Venezuela Prepared To Defend The Revolution Against US Imperialism

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While Trump is threatening Venezuela with military intervention, Venezuelans are not waiting to organize themselves to be ready to confront any threats that they may face, both from inside and outside the country. The country not only has 200,000 armed forces, but it also has a civilian People’s Militia of 2 million people who are organized, armed and trained to defend the revolution. Venezuela wants peace but will not allow the United States to dominate their country again.

To make this video, Redfish got exclusive access to the People’s Militia in Venezuela to hear from those prepared to defend their revolution.

  • il corvo

    Americans overthrow Hawaiian monarchy

    It’s been done before and will be done over and over again as long as American Corporations want something you have. The question must be asked, how does the US population condone this? Well when you are told that you are liberating oppressed people and their resources will somehow make you richer, you might then look the other way. The problem is that the people of that country don’t want “liberation” and the only people getting rich are the management of the corporations. And yet the same trope in being use now as it was then.

  • Jon

    Exactly! In the case of Hawai’i (my expertise). The government was overthrown, but the country has remained as there was no transfer of sovereignty at all, alleged “statehood” notwithstanding. History books lie! It began a 125 year OCCUPATION, that continues today. Queen Lili’uokalani did not surrender, nor did she authorize force in a losing battle against the military of the USA. She said “I temporarily yield my authority” until the matter is resolved in Washington. Incoming President Grover Cleveland was honest in this regard and refused to have anything to do with the coup for four years. I describe the entire event and the defiant resistance today in Hawai’i in LIBERATE HAWAI’I! You can read more about it on Amazon.

  • Timothy Soule

    If there are 1.6 million members of the militia, why does the video only show 30?

  • kevinzeese

    It is now over 2 million and the video shows more than 30, but more importantly it shows that they are training and serious.