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Venezuela, China Have Signed More Than 500 Bilateral Agreements

Above Photo: Venezuela aims for 2020 to make the One Belt, One Road project feasible in the country and the Caribbean. | Photo: Reuters

With 500 bi-lateral agreements between Venezuela and China, war on Venezuela, is war on China. KZ

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister said that the “comprehensive strategic partnership with China is necessary to diversify the Venezuelan economy.”

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza highlighted Friday that to date Venezuela and China have signed more than 500 bilateral cooperation agreements, many of them converted into projects.

“We have come to reinforce this comprehensive strategic partnership, to check that it goes well, where we should strengthen, where it is necessary to rectify, accelerate or deepen,” Arreaza expressed while explaining that everything has become effective in sixteen High-Level Binational Mixed Commissions.

The diplomat added that the “comprehensive strategic partnership with China is necessary to diversify the Venezuelan economy, making efforts to make investments effective in our town in terms of housing, food, and medicine.”

The comments were made during his meeting with his Asian counterpart Wang Yi, as the need to chart the route for the execution of the XVII China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Commission to be held this 2020 in Caracas was addressed.

An honor to be received by the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Qishan. We convey the warm greeting of President Nicolas Maduro to President Xi Jinping and exchange on the geopolitics of peace and the progress of our strategic partnership

Arreaza also emphasized that both peoples have managed to build an integration process based on virtuous financing mechanisms. “It is an unwavering alliance that will adapt to the circumstances,” he said.

The Venezuelan diplomat informed that one of the tasks for the year 2020 is to make the One Belt, One Road project feasible in his country and the Caribbean.

“The project is a great proposal of China, managing to reconstruct what was once the Silk route, but once again, the virtuous thing is that China’s proposal is for development, shared profits, it is a proposal of peace…Latin America and the Caribbean must enter into that design, we have great potential and capabilities for processing and manufacturing.”

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