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VIDEO: Acronym TV Weekly Resistance Report 009

Capitalism Kills. Kill Capitalism | Resistance Report 009
One of the most telling poll numbers of this current moment in time is 10%. That, according to a CNN poll taken before the government shutdown, registers the lowest approval rating ever for congress.  As unpopular as Congress is, a recent poll from the Brookings Institution reveals that there is something that may soon be even more unpopular: Capitalism.

This week, the five stores covered in the Resistance Report explore some of the reasons why.

1. Poll: 42% Say Capitalism Is Not Working for U.S.

2. The Racist Human Rights Disaster That is The Prison Industrial Complex (8:11)

3. Obamacare Explained (15:12)

4. Capitalism + Racism = Death (18:49)

5. The Death of Middle Class, and Why We Should Have Killed It Long Ago (25:54)

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