God for the cops. Read Romans 13 in any Holy Bible. The first verse could be your epitaph.

  • Jack Reacher

    You’re the moderator???? God save us all.

  • kevinzeese

    Challenging their violence against people exercising their human rights.


    Blindness strikes everyone differently

  • yup

    You are going to quote the bible. Really? That book is a piece of garage, and it has been used to quiet men into corner for far too long. Any form of authoritative figure that would use excessive force against innocent people because someone in an office somewhere asked them to do so, deserves no peace of mind or rest from their sick hearts.
    The fact that you think they do because some as#hole in the middle of a desert 2000 years ago wrote something down and then had it translated into another language and voted for or against and then edited by a committee of “religious men… wink wink”, shows that your brain refuses to correctly function on any level that will move us humans forward into a brighter future.
    You, should go away. Why not take a one way trip to this god of yours? You all seem to think it to be such a better place. Then go, please, and quickly. Leave the rest of us demons here to suffer without you, your arrogance and your god.

  • herp

    it wasn’t written 2000 years ago. you clearly don’t really know what you’re talking about. Although I do agree with you that it doesn’t make much sense to quote the bible in the comment.

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  • derekwardlies

    so sad that “police” have become mercenaries for corporate interests and government .protecting profit and control instead of life , liberty and the vulnerable,especially at a time when we are criminalized for any attempts to protect ourselves,our families ,our native creatures ,the planet we all share ourselves.its all about protecting inanimate property for the rich ,to hell with protecting life

  • Richard Freeman

    Is God’s will poverty, theft, and oppression for those that serve him? If not, then why do the armed men protect those whom oppress us who live under the law of God? Who are those armed men serving? I believe there may be a majority of them who do not follow the commands of God.

  • Richard Freeman

    To supplement herps comment…
    It is erroneous to use such words to persuade others to your perspective. In fact it is counter productive, and makes you seem like the jackass (no matter if you are wrong or right).

  • Robin Roland


  • Virginia Baldwin

    Well, here in America, we have staged over a million people march on D.C. but the press ignored us. It was only the independent newspapers that picked it up – the ones that the general public know nothing about.

    Did you ever see our ‘big rig’ truckers parade through D.C. in your country’s newspaper? Probably not.

  • jimmyjaw breakr

    hey scum stop speading lies and fear,you are the typical scary white male who thinks blacks and muslims are out to “kill yt” and “take over the white man`s country”. anyone who thinks like you and spread that type of B.S leaves me no choice but to take your “bilble” with a grain of salt! lol “black and muslims” lol
    stop using the bible for you twisted views.

  • Lucas Grijander

    You sure?

    Then I have two words for you: Tiannamen Square.

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t remember a million person march in DC (I remember people calling a small march a million person march, but no real million person march). The truckers campaign was an interesting idea but did not generate many truckers and the message was unclear (at best).

    In any event, it is not a single event that makes the difference, it is an ongoing campaign that includes civil resistance, civil disobedience, marches and a host of creative tactics as well as mass education to build a mass movement. See our article on the tasks of the movement in 2014 at:

  • wickedlydia

    God has no servants. God is no one’s master. What God would force one beloved to attack another? The Bible was written by men who used their own belief systems as filters in order to interpret what they believed to be the word of God. God is unconditional love. We are created by love so that we may live our lives as love…incarnate. We must strive to live our best lives because God experiences life through us, each one of us. Who are you to judge a man by his words? Do you know him? At best, he is a reflection of you. At some point the officers will reach that point when they question the orders they receive. Then each man will make a stand to choose humanity. We deserve to live a life without fear.

  • Arwen Milroy

    Just because someone has been put into a position of authority by a powerful institution of man, does not mean that they are doing God’s work. People acting out violently against those whose duty it is to protect, for the sake of greed and imbalance, negates them as god’s servants… This is why the church used to have the bible written only in latin so that “commoners” would only hear the interpretations from learned, moral priests. I’m not saying I agree with this, but here is a case where some just don’t have the level of introspection necessary to properly interpret such complex texts… I am a warrior of the light and God’s servant – my sword is love and understanding. These men do not spend their full time governing; they spend most of their time profit mongering, so no, I will not respect their authority.

  • WordAndReason

    You show yourself to be a fool and possibly ignorant Jack Reacher. It’s as if you refused to look at the pictures or read the words, but you’ll opine just the same. Your statement in relation to the topic (abuse of power, violence against peaceful protestors) is obviously devoid of understanding anything about the history of protest. According to the quote you decided to use in this context, the state is always right, the people are always wrong and likely very deserving of the beatings they receive. You sure as hell ain’t no “believer” but a divisive mouthpiece for state authority. To cloak yourself in scripture is nothing less than self righteous hubris, an utter fool of the worst kind.

  • Virginia Baldwin

    Like I said, the media ignored us. That’s why you don’t remember because you never saw it.

    It really doesn’t matter anymore whether people demonstrate or not. America was the last hope for the world and we are being attacked by our own government. Radiation from Fukushima will destroy the entire west coast. It’s already destroying all the sea creatures. Now the polar vortex is going to take it’s toll with record cold temperatures, and the rest will die off due to disease and starvation – thanks largely to Monsanto! The Zionist Jews will think they’ve won until Jesus makes His grand re-entry!

  • petsnark

    It damages all of us when the comments section falls to squabbling and namecalling between ourselves.

  • Chloe Weller

    Reflection of Truth! who are the real criminals? When will government learn they are the representatives of the people of their country and it is the people of that country who are in power. The police should stop protecting power crazed individuals in government and do their job of protecting their people from these officials who think they can do what they like to fulfil their own ill gotten gains. Wake up Robots….. !!!

  • Larry Molloy

    why is that the case though jimmy? are they particularly stupid and viscous or what is the reason?

  • I thought up of this a while back surprise they finally figured it out.

  • Clowns – Army in 2D … ;P

  • Lovely!

  • Juan Leal


  • Timothy M O’Reilly

    no, because it hasn’t happened … it would take someone attempting to smash the mirrors on the cops and proceeding to attempt to stab them to bring that on.

  • Timothy M O’Reilly

    as for the muslims, only have to check the news to get the story … get it straight jimmyjaw

  • Ghostie

    I saw it. It was four trucks spread out across the beltway and slowing traffic. They quit when they realized their protest didn’t have the support of the people.

  • Virginia Baldwin


    Something is far beyond contaminated and glow-fishy about the Fukushima meltdown. For two years it has been discussed and swarming with expertise, but with no limiting or actual efforts to stop the radiological contaminants from being released into the Pacific and all other connected oceans, the largest food and oxygen sources on the planet. Yet, surfers are surfing, swimmers are swimming, children are playing on beaches, and restaurants all over the earth are eating Pacific fish and also contaminated Atlantic fish according to multiple reports.

    Politics, as we know, has new meaning in the global world of corporate-political elites. Their political intentions were always based in deceptions from the earliest planning stages to today, for one hundred if not two hundred years. The UN Agenda 21 blueprint has never been fully disclosed in truth or in the open. The 47 U.S. Biosphere Reserves are still completely under the veil for 90% of American people who have still never heard of them; same with the World Heritage Sites, and they are totally in the dark regarding the 620+ global reserves.

  • jimmyjaw breakr

    well im not muslims so i can speak as a black man and no one is out to “get yt” lol

  • jimmyjaw breakr

    combine the two cops in the USA are control freaks high on power steroids and any other drugs they can get their hands on. give a person a badge gun and authority over others and see what you get and combined that with the fact that USA courts tend to side with law enforcement 98% of the time unless when its that small 2%when they are actually caught on camera doing their dirt joe citizen dont stand a chance against joe cop unless its on tape! #filmthepolice

  • jimmyjaw breakr

    what country are you living in? cops in america escalate ever situation they can to inflict and much damage as possible because they know they will get away it !

  • Timothy M O’Reilly

    You’ll notice I didn’t pick on “Blacks” because that shoe doesn’t fit.  Unlike some “white conservative what-have-you” types I’m trying to deal with people by the content of their character not the color of their skin … won’t say I’m anywhere perfect on it, but MLK had a number of very strong points in that “I have a dream” speech. The USA has its Bill of Rights as an essential add on to the Constitution, after that there were several others that needed to be added as well just to bring the point home that we’re all to be treated fairly and equally, and the government was to be the servant of the people, not their master.

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  • Alan Batterman

    What you advise is impossible. All religions consider suicide to be a sin, and those who do so will not go to G-d but to the other place.

  • ThumperNM

    Isn’t it odd that when 30 or 40 Tea Bagging Patriots gather for coffee and to exchange information on great bowel management have NEVER ONCE been arrested.

    If you are OCC you have cops in tactical gear and using chemical warfare, with the Partiots idiots get pampered and loved on.

  • Anna Maria Todaro Lenihan

    Great idea!

  • Ok, so what are these people and the people who were beaten protesting? Their prevention of entering the EU or something? If so, the EU does nothing but destroy a nations sovereignty, lowers its culture, and steals its money.

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  • Vance Decker

    I have no idea! Suspiciously missing are any facts.

  • Eric Smith

    It happened in Thailand last month. All the police laid down their weapons and took off their uniforms in a gesture of solidarity with the protestors.

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  • peterappleby21

    Ghandi would have loved this!

  • peterappleby21

    Ignore the mainstream media like the msm ignores you.I don’t need the mainstream media to keep me informed …or educated.We talk to each other.No media…tion.

  • joelferguson

    All religions consider suicide a sin? That explains Islam strapping explosives to their chests, huh?

  • Your right Mr Edwards its time to take back our country, each and eery one of us have to do our part and stand up and demand our constitutional rights be protected.

  • Our county is in the same state, the most powerful country in the world is terrorizing its own citizens. We all have to stand up and demand our constitutional rights be protected!!!!!!

  • Brycon Slaughter Casey

    You think joining putin’s russia is any better?

    I’m from north america and I envy the european union.

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  • Ben

    Wow, Well done.

  • Rob Roy

    It is illogical to assume that use of theology will clearly give you a superior hand in the argument. If I start using hockey rules to win an argument but you are indifferent to hockey then even if I believe that I won the argument any observer would say that it was a draw. I assume then, continuing on your comparative logic that if a mafioso orders a hit man to kill someone that the hit man should not go to jail because he was just doing his job. Adolph Eichman had the same defense. You are giving excuses to the banality of evil. In the US we had run-away slave laws. Do you think that every moral law-official returned the slave as the law dictated or do you think, out of their own sense of morality they disregarded the legitimate law and helped the slave to freedom. I don’t know which words of Christ you read but I never heard Jesus say that “Might makes right.” If you are getting your guidance from the book of Romans instead of the gospel then you are not a Christian, you are a Paulian.

  • GOOD.

  • Anne Russell

    Jack, you are an apologist for abuse of power. Any civilized person knows that the first allegiance of any decent person is to treating other people humanely and fairly, rather than obeying orders of an oppressive regime. That, of course, was the lesson of Nazi Germany, “just doing my job,” but apparently you failed to learn this lesson.

  • Anne Russell

    Wow! Impressive.

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  • CombatRacism

    Police officers seem to abuse power regardless of the geographical region they are in. Whether it is an underdeveloped or developed part of the world the tendency to position themselves above law appears to be ubiquitous.

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  • Peter Barnes

    sometimes god hides……even when he/she doesn’t exist

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  • Kat Anon

    That sounds amazing, until you realize that without their uniforms they were wearing nothing but boxers or briefs or….literally nothing.

    Hmmm…nekked soldier boys…..

    Nevermind, it still sounds amazing.

  • Bladerunner64

    How about the protesters dress identical to the riot police only in white. White helmet, vest, jumpsuit…and on their vest it could say “Citizen”. Also have a plexi-glass shield that says “Citizen” on it. I suppose though, that that would be a provocation and the riot police would move in on them.

  • ugamau

    suicide is a sin in all religions, the suicide bombers, they die, thinking they go to heaven because they died fighting their enemies. Thus the only kinda of suicide allowed for them.

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  • Ellen H.

    Technically those are not God’s words. It’s from PAUL’s letter to the Romans. So using your logic, Hitler did God’s work.

  • Ellen H.

    Not all of them. Eastern Orthodoxy hasn’t really made a statement on the subject. In others there are varying stances on it.

  • Herman den Otter

    Maybe you should look into what the biblic story really is: nothing more then a story made up by astrological references about the Sun.
    Thats right, not god, or Jesus or whatever deity. Since the Sun created the life on Earth.
    And all this shit is not coused by law, it is caused by eveything that get pushed upon people unlawfully!
    You need to educate yourself! And not just a little!

  • Herman den Otter

    It happens a lot, and guess what: it doesn’t even send a ripple across the ocean.
    Why? Because the media fees people nothing but bullshit!
    When Syria was being gassed by theyre own people ‘Murica was watching Miley Cyrus being a slut. Then they tried to frame the Syrian government for gassing the people as an attempt to get into war with them. Luckily this didn’t work!
    You only need to look at which counties do not have a Central Bank yet to predict where the next war is going to break out.
    Oh, they are trying it now with Saudi Arabia by the way.
    I have also given a big hint who the real trouble makers on this planet are…

  • Bethany Edwards

    It did happen once, to my knowledge – in Queensland in the 70s. Under Jo Beileker-Peterson marches were banned and groups of more than 3 banned. People did march – a young policeman spotted his girl in the crowd, it was turning ugly – he took off his hat and threw it to the gound and screamed at the other cops – I may have some details wrong but that is how I remember it. A brave copper.

  • Bethany Edwards

    er no – The Jews are NOT God’s chosen – not since 70 AD.

  • joelferguson

    It’s still religious sanctioned suicide.

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  • Maia DellaCascata

    Genius!!!! ALL peoples in ALL countries need to find our courage to stand up to oppression and injustice in all of its myriad forms. Peaceful civil disobedience is the most effective means to confront the manifestation of Fear, especially when it is as inspired as this Mirroring of Madness in the Ukraine.
    Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and so many other revered practitioners of peaceful civil disobedience are all somewhere giving these beautiful, brave souls a STANDING OVATION…as am I!!!

  • Maia DellaCascata

    This is PURE GENIUS and an absolutely inspired, creatively glorious actualization of the finest principles of peaceful civil disobedience. BRAVA/BRAVO!!!!

  • David A Palmer

    THE SCARIEST part of all this, reading peoples comments and seeing what is happening around the World, just about everywhere – when most of the Governments acting this way were Voted into office – Your / Our protests should be aimed at the Voters who support the establishment! Educate the Stupid People!

  • Troy Arbogast

    Good for them, protesters deserve to be beaten. (Being Sarcastic) On a serious note, this is happening here in the states. Remember the officer who had a bunch of Occupiers lined up, in handcuffs and on their knees? Remember when he maced those kids? Yes it is happening here and no matter what side you are on, this should trouble you.

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  • You can kill.. but you can’t stop. How many Mother’s sons saw themselves for what they are, during this demonstration of the people vs the state?

  • Jacob Harris

    Police now call this “attempting to blind a police officer” and punish it quite severely.

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