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VIDEO: Acronym TV Weekly Resistance Report 007

Occupy Turns 2, Rejecting American Exceptionalism, TPP Protests Escalate | Resistance Report #007

Stories covered in this Resistance Report:

Segment 1: Rejecting American Exceptionalism
In invoking American Exceptionalism as a reason we should intervene in Syria. President Obama is invoking the same principle that self empowers us remain “the greatest purveyors of violence on Earth today.”

Segment 2: Occupy Turns 2 (08:17)
Occupy Activist Joel Northam reflects on lessons learned from Occupy, specifically, “regardless of their perceived power and influence that they maintain through brute force, the capitalists, with their incredibly linear objectives, who only exist to satisfy their insatiable lust for wealth and resources, along with the bureaucratic, top-down, mechanistic and predictable arm of state power that protects them, is no match for the fluidity, creativity, adaptability, ferocity, and soul of this sleeping dragon that is the people in struggle for liberation. Our task is to awaken it.”

Segment 3: TPP Protests Escalate (Margaret Flowers Interview) (16:13)
As the Obama administration seeks to Fast Track the TPP, activists and organizers are gearing up for a major battle to stop this “NAFTA on steroids.”

Segment 4: Code Pink’s Peace Insurrection (Medea Benjamin Interview)  (23:17)
This week, as secretary of Sate John Kerry, President Barack Obama, and a shrinking cadre of elected officials attempted to sell war with Syria to the American People, Congress and the global community, the group Code Pink Staged a round the clock Peace Insurrection in Washington DC.

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