VIDEO: ‘American Sniper’ As American Jingoistic Propaganda

| Resistance Report

Lee Camp and the Redacted Tonight team uncover the truth behind the State of the Union, review American Sniper, blast Nancy Grace on legalizing weed and the most amazing YouTube video ever.

‘American Sniper’ is a Masterpiece of American Jingoistic Propaganda – ‘Redacted Tonight’ Slays it with Satire:

Making a movie about the Iraq War, even as a backdrop to a character study, in which America is depicted as the complete moral savior and the Iraqis are depicted as despicably evil savages is unforgivably disrespectful to all of OUR Soldiers and Veterans. Because it codifies an unjust war of aggression that killed hundreds of thousands, while at the same time manipulating our next generation of Warriors to want to go fight and die to further enrich the Masters of War under the guise of serving Country and safeguarding Liberty and Freedom.