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Video: Call To Action From An American Who Sees Beyond War Propaganda

Now is the time.  If we are going to prevent an illegal war in Syria we all must act today.  Call Congress NOW — 202-224-3121 — and tell your representative (and as many others as you have the energy and time to call) No war against Syria.

The video below is of a woman reacting to President Obama calling for war against Syria.  The anger and frustration she feels toward the U.S. government, the oblivious nature of leadership that is ready to kill a never mentioned number of Syrians to send a message to Assad are feelings many Americans share, the willingness to ignore the rule of law in favor of the mass destruction and murder of war — it just sickens many of us. Listen to her anger, share it and then take action.

Hat tip to Ted Rall for alerting us to this video.

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