Venezuela: Electricity Recovery Continues As US Withdraws Diplomatic Staff

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Above Photo: Power has been gradually restored across Venezuela (TeleSUR)

US officials have threatened new sanctions while Venezuelan authorities continue reactivating the electric grid.

  • The USA is very likely the responsible party for causing a minor economic situation to escalate into a humanitarian crisis. This includes being the probable cause for crashing the country’s power grid.Memos have been uncovered showing that Bolton, Abrams and others discussed the potential for crashing a under-resourced power grid as a means of disrupting the LEGITIMATE government of Venezuela.

    Do not believe the sloppy coverage of the mainstream news media in the USA! Those news sources have diligently parroted the lies of the government at every turn.

    It should be abundantly clear by now that the USA is guilty of manufacturing a whole series of excuses to overturn the Maduro government. The CIA has attempted to engineer the conditions that would force a replacement with a more acquiescent puppet government.

    The goal is to return the Right Wing policies that kept the majority of the country in abject poverty while the rich elites plundered that country’s natural resources for their own personal gain.