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Venezuela Presents Anti-Blockade Policies To Burkina Faso Delegation

Above photo: Burkina Faso delegation meets with Venezuelan deputy minister for anti-blockade policies, William Castillo on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. X/@planwac.

This Wednesday, Venezuelan vice minister for anti-blockade policy, William Castillo, made a presentation to the visiting delegation from Burkina Faso. Castillo’s presentation covered the impact on Venezuela’s economy of the illegal coercive measures—euphemistically referred to as “sanctions”—imposed by the US and its vassals and spoke about how Venezuela has overcome them.

In a statement, Castillo wrote that both parties agreed that “the sanctions are part of an illegal and criminal foreign policy and of a model of neocolonialism that uses attacks on the economy as a spearhead for the geopolitical control of free nations.”

Burkina Faso also faces sanctions imposed by the European Union.

The vice minister affirmed that the unity of the people of Africa is necessary in order to confront the constant attacks from the West and its allies.

“The people of the south must unite to reject this threat to the peace and freedom of the worthy people of Thomas Sankara,” Castillo added.

The two countries signed 20 agreements in various sectors during the Burkinabé delegation’s visit to Venezuela.

In September, 2022, President Ibrahim Traoré took power in Burkina Faso. Since then, he has adopted Sankarist positions, donning the traditional red beret frequently worn by famed Marxist Burkinabé revolutionary Thomas Sankara and earning praise for his courageous speeches in world forums.

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